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Season 6

Episode 2

(She Doesn’t Know This Is A Plot)

The next day.

Lin Che and Yang Lingxin reached the company together.

The company suddenly asked to have a word with them again.

Yang Lingxin said at the side, “I think the company is finally not being so stubborn. They were probably just scaring us yesterday. Seeing us stand our ground today must have immediately made them change their minds.”

But Lin Che was not that optimistic.

After being in this circle for some time, one would realize that certain things simply weren’t that easy and straightforward.

“Let’s just go take a look first,” Lin Che replied.

Yang Lingxin piped, “It must be! Sister Che is so capable and so famous. Any of your shows would have high box office sales. They definitely don’t want Sister Che to leave. Furthermore, Sister Che has a great affinity with people in the circle. You know all the capable people. How could Qin Wanwan compare to that?”

“That’s enough. Don’t say that, Little Xin. The walls have ears. Sometimes letting others hear such words won’t do us good.”

“What are you afraid of, Sister Che? We have abilities and popularity. There’s no need to be so scared of them.”

Lin Che shook her head and looked at Yang Lingxin, “Gossip is a fearful thing. Popularity is contributed by people. One should still remember this.”

As she spoke, they already reached the place. Lin Che let Yang Lingxin wait outside while she went in to talk to President Chen alone. Otherwise, Yang Lingxin might be rash and blurt out things she shouldn’t say.

Yang Lingxin watched Lin Che go in while she waited outside. She really couldn’t comprehend why Lin Che still had to see those people’s faces. She was clearly already a huge celebrity.

If she became a huge celebrity one day, she wouldn’t bother about other people. She would definitely do whatever she wanted since there would be people paying her bills. She would clearly be above others. Why was there a need to behave as if she didn’t have anything?

Just then, she saw Qin Wanwan with her crew approaching.

Yang Lingxin looked in Qin Wanwan’s direction and grunted.

Qin Wanwan’s eyes flashed. She graciously walked over and didn’t seem to have any animosity.

“You must be Yang Lingxin. I heard that you are a very good and capable person in Lin Che’s crew and always had a good relationship with Lin Che.”

Actually, Yang Lingxin was picked up by Lin Che and everybody knew that. Yang Lingxin’s family condition was not good, so Lin Che recommended her to work in the company.

Yang Lingxin always especially worshipped Lin Che, so she followed Lin Che like a loyal dog and Lin Che also trusted her.

Although she wasn’t as close as Yu Minmin, she still shadowed Lin Che.

After Lin Che became famous, the reporters naturally became familiar with the people around her too. Once they heard about it, they went to find out everything about it clearly.

Yang Lingxin grunted and thought in her heart, So pretentious.

As if not seeing her attitude, Qin Wanwan said, “Little Xin, I don’t think you have any great purpose being with Lin Che. Why don’t you join me? Actually, I realized that you are very suited to be an actress. Your looks are comparable to Lin Che’s. Why do you have to stand by her side? Actually, you can totally go solo.”

These words did make Yang Lingxin’s heart move.

She looked up at Qin Wanwan.


She knew that Qin Wanwan was not as good at Lin Che. Not mentioning anything else, Lin Che had Gu Jingze. What about Qin Wanwan?

Yang Lingxin scoffed, “No thanks. You are not as good as our Sister Che. We’ll follow Sister Che to the grave. Don’t think about trying to put your foot in. I’m not falling for your trap. Our Sister Che is much more capable than you.”

Qin Wanwan’s expression changed.

In her heart, she scoffed and thought, How naïve to blindly worship Lin Che.

However, Qin Wanwan really had no intention of pulling her over.

Qin Wanwan said, “Nevermind then. I just thought that you were very capable and wanted to tell you.” She turned and walked past, but very forcefully and intentionally stepped on Yang Lingxin’s foot.


Yang Lingxin yelped. It was a sharp pain from the high heel.

Qin Wanwan quickly said, “I’m sorry.”

Yang Lingxin looked angrily at the innocent-looking Qin Wanwan, “You… You stepped on me intentionally, didn’t you? Ha, do you really think that our Sister Che can be bullied just because she’s kindhearted? Do you think that the people under her can be easily bullied? Let me tell you this; our Sister Che is not someone to be trifled with. You better be careful. You offended our Sister Che. You will definitely end up in a tragic state! When the time comes, it’ll be too late for you to beg for mercy.”

Qin Wanwan looked at her speechlessly. “I merely stepped on you. What does it have to do with that? I already apologized and I didn’t bully Lin Che.”

“You didn’t? You were bullying our Sister Che the past few days. Let me tell you; the name of the person above our Sister Che will scare you to death.”

“Really? Who is the person above Lin Che?”

“Ha, why should I tell you? I’m not telling you. Go make a guess yourself. Anyway, it’s somebody that you can never afford to provoke. Otherwise, how did you think Sister Che could get so famous? Do you really think that you’re so capable? Our Sister Che just keeps a low profile and doesn’t care about competing with you. Otherwise, our Sister Che could be as famous as she wants. These stupid resources from the company are nothing to us.”

Qin Wanwan replied, “You make it sound as if it is real.”

“Don’t believe it if you want. I’m telling you that we’ve already decided. You wanted to squeeze us out of here, right? We’ll leave. We don’t care about this stupid company obstructing our future.”

Qin Wanwan responded, “Wow, that capable? Haha, I wish you a promising future then.”

“That is a must. Take a look at your stupid plastic face. It can’t compare to our Sister Che. Our Sister Che has way more fans than you. Hmph.”

Although it was intentional, Qin Wanwan was still hopping mad when she heard her insults.

She walked right out and her chest was undulating. Lin Che had plenty of loyal fans, but it was all because she tugged at their heartstrings online.

Just then, Sister Lin walked over from behind. She pursed her lips and said, “Alright, Wanwan, don’t be mad. Their future will immediately start. It’s a pity that it’s bleak rather than promising.”

The two of them smiled at one another.

Yang Lingxin was still unaware. She was feeling so good after scolding Qin Wanwan. She thought that she really spoke up for Lin Che and Qin Wanwan didn’t dare to say anything at all. Lin Che was being too careful and low-profile. Actually, she was already above them all. Why would she need to look at these people’s faces? It was so good to scold whenever she wanted.

When Lin Che came out of the office, her face was still uptight.

Yang Lingxin greeted her, “How did it go?”

“No agreement. Let’s go.”

Although Lin Che didn’t want to be too adamant with the company, it looked like there was already no other way. They asked her to the company only to drag time. They had no intention of solving the problem at all.

However, when the two of them left…





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