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Season 6

Episode 15

(Lin Che Was Really Unfortunate)

Lin Che really felt that she was doomed.

She was ridiculously dragged into a car and brought to a small pub.

Lin Che got out of the car, pushed one of the drunken men away, and quickly took the chance to run away.

“Hey, gorgeous, why are you running? Don’t run…”

That man still wanted to pursue her. However, in his drunken stupor, she stumbled and fell a few steps.

Meanwhile, people in the pub saw a bunch of drunkards who were driving a car. They quickly reported it to the police.

When Lin Che turned back to look, she saw that the drunkards were already being apprehended.

She then heaved a sigh of relief. She slowed down, but still jogged and did not dare to stop.

After a while, she then stopped and tried to catch her breath. She patted her chest.

Heaven knew how she bumped into those people.

The culture here was very liberal. Leisurely people often drank wine and enjoyed life in a blur. However, Lin Che had always been with Gu Jingze. Thus, she had never really met people outside.

Standing outside now, she realized that she didn’t have her phone or money. She couldn’t even find anyone who could lend her a phone to call Gu Jingze. She passed by one person and wanted to ask, but she was tongue-tied. She ran through all the English words she knew in her head and realized that she only knew how to say thank you and to introduce herself.

She really regretted not learning English or French properly back then.

She must have relied too much on Gu Jingze.

Lin Che looked around from the side of the road. This wasn’t a tourist area where she would normally meet one or two people from C Nation. Today, it felt like such a difficult task to find a familiar face.

After standing there and looking around for a long time, she didn’t see a single person.

The more one wanted something, the more one couldn’t get it.

When she didn’t want to see her fellow citizens, she would see them everywhere.

Lin Che stood and watched for a long time. She wanted to ask if there was a police station nearby. She could ask the police how to go back.

It looked like there was only one street where the pub was. It was more deserted in the morning. People who had been drinking the whole night at the pub came out and stumbled as they walked.

Some people saw Lin Che standing there alone and approached her.

But because Lin Che couldn’t understand their language, she would keep a distance from them to avoid bumping into bad people.

It was not long before more people noticed Lin Che.

“Hey, there’s a pretty lady who has been standing there.”

“Yes, she’s been there for a very long time. Why don’t we go take a look?”

“Perhaps she doesn’t know English or French.”

“She looks pretty. Aren’t you going to hit on her?”

Lin Che saw these young people approaching. They were looking at her and obviously discussing something.

Lin Che closed her eyes as her heart pounded. She should probably walk. Perhaps there would be a police station or some sort nearby.

Just then…

“Hey, are you a tourist? Did you come here alone? There’s a hotel here.”

Lin Che suddenly heard this voice. She turned around and saw a yellow-skinned girl in front of her eyes.

She froze and said, “You…”

“Hey, you don’t understand English? I’ll switch to Mandarin then. Hello, are you a tourist? Are you looking for a place to stay? It’s a family-style hotel.”

“Oh my God! You can speak Mandarin! That’s great! Are you from C Nation?”

“Ah… I’m not, but I’m the same race as you.”

“Really? That’s great,” Lin Che felt as if she just met her relative. She looked at the young girl in front of her.

“I don’t know English and I lost my family. I want to ask if there’s any police station nearby? Or can you lend me a phone to make a call?”

“Did you get lost?” The girl looked Lin Che up and down and could see that everything on her was branded.

Each one was more expensive than the other. Her clothes were worth at least a few hundred Euros.

The girl, “Well, this is a red-light district. The police station is not here; it’s far away. However, if you need to make a call, I can take you.”

Red… Red-light district…

No way. How did she end up here?

Looking at it… This peace and quiet in the day were really strange.

Lin Che raised her brow speechlessly. “Then… What are you doing here?”

Was she a trafficker?

The young girl looked to be in her teens, but she looked like a very disobedient child. She dolled herself up in a non-mainstream fashion which was fashionable to kids these days.

“Relax. I’m a bad person but it’s legal to do those things here. I’ve never done it; I only pull customers. Of course, I’m not going to force you to do anything. There are plenty of voluntary women here. I won’t kidnap you to do whatever you think I would. Just tell me who you want to call and I’ll make the call for you. I’ll tell them the address here and let your family pick you up, alright?”

Since she was so direct, Lin Che had nothing else to say.

She nodded and thought that she was going to die anyway. She had no other way out, she couldn’t find the police station, and every one of the people here looked like a bad person. She could only take a gamble on this one person she could understand.

Lin Che waited outside as she watched the girl take her phone and go in a room.

Actually, she wanted to make the call herself. She just needed to borrow the phone for a little while.

However, some people would not be willing to hand their phones over. Lin Che thought that it was acceptable to help make the call. If one handed the phone over, what if it got stolen?

Although she did not look like a bad person, she could understand if the girl wanted to be on her toes. After all, she was also a stranger.

Little did she know…

The young girl looked at the girl outside and said to the phone in her cool voice, “I don’t know who she is to you, but she is now in my hands. If you want her, give me five hundred Euros. Otherwise, this is a red-light district. I’ll sell her to the meanest boss here.”

The other party paused on the phone and then said, “I’ll give you one thousand Euros. Take good care of her.”

“Really? Okay, I’ll take good care of her.”

The young girl wondered if the other party was a very rich person.

She started to regret and felt that she asked for too little.

She walked out and sized Lin Che up again.

Perhaps she really was a wealthy person. She was very pretty too.

On the other side.

Lu Beichen stood up. “Have you found her?”

Gu Jingze glanced coldly at Lu Beichen.

He did not blame Lu Beichen for Lin Che going missing. However, it was ultimately because of his fight with Gu Jingyan that turned everything into a mess. Gu Jingze actually forgot to look after Lin Che at that moment.

He knew that Lin Che had only been overseas a few times and she did not know how to speak English. For her to be alone in a foreign place, even if she wasn’t scared, it must have been worrying.

Gu Jingze said, “That person said that if I give her money, she’ll return Lin Che to me.”

“No way… Kidnapping?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Why not?” Lu Beichen asked.





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