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Season 6

Episode 17

(Returning To The Country To Accept Punishment)

Lin Che said, “He’s… He’s my husband.”

The young girl looked enviously at Gu Jingze. “Already married… Then I guess there’s no hope for me.”

“…” She had no hope even if he wasn’t married. How old was she? She only looked to be in her teens and she already dared to eye men?

Gu Jingze said, “Alright, let’s go back.”

Lin Che asked Gu Jingze, “Hey, do you have money?”

Gu Jingze replied, “Why do you need money?”

Lin Che pulled out Gu Jingze’s wallet from his pocket and very quickly found one thousand Euros.

She turned to the young girl and said, “Here, for you. Take it as a little token. Don’t go selling people off anymore. Also, go back home. Don’t roam around outside anymore. Look at the way you dress. It’s so ugly.”

The young girl said, “What? You’re saying I’m ugly…”

Lin Che waved her hand and said, “Alright, I’m going to go eat. I’m starving! You guys should go and eat too.”

The young girl pouted, “Okay. Don’t trust people so easily in the future. You’re lucky that you met me. Do you hear me?”

She still had the cheek to speak…

The young girl watched Lin Che leave and then sighed.

It was a pity she was not that lucky to have such a handsome boyfriend.

Her father wanted to arrange a marriage for her with an older man when she was young. Of course, she wasn’t willing to. That was why she ran away.

Because Lin Che hadn’t eaten breakfast, she headed to a nearby shop to grab some food before going back.

With the two handsome men protecting her, she headed straight to the same street as before.

When this antique car stopped, people in the shops around all turned to look.

She saw the Chinese restaurant that she went to previously. She looked at the lady boss who stuck out her head to look.

After that, under the eyes of the lady boss, she went to a Western restaurant by the side.

She ordered plenty of dishes and ate them all. She also gave the restaurant owner a tip.

The restaurant owner saw the tip and grinned happily. He personally walked them to the car before leaving.

Meanwhile, the lady boss at the Chinese restaurant looked at the stack of money. She pursed her lips, scoffed with jealousy, and walked away.

After this incident, Lin Che also asked about Gu Jingyan when she went back.

Gu Jingyan drank too much and was still sleeping.

On the other hand, Lu Beichen was met with trouble the moment he went back.

Upon entering, he saw a foreign lawyer standing at the entrance. He said to Lu Beichen, “Mr. Lu, sorry to disturb you but this is a compensation form. You need to compensate us.”

Lu Beichen took the paper to see. Gu Jingze asked in amusement, “Is it over a billion?”

“Impossible,” Lu Beichen replied. “It’s forty million.”

“Oh, that doesn’t seem so bad.”


“…” Lin Che was stunned.

What was the meaning of this? Because the other party’s property was burned, he wanted forty million Euros as compensation… Wasn’t that at least a billion yuan?

Lu Beichen smiled and asked the lawyer, “That filthy manor is worth that much money?”

The lawyer’s face was filled with pride. They asked for so much as they expected that the other party would not be willing to pay so much. They would continue to bargain in court. However, his purpose of coming here today was to make the other party humble himself. They wanted Lu Beichen to plead and apologize to them before they lowered the compensation fee.

However, Lu Beichen kept his cool smile.

After that, before anyone could react, he already punched the lawyer in his head.

The lawyer’s nose started bleeding.

He was so scared that he quickly retreated. He didn’t expect the man in front of him to not only be so confident in front of these millions of Euros but instead, end up hitting him…

Lu Beichen moved his wrist. “Since you’re already asking for money, I’m not caring about your medical bills. Coming up here and acting all big? Why don’t you take a good look in the mirror.”

The lawyer was so frightened that he quickly scrambled and ran away.

He provoked someone even wilder than Bernard today.

It was Lin Che’s first time seeing such an arrogant man. She covered her mouth in shock as she watched the lawyer make himself scarce. She actually thought that it felt good.

She couldn’t tell that this Lu Beichen was also an emotional person.


Just as he was done, a Lu family attendant came from behind and whispered, “First Young Master… Sir asked you to go back to C Nation. He probably already knows about this matter…”

Lu Beichen’s head hurt and he pressed against his forehead. “Okay, I got it.”

It seemed like going back home was an inevitable situation.

Gu Jingze said, “Since it’s like this, let’s prepare to head back.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Gu Jingze patted Lu Beichen. “Take care.”

Lin Che noticed this. She tugged Gu Jingze and asked, “Is he going to get lectured?”

Gu Jingze replied, “It’s fine. He’s already used to it.”

“No way…”

“He has done this many times. In B City, he was always called the number one tyrant. Nobody dared to provoke him simply because he used to be very rash. He wasn’t afraid of anything. It is also only a small matter this time.”

Alright then. These wealthy men’s sons…

On that night, after Gu Jingyan woke up, they took the plane home.

Gu Jingyan and Lu Beichen couldn’t look at each other in the eye. They ignored one another.

Thankfully, everyone was all resting on their own on the plane. They arrived very quickly.

Back in C Nation, Yu Minmin immediately called Lin Che back.

She said to Lin Che, “This time, we’ve really won big.”

Lin Che said, “Not really. I still had to pay the penalty fee.”

“I asked for four million yuan as compensation for defamation. In addition, there are other compensations too like your endorsements, TV shows and such. We’ll be getting back most of what you paid. They will make a huge loss this time. Don’t worry.”

“That good?”

“But of course. Don’t forget that if you want to play politics with me… I am Madam President. Wouldn’t I have some connections in court? I’ll drag that Qin Wanwan down.”

“Alright… I feel as if I’m being surrounded by big shots and under all your protection. My luck is really on a roll. Hahaha.”

“Anyway, this time, not only did we retain your reputation, but we also didn’t lose much money. On the other hand, their demand for more than seven million yuan has brought their own reputation down to the ground. We became the victims while they still didn’t get much in compensation in the end. This hand was good, right?”

“Yes… Very,” Lin Che listened entirely to Yu Minmin at that time. Although she didn’t know why they did not rebut and had to humble themselves, in the end, it was clear that she was right to listen to Yu Minmin.

But Yu Minmin said, “Gu Jingming told me all these. I just knew that however sly these people were, they could never win against a sly old fox like Gu Jingming.”


It turned out that all these were Mr. President’s ideas. No way… Such a small entertainment industry problem was solved with the president’s plot. She suddenly felt all high and mighty…



  1. President and his wife una too much. Beautiful. Thank you my writer



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