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Season 6

Episode 14

(I Won’t Let You Off Here If You Don’t Release Her)

Lu Beichen’s expression changed.

“I dare you to say that again.” He said as he lunged forward, raising his fist up to give a punch.

Thankfully, his people had sharp eyes and were already familiar with their young master’s temper.

When it came to other things, their First Young Master was still considered calm. Although he usually had the domineering look of a wealthy family’s son, he was a proper man.

After all, it was impossible to deny that the Lu family was rich. He was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. How could he not grow up arrogant?

Furthermore, this bit of arrogance was also well-liked by everyone.

It was just that when it came to his wife like this time, his arrogance made him lose his logic.

He would cause trouble for no reason.

They were in a foreign country. Did he think that he could leave in peace if he fought a local ruffian? How could they answer to the family if he got injured?

That person got scared.

He had seen all kinds of threats and was used to it, but he rarely saw anyone dare to challenge himself.

He took a step back. He saw that Lu Beichen was taller and looked prouder. It still made him rather fearful.

Lu Beichen was held down. He gritted his teeth as he looked at the person slumped inside. He looked at the woman who was obviously already drunk. He was so angry that he simply wanted to go over, drag her out, and take her back.

But he was far from doing so.

Why was this woman so willing to attract people?

She only knew how to cause trouble.

She even ran away from home this time.

“Gu Jingyan, you… Are you coming out or not?”

Bernard turned to look. Gu Jingyan was already lying down and obviously sleeping.

She was finally drunk.

He scoffed coldly and looked at the man in front of him. “Now, she’s not listening to you. It looks like she’s not willing to go back with you. You’d better leave.”

Lu Beichen glared at Bernard, “I’m not leaving if she is not leaving. You better bring her out this instant. Otherwise, I’ll make sure you regret it.”

“Ha! I’ve seen this kind of threat too many times in my life. However, I’ve rarely seen yellow-skinned people like you who dare to treat me this way.”

“What about yellow-skinned people? Ha, I’ve also rarely seen a minion who judges people based on skin color like you.”


Lu Beichen said, “I’ll give you a chance. Bring her out. We only came here for a vacation. We don’t want to cause trouble.”

How could Bernard hand her over so easily?

Especially after being called a minion?

“Give her to you? How do I know if she is your wife? Will she listen to you if you call her?”

Lu Beichen looked inside. That woman seemed to already be in deep sleep.

Meanwhile, the man in front of him was still challenging him.

“You don’t want to cause trouble? No no, you want to cause trouble but you don’t dare to. You dare to tell me on my property that I’ll regret it? It has really been a long time since I met a man who overestimates himself. Why? Do you dare to provoke me? I just want to see how you will do that. Let me tell you. I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman in my life. I like her very much and I won’t give her to you. You better get lost from my face. Otherwise, the one regretting it will be you.”


Lu Beichen’s temper shot up again.

He liked her very much?

Did he want to do some nasty things to Gu Jingyan?

“Very well. I just want to see who will be the one regretting now.”

Lu Beichen really did not intend to cause trouble. He only wanted to take her back, but this person simply had to have such obvious intentions toward Gu Jingyan.

He was looking for a death wish.

Lu Beichen took a step forward.

The Lu family people quickly tried to pull their young master back.

However, Lu Beichen even pushed his own people to the side this time.

“Whoever dares to interfere will be responsible if anything happens to Gu Jingyan.”

Nobody could afford to bear this responsibility.

The few attendants looked at Lu Beichen and were helpless.

They watched as Lu Beichen pushed the people in front of him away and aimed a punch at Bernard.

Bernard did not expect Lu Beichen to get physical so quickly.

He had never seen such a lad who was more arrogant than him.

He took a step back from the hit. His lip started bleeding.

Fresh blood trickled down and frightened everybody around them.

“You really dare to hit me!” Bernard waved his hand. “Get him. Get all these people out of my manor.”

“Your manor? Hmph, if you don’t let me take Gu Jingyan away, I’ll burn your rotten house to ashes in a matter of days.”

Everybody was stunned.

Especially those from the Lu family.

Did Bernard think that Lu Beichen was joking?

No, no. There was nothing their Young Master wouldn’t dare to do.

He was the kind who would really do it.

Lu Beichen was notoriously known as the top tyrant in B City. It was not for nothing.

Lu Beichen kicked the people coming at him with one leg.

When he went in to open the door, someone grabbed his waist from behind.

He twisted about, then turned and punched the person, shattering the person’s front teeth.

The person collapsed to the ground. He then continued his way in and saw the drunken Gu Jingyan lying there.

Her snake-like body was sprawled across there. How could any man resist?

He cursed. This damned woman.

However, seeing that his people were already fighting the opposition outside, he hoisted Gu Jingyan up. He turned behind and punched a person who caught up to him. Finally, he carried Gu Jingyan in his arms and strode out.

Gu Jingyan was in a blurred state. Outside, he handed her over to his people who were waiting outside. He turned back and saw Bernard’s men chasing after him.

Lu Beichen thought, You still dare to come after me outside? You’re really looking for death.

He fiddled with a car and made the gas leak from below. After that, he poured the gas around the small house.

When he lit it up, Bernard’s men were really shocked.

This… This C Nation person. He really burned the house when he said he would.

Was he trying to burn them to death?

They were stopped by the fire. The people behind also didn’t follow. They exclaimed anxiously, “Quick! Quick! Call for help!”

Inside, Bernard was stunned.

“He really did it… Who exactly is this man?”

Why didn’t he think that he would really burn the place down?

He hastily ordered his men to stop chasing. Bernard’s men all went to put out the fire.

The Lu family members turned back to look at the blazing fire. They looked at each other speechlessly.

They were done for this time. They caused trouble again…

Gu Jingze walked back to the manor. Before he could reach it, his men told him that Lu Beichen already retrieved Miss.

Gu Jingze gave Lu Beichen the chance to settle this matter himself. Upon hearing that, he also nodded.

However, at that moment.

Back at the manor, a guard quickly ran towards him.

“Sir, it’s bad…”

“What’s up?”

“Madam is gone…”

Gu Jingze froze immediately.

He stopped slightly in his tracks, pushed the person in front of him away, and then quickly walked in…





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