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Season 5

Episode 99

(Lin Che You Are Really Fully Fledged)

Lin Che looked at the person a company and could only smile. “What do you mean? Are you forcing me to give up on that show now?”

The people looked at each other.

They had just received notice from the Witch’s Diary crew that they believed Lin Che suited the role more.

They also saw both Qin Wanwan and Lin Che’s auditions. They all guessed that Lin Che would be picked.

That was why they wanted to try. In the end, Lin Che rejected them.

Now that the other party called and said that they wanted Lin Che, they had to think of something.

Anyway, Qin Wanwan only wanted this show now. The company had a few other good resources that weren’t any worse than Witch’s Diary.

Now, they had to see whether Lin Che agreed or not.

Lin Che looked at them. “I don’t want any other show. Since all of you are already here, has it been decided that the Witch’s Diary wants me to act?”

Chen Jingde slapped his hand on the table and stood up.

This Lin Che. Did she think she was fully-fledged now and could go against them?

Lin Che used to be rather obedient. She did whatever the company told her to.

However, at that time, the company was giving its all for her because there was no Qin Wanwan. Now, she was the last development of the company at this stage.

Who knew that Qin Wanwan would hook up with someone at the top? She hooked up with someone in the board of directors and squeezed Lin Che to the side.

When Lin Che disappeared for one month, Qin Wanwan already built a good foundation here.

Now that Lin Che was back, these people naturally didn’t stand on her side.

“Lin Che, you must know that you were merely an errand girl when you started out. If we didn’t put in the effort to nurture you and gave you so many resources, do you really think that you would have become famous? Did you really think that you could become famous on your own?”

Yes, the company’s resources were very important. But wasn’t her own hard work important too?

Lin Che said, “I am very grateful for the company’s resources, but I always believe that a company and a celebrity have a mutually beneficial relationship. You may have given me resources, but I’ve also helped you earn a lot of money. The company took the box office shares for my last show. I only took a part of it. The box office earned 1.3 billion, the company took twenty million, and I only took a few million yuan. The rest was given to the company. Doesn’t this count as the money I earned for the company? Coupled with my endorsement fees and some TV dramas, I earned hundreds of millions of yuan for the company annually. Is this not because of my abilities and effort?”

Chen Jingde was flabbergasted. He then looked at Lin Che, “You indeed have grown wings and believe that you’re good enough. Do you dare to challenge the company now? Very well. Let me tell you this; our company has been in this industry for years. We have seen tons of celebrities like you. If you think that you can survive without us now, then you’re wrong. I’m telling you; you signed a decade-long contract. It has only been three years now. If you don’t listen to us, we will immediately bury you into the ground. We will not let you sign any contract.”

Lin Che burst out laughing.

Ten years. There was a sky-high price to terminate a contract prematurely. She might also have to sign a contract that would not allow her to join any other companies in the same industry.

These companies were very stringent towards artists. They already knew from the moment they entered their careers. Outsiders also knew more or less.

But now, Lin Che was not afraid of them.

Lin Che replied, “Before, I wouldn’t have said anything if you didn’t allow me to accept a show. But now, you are clearly biased towards Qin Wanwan. Well, sorry but I will not accept it. My wings are indeed fully-fledged and I will also speak up for myself. If you don’t want to listen, then I’ll see you in court.”

“Fine, fine. Go ahead and try. If you have a lawsuit on you and the filming is going to start, I’ll see if the Witch’s Diary still wants you as their female lead.”

The company was very certain. Even if she terminated her contract now and wanted to file a lawsuit, the Witch’s Diary production crew wouldn’t dare to use an artist with a lawsuit. If any problems came up in the contract, it would affect the crew and that was the most important thing.

Lin Che smiled coldly. “Okay. We’ll see.”

Lin Che turned and was about to leave.

Chen Jingde didn’t think that Lin Che would be so persistent.

He asked, “Lin Che, are you sure you want to go against us? We said we would make it up to you. Are you really not willing?”

“I’m not willing.”

“Lin Che, you… Fine, fine. I’ll see what kind of wind you can bring. You’ll regret it when you fall from grace!”

Lin Che smiled and walked out.

Fall from grace?

Better broken jade than intact tile. She was not going to be bullied so easily.

Besides her, there was still her crew and people in the office who relied on her for income. If she were to go down on her knees just like that, her people would have to lower their heads in the company too.

Lin Che seemed to understand what Gu Jingze meant when he said ‘the higher position you are in, the greater the pressure’.

That was why it was so tough on Gu Jingze to carry the entire Gu Industries on his shoulders.

For Lin Che, she was now carrying the future of others. She absolutely could not relax.

The company people watched Lin Che leave and then said, “It looks like Lin Che is really all tough now. If she’s really going to leave like this…”

“Since she is so persistent, she has no other choice.”

“That is such a pity.”

Lin Che was just on the rise and becoming the money tree.

Of course, she had some instability recently. She left for a whole month and nobody knew where she went to. This made the company very worried.

It was also during that period when they began suspecting if Lin Che had other plans. Was it because she felt threatened with Qin Wanwan’s arrival, so she was preparing to go solo?

If that was the case, then the company naturally wouldn’t allow it.

Chen Jingde said, “Sigh… But Qin Wanwan is also our money tree now. Her future is also not limited. Of course, needless to say, she and the board of directors… are connected.”

The main fact was still that. As long as someone was willing to support a talented artist, she would definitely be famous.

It was just a matter of who could be more famous.

Now, Qin Wanwan had someone willing to support her.

As for Lin Che… She was talented too, but if she didn’t listen obediently, they could only… eliminate her by the roots so that the company wouldn’t have to deal with her.

“From tomorrow onwards, tarnish Lin Che’s reputation.”

Lin Che also knew that leaving this way would only make them ruthless.

But in the office, the few people looked at Lin Che and listened to her decision. Her colleagues all said, “We will follow Sister Che. We rose up with Sister Che and we will definitely not betray you.”

Lin Che always treated them very well.





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