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Season 6

Episode 12

( I Like It When You’re Happy)

That fan of Lin Che’s also witnessed the scene from the back. He said lightly, “Exactly. What is a small opera actress? You guys know that Gu Jingze’s wife, Mrs. Gu, was the focus of WW party. She is the number one socialite. What is one Sulin? Hmph. She dares to eye Gu Jingze? I’m not watching her performances in the future.”

The WW party…

Although many of the people here were rather rich, they were not quite qualified enough to attend the WW party. They heard this and were extremely impressed.

No wonder the few of them had such extraordinary auras. They weren’t ordinary people at all.

Gu Jingze’s face was calm throughout the journey while Lin Che felt angry, especially when she saw that woman dare to give the scarf…

Damn it. Lin Che hadn’t even given him a scarf before. It was such an intimate item and Sulin simply handed it to him.

She turned to look at Gu Jingze and thought, This man better stay out of trouble and not come out so often.

Even watching an opera would attract girls to him.

The few of them went to the manor. Since it was late, Gu Jingyan also prepared to stay for the night.

Lu Beichen got out of the car and said, “Since it’s rare for us to gather like this, let’s play cards tonight.”

Gu Jingze said, “Do you still intend to lose a few million yuan to me? To President Lu now, a few million yuan is not something I can look up to.”

Lu Beichen knew that Gu Jingze was referring to an incident while they were in high school. He came over to play as they lacked one person. He invited Gu Jingze and ended up almost losing his pants that night.

In the end, he didn’t dare to tell his family that he lost a few million yuan to Gu Jingze. Thus, he secretly sold a car at home.

When Lu Qinyu found out, Lu Beichen was given a good beating.

Lu Beichen retorted, “Hey, did you think that I’ll still be as bad as back then? I’ve been honing my skills over the years.”

Gu Jingyan responded, “How late is it already? Didn’t it occur to you that the husband and wife still have some things that they need to do on their own?”

Lu Beichen heard this and said, “Oh, you’re right, you’re right. I didn’t think about that.”

Lin Che quickly asked, “What? What?”

She hastily pinched Gu Jingze and urged him to say something. Gu Jingze frowned. “If you want to get touchy with me, we’ll get touchy back in our room. Be more humble outside.”

“…” This was called touchy?

However, the other two couldn’t stand it even more.

Lu Beichen said, “Nevermind, nevermind. Jingyan, we shouldn’t stay.”

Gu Jingze also did not stand on ceremony. He turned to look at Lu Beichen. “There are still cars outside. If you can’t stay, you can still leave now.”

After he said this, he tugged Lin Che along and headed straight inside.

Lu Beichen shook his head speechlessly.”Isn’t that a little too anxious?”

He looked at the closed door and really felt that…

He used to think that the high and mighty Gu Jingze would never ever reveal a single hint of lust. Now, he was actually much more passionate.

Although his face was still so moody, there was still someone who could banter with him like this.

Lu Beichen said to Gu Jingyan, “This Lin Che really has big guts. I’ve never seen anyone pinch Gu Jingze before.”

“Well, they are married. Why not?”

“Ha. But to see Gu Jingze, a person whom nobody dared to touch, be abused by a woman… my heart still has not reacted to that yet.”

The old Gu Jingze would never get close to anyone no matter where he was.

The people who dared to get close to and interact with him were few, much less one who dared to move a muscle on him.

He had never seen it in so many years. Seeing it today naturally surprised him.


Gu Jingze was indeed impatient.

As soon as the door closed, Gu Jingze already pressed her against the door. His hands were placed at her sides, making a loud and accurate thud against the wall.

Lin Che looked at him. “What… What are you doing? Quick go inside. They haven’t left…”

“Weren’t you already getting all touchy with me outside just now?” Gu Jingze’s breath intentionally circled around her and occasionally hit her in the face.

His lips were also deliberately brushing against hers.

“I… I… I was warning you…”

But Gu Jingze no longer cared about her words. He went straight up to her and kissed her, pushing her against the door forcefully.

Lin Che still remembered what happened just now. Being attacked by his kisses now made her head feel like it was going to explode.

She was too useless. How could she already be falling for him just by his kiss?

However, it was also probably difficult to find a woman who wouldn’t fall just by a kiss like his.

She could only use her last ounce of logic and plainly blurt out her complaints.

“Wasn’t there some opera star just now… She took the initiative to come up to you. You rejected her and now you’re coming back to me for what?!”

Gu Jingze’s lips still didn’t move away. “Her? She’s not as good as you.”

“How is she not as good as me?” Lin Che’s heart lit up.

How did he know the right words to say today?

“Her chest is not as big as yours.”

“…” She took back her surprise.

“Idiot. Don’t touch me,” Lin Che said.

“Hey…” Gu Jingze pulled her back again. “That was a compliment.”

What kind of compliment was that…

As Gu Jingze spoke, his hands were already reaching up. That soft feeling, coupled with his touch, made her face blush with shyness. It was really like… magic. It instantly ignited his body.

He finally hugged her.

“How else do you want me to say it? I’m telling the truth. Looking at her doesn’t give me any feeling at all, but… looking at you, I…”

He placed her directly on the bed. His hands were already tracing the hem of her skirt and they directly went in.

“I want you…”

Was this really a compliment?

She was very doubtful.

However, his hand was already inside. It made Lin Che’s entire body tighten up. She was also in a daze and couldn’t care about anything else. She grabbed onto his neck tightly.

In her dazed state, she seemed to hear him say, “I like to see you feel good…”

“I like to see you so happy…”

“I like to make you lose control…”

“Lin Che, you’ve never seen how beautiful you look now…”

Lin Che was really completely dazed. It was such a blur that she couldn’t tell if it was all real or a dream…

When Lin Che was finally exhausted, she thought that she could sleep in peace.

But there were sounds from outside.

It sounded like two people fighting. After that, one person slammed the door and left…

Lin Che froze and sat up.

Gu Jingze frowned and went out to check what was going on.

“Sir, it seems like Miss and Sir Lu had a fight. Miss left in her anger.”


Lin Che also hurried out to see.

She saw Lu Beichen standing at the door. He looked angrily outside and his face was dark. It was definitely uglier than the night sky outside.

It looked like it was going to rain outside. The weather did not look good.

Lu Beichen turned back and saw Lin Che and Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze said, “Hurry up and look for her. It’s going to rain soon and we’re in a foreign land.”

Lu Beichen asked, “Her? Get lost? She won’t get lost.”

“How would you know?”

Gu Jingze grunted and instructed his people, “Everybody, find Jingyan.”

The guards really went to look for her. After a long time, they then said that she was really missing. They couldn’t find her…





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