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Season 6

Episode 20

(He Came Over While They Were Out)

Naturally, she did not know that there was a rumor saying that Gu Jingze had two dogs and would sometimes bring them out for walks. From then on, many people staying in the area quickly had their attendants buy them a dog. If they ever bumped into Gu Jingze while walking their dogs, they would have the chance to strike up a conversation with the famous Gu Jingze.

Lin Che only looked around suspiciously and then brought Prince in. She did not notice someone looking quietly from the entrance of the small neighborhood… That person kept staring and refused to leave…

Yang Lingxin quietly watched there.

She waited for many days and finally saw the two of them.

For the past few days, she couldn’t stay at home. She somehow felt that her home was filthy. No matter how many times she washed her bedsheets, it still felt dirty. No matter how many times she washed her clothes, she still felt that they had a smell.

This was because she knew that the clothes, bedsheets, and supplies in the Gu household were not only washed but also disinfected. They would smell nice and warm before being placed on the bed.

But it was really dirty at home. She had nothing.

Yang Lingxin didn’t want that kind of life. She wanted a life like Lin Che’s and live lavishly as a young madam.

At the entrance, she wanted to go in but was turned down.

“You can’t enter unless you have a pass,” the guard said.

Yang Lingxin retorted, “I used to live here! Don’t you guys remember me? I used to stay here with Lin Che.”

The guard only glanced at her. “But you don’t live here now.”

“…” Yang Lingxin stomped her foot and could only leave for now.

The next day, when Lin Che just went out, she saw Yang Lingxin running to her from the distance.

“Sister Che, you’re finally back.”

Lin Che looked at Yang Lingxin as she ran over with a face filled with suffering.

At the side, the Gu family’s guards saw Yang Lingxin, pretended as if they didn’t see her, and turned away.

Yang Lingxin looked at Lin Che. “Sister Che, I missed you so much. Why did you go away for so long?”

Lin Che looked at Yang Lingxin. “Did I? I didn’t leave for very long; I’ve only been away for a few days. As for you… They said that you went back home to recuperate. How are you? Are you okay now?”

Recuperate back home?

Yang Lingxin looked at those guards behind hatefully, but when she turned back to face Lin Che, her expression was weak again.

“I… I’m already fine. I just miss Sister Che so much. Can I work at Sister Che’s company?”

“Of course! I didn’t fire you.”

Lin Che only felt rather odd. However, she looked at Yang Lingxin and didn’t want to think so negatively. She decided to bring her to the office first and then she would ask Yu Minmin what exactly was going on.

At the company, Yu Minmin was still in the office.

After starting the company on their own, Yu Minmin also worked a lot harder.

After all, when she worked in someone else’s company in the past, it wasn’t convenient for her to do many things. Now, although she was working under Lin Che’s name, she was still the head.

She saw Lin Che arrive with Yang Lingxin behind her. She hesitated, then smiled normally, and said, “Little Xin, you’re here. It must be your first time coming to our new company. Go in and get yourself familiarized. You know everybody inside; go in and look for them.”

Yang Lingxin smiled and went in.

After she left, Yu Minmin then asked Lin Che, “Why is she here again?”

Lin Che asked, “Did something happen to her?”

“No. It’s just that when she stayed at your house and refused to leave, I felt that she was really a hindrance to you and Gu Jingze’s daily lives. That was why I even reminded her that it wasn’t good to stay too long. I thought she understood what I meant when I heard that she moved out. When she didn’t show up here, I thought that she wasn’t going to come anymore.”

“Nevermind. I let her stay at my place to recuperate in the first place.” Although she later felt that it wasn’t such a good thing for Yang Lingxin to continue staying with her, she thought that maybe Yang Lingxin was really shaken by the kidnapping incident. Thus, she didn’t make Yang Lingxin leave as she implicated her after all.

Yu Minmin said, “As long as she’s not so childish anymore, I can forget about it. However, I thought she would resign and not come back after that video issue.”

Lin Che said, “Me too… I hope that she was just being immature, so she caused all this trouble. Forget it, let’s give her a chance.”

“Yes. I’ll get people to keep watch on her.”

During the day, Yang Lingxin’s work was very simple. She only helped to do some documents and was very diligent. Because she caused trouble previously, she was no longer as arrogant. She only asked questions sheepishly.

At night, Gu Jingze called Lin Che and asked her when she was going home.

Lin Che said, “I need to talk about the Witch’s Diary script with the director and crew tonight. It’ll be our very first gathering today, so I shouldn’t skip it.”

Gu Jingze heard this and asked which restaurant it was at.

Lin Che replied, “It’s the restaurant below ST Hotel.”

ST Hotel was a five-star hotel. The restaurants below were very grand and suited for their gathering. It would make their meeting very formal.

Whether the food was good was another matter. However, when Lin Che arrived, she saw that the place was indeed very luxurious.

It was one big dining hall; there were no private rooms.

Many people were here to dine. When they saw Lin Che, some of them quickly asked for her autograph.

Thankfully, the restaurant staff quickly stopped them. Lin Che signed a few autographs, smiled at everybody, and thanked them for their support.

In the end, she still brought Yang Lingxin with her.

There was no other person in the company whom she could bring. It was inconvenient for Yu Minmin to attend such gatherings now while she only had Yang Lingxin as her personal assistant.

Upon entering, the Witch’s Diary crew saw Lin Che and quickly got up to welcome her.

The director was the most senior while Lin Che was considered a junior. She smiled and greeted everyone.

“Hello, Director Hu. Hello, Producer Zhang.”

“This is the author, San Caizi. You can just call him San Cai. You haven’t worked with this guy yet, right? He’s our fresh meat for our new show. You should have also heard of him, Ji Yang. This is the supporting female lead, Xiaomin. She is still a newcomer and has a lot to learn from you. This person will be acting as your master. He’s a veteran and you should also know him.”

The producer introduced each of the members to Lin Che and she greeted everyone. They were extremely harmonious as they ate.

Lin Che was now considered someone who shot to fame and was in her prime. Everyone saw that she was not arrogant at all and they all felt very respectful of her.

They knew that Situ Qiong was pursuing her lately and opened the company with her. They naturally didn’t forget to tease her about it.

Lin Che could only plead, “Don’t talk about it anymore. Situ Qiong is my master and I’m his disciple. A master in one day, a father for life. He and I are impossible.”

Upon saying that, everyone burst into laughter.

“However, it is also very impressive that you were able to become Situ Qiong’s disciple.”

Just then, someone from outside said that another person was here to dine. Everyone in the restaurant turned to look and the crew also couldn’t help but turn their heads.

“Waiter, what’s going on?” they asked.

The waiter said, “Apparently, Mr. Gu Jingze is here to dine.”





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