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Season 6

Episode 18

(Who Asked Her To Be So Famous?)

Yu Minmin said, “We’ll be heading to the new company to cut the ribbon. Since you’ve been enjoying your time overseas for the past few days, there’s no taking a break now. After you cut the ribbon with me, we still need to go for an interview.”

“Reporters want to interview me?”

“Yes. The news of your return was already released. You definitely must go to the ribbon-cutting ceremony at our new company today.”

Lin Che went with Yu Minmin and headed to the new company first.

The company was Lin Che’s studio, so they didn’t need a big place. Thus, Yu Minmin quickly found an office building, rented it, and had the rest of the crew move in. They were going to work here from now on.

Lin Che reached the office building, got out of the car, and immediately saw many flower bouquets and congratulatory plaques.

The doorway could not be obstructed, so they were specially placed inside.

Yu Minmin said, “Those flowers were sent by people in the entertainment circle.”

“Huh? So many?”

“Of course. If you exited badly this time, they probably wouldn’t have sent you all these. But now, you’re the biggest winner. You left the company and even got the Witch’s Diary script. More importantly, everyone knows about Situ Qiong’s confession and his amorous pursuit for you.”

Thinking about this, Lin Che was still extremely speechless.

“Situ… I have yet to see him. If I see him again, I’ll beat him to death!”

“Why do you want to beat him up? Anyway, everyone now knows that Situ Qiong is madly in love with you. Because you have such a good relationship with this kind of wealthy person, of course, everybody wants a piece of you. The people in this circle are also very practical. It’s not the first day you know it.”

Yes, Lin Che understood.

Being in the entertainment circle for so many years, wouldn’t she know the fickleness of human relationships?

Looking inside, there were big directors, big producers and big companies who have all sent flowers to her. It really made her feel… She didn’t even know or met some of these people. Now, they wanted to send her flowers and congratulate her. There were even some from directors who won international awards…

“Oh my God. Director Gu actually sent me flowers. When did I work with him?”

“You didn’t, but it doesn’t mean you won’t. Anyway, you’re very hyped up now. Your name has been hanging on the hot topics for a few days already. You probably couldn’t feel it when you were overseas, but you’ll know it soon enough now that you’re back.”

Lin Che also very soon saw some flowers from famous entrepreneurs.

“And what are these…”

“They all said that they are your fans…” Yu Minmin lowered her head and said, “It looks like they are your fans from WW party.”


Lin Che was really going crazy. These people also wanted to send her flowers?

Everyone saw that Lin Che had returned. They all came up to her and greeted her, “Sister Che, you’re finally back!”

“Sister Che, we’re all Sister Che’s people from now on.”

Lin Che looked at these familiar faces happily.

“Thank you all for trusting in me this time and coming together to form our own studio.”

The employees were very happy. They also said enthusiastically to Lin Che, “Sister Che, not at all! When we were with Sister Che at the beginning, we were nothing. Now, it’s all thanks to you that we have some fame in this industry. You brought glory to all of us.”

“Yes. We’re already making a name for ourselves by being with Sister Che.”

Lin Che looked at everyone. “How can that be? We improved together. Without you guys, I would still be the small errand girl Lin Che.”

Everyone surrounded Lin Che happily until Yu Minmin called her for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Outside, heads were poking out from other companies in the office building. They wanted to see which new company had such a grand opening.

They only knew that it was an artist’s studio. They were still puzzled as they saw many familiar names from those flowers.

Those names were all bosses of big brands.

It was just one little artist; how could that person know so many bosses? Also, the flowers were all sent under these names. They all really gave face to her.

Very soon, the reporters finally had their interview time.

Seeing Lin Che come down, the reporters surrounded her.

“Did you meet Situ Qiong when you came back?”

“Did Situ Qiong send you any flowers?”

“Why didn’t Situ Qiong come for the ribbon-cutting ceremony?”

“Everybody wants to see you and Situ Qiong together. Aren’t you going to give it to us?”

Lin Che speechlessly said, “Today is the opening day of my studio. Can you guys ask questions related to my studio?”

The reporters said, “Okay… In your studio… Is Situ Qiong there?”


This Situ Qiong really caused a lot of trouble.

On that day, the news published the hot footage of Lin Che’s studio’s opening.

At Qin Wanwan’s side.

She watched the footage. Everyone lined up to ask her about Situ Qiong.

It was merely a studio opening, yet they made it seem like it was a major event in the entertainment circle.

Qin Wanwan was so angry that she wanted to murder someone.

Meanwhile, at Lin Che’s side.

She was indeed tired after one whole day. She just got back from her trip and was dragged here. There was not a moment for her to rest.

Yu Minmin finally looked at the time. She looked at the drowsy Lin Che and said, “Remember, it’s the Gold Medal Awards ceremony in a few days’ time. You need to go receive your award. Get a good night’s rest. We’ll go to your house tomorrow and help you pick your gown.”

“What… No way.”

Too much work was piling up.

Lin Che mourned and started to miss the relaxing sunshine in France.

Yu Minmin chuckled and said, “You didn’t want to settle as Mrs. Gu; you wanted to be a celebrity instead. Also, you had to become famous. If a celebrity has too much work, it means that she is too famous. You should be feeling lucky. Go back and rest.”

Lin Che also thought that it made sense.

When she left the building, she immediately saw that Gu Jingze’s car was already parked outside and waiting for her.

Yu Minmin smiled and teased her. “I really couldn’t tell that Gu Jingze would really be such a dutiful husband.”

“Idiot.” Lin Che shoved Yu Minmin and quickly ran over.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che and then looked at the studio opening plaque behind.

“Congratulations,” he said plainly.

Lin Che sighed, “Gosh, all this work is killing me!”

“Running a company is naturally not an easy thing to do.”

“But you have so many companies. How do you do it? I’m running one now and I already feel as is this is simply beyond a human’s ability…”

“Are you saying that I’m not human?”

“No no…” Lin Che looked at him appeasingly. “You are a god. You are the most capable god, alright?”

Gu Jingze raised a brow. “I’ve never seen a more pretentious expression than when you’re praising me.”

Lin Che grunted, but she was really very impressed by him. Gu Jingze could run so many companies and still keep everything in order.

Indeed, not just anybody could be a CEO.

“Anyway, everyone sent me flowers. Why didn’t you send me flowers as a gesture?”

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. “If I do that… Are you sure your company will still be able to run?”


“Then the reporters today would only ask you how you’re related to me.”

“…” Fine, he was right.

To be given flowers by Gu Jingze… There probably hadn’t been a sight like that in C Nation.

Thus, if Gu Jingze’s name appeared here, wouldn’t the reporters end up bursting?





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