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Season 6

Episode 10

(The Gu Family Goes To An Opera Together)

Gu Jingze said, “I have some personal connections with him, so he invited me to stay for a few days.”

“But this place is really huge.”

It turned out to be a royal place. She was now someone who had been to a royal manor.

Tsk, tsk, she thought. Following Gu Jingze really had its benefits. The Lin Che in the past would probably only be able to stand outside at the very most. She would be like those people outside peering in. But now, because of Gu Jingze, she was part of the people inside.

The people inside had their own troubles… but she still felt that she was already very lucky.

Together with Gu Jingze, she churned out a lot of pure lavender essential oil.

Lin Che turned to see Gu Jingze working quietly. She thought that even if Gu Jingze wasn’t a big CEO, he would still be a very handsome little worker like this. If posted online, he would immediately become an Internet sensation.

In the beginning, she said that she was going to do it. But in the end, Gu Jingze did it. It was because Gu Jingze simply couldn’t stand to watch Lin Che in her clumsy ways.

After an entire day, they were dead tired. In the evening, Lu Beichen came to look for them again.

He drove here and was surprised when he saw the house filled with essential oils, “Don’t tell me you guys are planning to start an online business with these essential oils.”

Lin Che said sheepishly, “No way. We made them because we had nothing to do in the day. We’re not selling them.”

Lu Beichen took a small bottle to look. He laughed and said, “Give them to me if you don’t want them. If I say that these were hand-pressed by Gu Jingze… It’ll immediately be sold out at a high price, right?”

Lin Che speechlessly thought, All these businessmen first think about buying and selling.

“Not at all. If you sell it, nobody will believe that Gu Jingze made these,” Lin Che said.

Lu Beichen said, “That’s right. Nobody will believe that the high and mighty Gu Jingze would do such a laborious job.”

Gu Jingze walked out at this moment. He looked at Lu Beichen. “What are you doing here again?”

Lu Beichen replied, “I’m inviting you and Sister-in-law to an opera. The classic opera, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, is playing recently. Don’t you want to watch it since you’re in France?”

Lin Che heard this and immediately said, “Ah, it’s that very famous classic opera.”

“That’s right.”

Because Lin Che was in acting, she also learned the opera style in school. However, she only watched the movie version of it in school. She had never seen a live opera.

Seeing that Lin Che was interested, Gu Jingze asked, “Do you want to watch it?”

Lin Che nodded profusely. “Yes yes! I’ve never seen a live performance.”

Thus, Gu Jingze said, “Alright then.” He said to Lu Beichen, “Wait here. We’ll go get ready.”

Lu Beichen looked and smiled at Lin Che. “It looks like Gu Jingze is really treating you well. He wouldn’t have gone for such a time-wasting event in the past.”

Lin Che blushed and glanced at Lu Beichen. “So he has never watched an opera?”

“He would understand it, but he wouldn’t go watch it himself. Normally, he would read the synopsis, see the performance style, read the reviews on books, and that would be it.”

“What’s the meaning in that?”

“To a workaholic like him, besides work, nothing else is meaningful. That is why I say that it’s not easy to be with a workaholic like him. For you to persevere so long, I must really hand it to you.”

“…” Lin Che did think that he was a workaholic.

However, why didn’t it ever feel meaningless when she was with him?

The two of them would chat and talk and she would also see what he was busy with, but she mostly looked through her script and watched TV shows while he worked. They didn’t disturb each other, but it didn’t feel boring either.

Especially when she looked up from time to time. She would see Gu Jingze’s heavenly face. It was really appetizing and it made her feel as if her mood would change for the better.

Lin Che said, “I think it’s also rather nice when he is working.”

The main thing was that she was still in utter awe at his vast knowledge. She thought that there was nothing that he didn’t know how to do, so she admired him a lot. Perhaps that was why she didn’t feel bored of him.

They met Gu Jingyan at the opera theatre.

She was also very surprised. “Second Brother, you actually came here. I only invited Sister-in-law originally. A famous opera actress is here this time and I thought that Sister-in-law would be interested.”

Lin Che responded, “Really? Thank you! I do want to watch it.”

The group of four went in. Lin Che then saw that there seemed to be many people from C Nation here.

Seeing the group of them enter, the row of people stared at them.

After all, the four of them were a little too outstanding. They were all handsome and beautiful, and all of them had a poise that was not like an average person’s.

A few Caucasian men and women also turned to look at them to see what was going on.

Lin Che said in puzzlement, “It looks like there are many people from C Nation here.”

“Yes. There is an actress from C Nation in today’s opera who is very famous, so many C Nationals came to support her.”

“Wow. They flew all the way from C Nation to show support?”


“Then these supporters must be all wealthy people…”

Gu Jingyan smiled and looked at the candid Lin Che. “You’re right. Because this kind of opera shows one’s status easily. Thus, many people with status say that they are opera fans.”

“I see,” Lin Che said and looked at everybody who was staring at them. She looked at the few people beside her. They were all so young and poised. It was obvious that they were big shots. No wonder people were staring at them.

The four people’s entrance seemed to already be a scene.

Someone at the side said, “Those people look like they are Gu family members.”

“All of them?”


“Today is our lucky day. It is rare to even see one normally. Now, we’re seeing four at once!”

Although they couldn’t identify who was whom, they could tell that the four of them were Gu family members.

But just then, before Lin Che went in, she saw someone send a bunch of flowers.

Lin Che froze. There was a shop specifically selling flowers outside the theatre as many fans would buy and gift flowers after the show. These flowers were clearly bought from here.

Lin Che was still in a daze. The person who delivered the flowers said, “Miss Lin, that person over there, Mr. Liu, wants to give flowers to the number one socialite. He is your supporter.”


Lin Che was so awkward that she didn’t know what to do.

She turned to see a young man, seemingly in his twenties, smiling at her.

When he saw that she was looking at him he immediately looked up excitedly, “Miss Lin, what a coincidence to see you here! I am your loyal fan. Ever since the WW party, I’ve been watching your shows and I booked the entire theatre to watch your movie several times. I even let my entire company go show their support!”





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