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Season 6

Episode 16

(Still Counting Money Despite Almost Being Sold Off)

“Why not?” Lu Beichen asked.

Gu Jingze already put on his coat at top speed. “Who would ask for only five hundred Euros for kidnapping?”


Alright then. It looked like they met with a rip-off this time.

“Damn. Who dares to rip us off? I’ll go have a word with them.”

“That’s enough. You better think of how you’re going to answer to Bernard. I heard that his manor was burned to ashes and half of his property was burned down.”

“…” Lu Beichen’s feat yesterday was still not over.

But after returning and settling Gu Jingyan down, he heard that Lin Che went missing. How could he possibly care about anything else?

No matter what, he wanted to find Lin Che.

“I’ll go with you. I’ll pay the five hundred Euros and then help you teach that bastard a lesson.”

Lu Beichen followed after him and simply hopped into Gu Jingze’s car.

As they did not want to shock the person, they did not bring anyone with them.

It was just the two of them with their chauffeur driving them to the red light district.

Meanwhile, at Lin Che’s side.

Sitting there now, she saw that the girl kept looking at her. She asked, “Why do you keep looking at me?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Right, these are all my friends. Tony, Martin, and Murray.”

“Is it? Hello.”

“Yes. We roam around here and pull in customers from time to time.”

“Why roam around?” Lin Che asked strangely.

“We ran away from home.”

“…” Lin Che looked at her and was unable to understand. She hadn’t eaten the whole morning and felt hungry. She asked, “Can we go get some food?”

“Okay. Do you have money on you?”

“No…” Lin Che looked at them. “Go buy some food first. I’ll return you the money when my family gets here, okay?”

She looked at Lin Che and nodded.

The few of them walked outside and looked at the breakfast windows. Lin Che chose the food she wanted to eat.

The strange-looking breakfast didn’t really spike Lin Che’s appetite.

Then, she saw a Chinese restaurant. She quickly said, “Oh my, I want to eat that!”

The girl at the back asked, “Boss, you really know how to pick the most expensive things. All the shops around here are very cheap. Why did you pick that?”

“They don’t really suit my taste… I’ll pay you back when my family comes!”

She replied, “Okay then.”

The two of them went in.

“What would you like to have?” A lady inside looked at them and asked.

Lin Che wondered why she hadn’t seen this Chinese restaurant earlier? She could have come to them for help.

It was probably because she didn’t quite dare to venture too far, so she didn’t walk here.

“Boiled fish… lamb kidney, sautéed shredded meat…”

“Okay, payment first.”

“Huh? Why?”

The lady boss narrowed her eyes at these kids. “These dishes are very expensive. How do I know that you kids won’t run away after eating? You must show me that you have the money.”

“Are you kidding me? You look down on us?” Lin Che asked.

The lady boss scoffed, “Why don’t you show me your money now?”

“I…” Lin Che wanted to, but… she really didn’t have any money on her.

The lady boss saw this and slapped the table. She said, “Get out, get out. All of you get out! How can you eat in a restaurant if you have no money?”

Lin Che glared at the lady boss. This was too ridiculous.

However, the few kids seemed to already be used to it. They looked at her, shrugged their shoulders, and walked out.

Lin Che could only leave in a huff.

Without any breakfast, they could only go back. She looked speechlessly at the young girl, “Kids of your generation seem to be very notorious.”

The young girl rolled her eyes.

Just then, outside…

A car rolled up and made everyone around it turn their heads.

The young girl’s friends exclaimed, “Wow! A sports car!”

“It looks good. It’s vintage; it must be very expensive.”

“It looks like an antique. Is it an old version from here?”

Lin Che turned her head and saw a little black car. It looked very European.

The car stopped. When Gu Jingze and Lu Beichen stepped out of it, the young girl was stunned.

The two men were about the same height. One wore denim and looked like a distinguished rich man. One had a calm and expressionless face. He looked mature in his casual Western clothes.

But they were both handsome and had an extraordinary aura.

The girl was still stunned while Lin Che said, “Gu Jingze, you guys are here…”

Lin Che really relaxed the moment she saw Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze watched Lin Che jump down. He strode forward and brought Lin Che into his embrace.

Lin Che looked up. “You guys are finally here. I thought I was going to be left on the streets.”

“Silly girl. Why didn’t you bring your phone out with you?!” Gu Jingze looked down and frowned at her, looking at her travel-strained face.

Lin Che said speechlessly, “I thought I was only out to take a breather. It turned out that there are many drunkards here at night.”

“Of course. It’s very messy here,” Gu Jingze said.

Lin Che said, “Thankfully, I bumped into this young girl who knew how to speak Mandarin. I need to thank her for her help.”


Gu Jingze looked up at the few kids.

This Lin Che was almost sold off and she was completely unaware.

Gu Jingze said, “It looks like she didn’t tell you that I could only take you away if I paid her one thousand Euros?”

“…” Surprised, Lin Che turned back. “What… You guys…”

The girl saw this and the first thing she wanted to do was run.

Although they were young, they had been here for a long time. They knew some things and they knew that these two people were no ordinary people.

Wouldn’t they run if they provoked the wrong people?

However, Lu Beichen already ran after them and quickly brought them back…

Two kids were caught by the back of their heads.

“Are you running away? Don’t you want your one thousand Euros?”

The girl turned to look at Lin Che. She smiled sheepishly. “Sis, is this your boyfriend? He’s so handsome… Please let me go. I didn’t do anything to you. It’s just that we ran away from home and needed a bit of money…”

“…” Lin Che was really angry. “So you really lied to me? You guys wanted to sell me?”

“Not at all, Sis. We were helping you, weren’t we? We just wanted a little fee in return. Also, seeing that they have such a nice car, one thousand Euros shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s as good as tipping a bellboy, isn’t it?”

The young girl grinned especially wide.

Lin Che could only speechlessly roll her eyes.

Seeing that Lu Beichen was still pulling the girl by the collar, she could only say, “Forget it, forget it. Young Master Lu, let her go. It’s true that nothing happened to me.”

The young girl was then released.

Not daring to ask for anything else, she said to Lin Che, “Thank you, Sis! You’re the best! No wonder you have so many handsome guys around you. But is that handsome guy really your boyfriend?”





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