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Season 5

Episode 98

(Madam President Is Really Invincible)

Yu Minmin froze.

She turned to see the man behind her. Wasn’t that Xu Yi who was just inside?

He looked at the men in front of him and scoffed coldly, “You actually came all the way here.”

The men tossed their bikes aside, “Xu Yi, you’ve toyed with our lady’s feelings this time. Our lady will not let you off.”

Yu Minmin naturally hid behind them so that she wouldn’t be implicated.

Some passersby were also hiding together with her.

They were all frightened by what they just witnessed.

Especially when they saw those men holding huge sticks while the one single Xu Yi had nothing on him.

“That guy is going to be beaten to a pulp,” a passerby said.

“I don’t think so. Do you know who he is? He is Xu Yi.”

“Ah… That playboy Xu Yi?”

“Yes. He was dating the daughter from Changlong Electrical Appliances. He ended up dumping her within a month and hooked up with a celebrity instead. These are the men from Changlong Electrical Appliances looking for him. This isn’t the first time he’s gotten into trouble for being such a playboy.”

“Then he deserves it.”

“These rich playboys usually have too much money to burn. Of course, they would want to chase after girls whenever they can. Furthermore, he is Mr. President’s good friend.”

“The president is such an abstinent person. How did he get such a playboy friend?”

“Who knows? Don’t you see how the guards are ignoring this? Because it is Xu Yi’s fault this time for being playful. The other party is also not to be trifled with.”

“In any case, we’d better stay further away from these rich people’s games.”

The group of people talked and quickly retreated a few steps.

Yu Minmin didn’t want to be implicated at all. However, she watched as Xu Yi stood there alone. He took off his coat and said to the goons outside, “Okay, how many guys are prepared to come at me today?”

“We’re going to break your arrogant legs today. It’ll be best if we break off your third leg so that you can’t play with women again.”

“Ha, come at me.”

The men rushed forward.

Xu Yi fought against them. He was not a bad fighter, but he was simply outnumbered.

Yu Minmin also wanted to leave, but Xu Yi was in the middle and nobody was helping him. The guards inside really did not approach them.

She sighed.

“Seriously… This is too much. Why is he causing trouble right in front of me? It’s not good if I ignore it either…”

Yu Minmin looked to the side and counted in her heart…

The men were hitting Xu Yi’s arm.

Xu Yi was in serious pain, but he also didn’t want to concede. It was impossible for him to run now since he was already surrounded.

Just then, sparks flashed at the side.

A bunch of fireworks flew past the goons.

In a flurry, it looked as if the city was on fire.

Everyone hastily stopped and ran away.

Xu Yi was frozen. Until someone grabbed his arm.

“Are you stupid? Run! Do you really want to be beaten to a pulp?”

When he turned his head and saw Yu Minmin, he was really stunned.

In the next moment.

Yu Minmin grabbed him and ran inside.

Confused, Xu Yi could only follow.

When the goons realized from behind what just happened, the two of them were already inside.

“Damn it! He got away…”

“Where did that woman come from?”

“She looked like Madam President…”

“No way…”


It felt so surreal for Xu Yi. He was actually saved by a lady and it was Yu Minmin at that.

Yu Minmin patted herself and looked at her wrinkled clothes. It was an expensive outfit, seriously…

“Thank you. Hey, what were you doing there?” Xu Yi asked.

Yu Minmin replied, “I went out for a breather. Hey, look at what you’ve done! My clothes…”

“Okay okay okay. I’m sorry, I’ll compensate you. Oh right, what was the fireball just now?”

“It was petrol, stupid.”

“Wow, you managed to think of such a sick idea.”

“It was all because you were going to get beaten to death.”

“Thank you, thank you, Sis.”

Xu Yi thanked her profusely. As Yu Minmin headed inside, he followed after her like a loyal dog.


Gu Jingming was looking for Yu Minmin. When he looked up, he saw the two of them talking and smiling as they came in.

The few of them were stunned.

Fang Zhongmou said, “No way. Xu Yi you bastard…”

Yin Suya’s eyes also halted.

Gu Jingming narrowed his eyes slightly at Yu Minmin.

After that, he got up and walked towards Yu Minmin.

Xu Yi said, “Jingming, your wife is really brave. I’ve never met such a courageous woman.”

Gu Jingming asked, “What happened?”

Xu Yi recounted the story with exaggeration.

Yu Minmin grew shy from his praises.

However, Xu Yi looked at Yu Minmin and really felt surprised and shocked.

The next day, Lin Che and Yang Lingxin went to work together.

Before they reached, Yang Lingxin said in the car, “President Chen called me and told us to head straight to the meeting room. I hope they’re still not thinking about making us give up on this show. Sister Che, what should we do?”

Lin Che looked ahead. “We’ll know when we get there.”

Yang Lingxin helped Lin Che out of the car.

Yang Lingxin then got out of the car as well.

Recently, she had been coming to work with Lin Che. Everyone was envious and wondered if she was living with Lin Che. They seemed to be together all the time.

Yang Lingxin really wanted to say that yes, she was living in the Gu residence. She sat in luxury cars and ate all kinds of culinary dishes. She really felt that these were the best days she had ever lived.

Yang Lingxin also had calls from her family, asking why hadn’t she gone back.

She told her family that she was doing well now and didn’t want to go back.

She said to her own mother, “Don’t call and ask me that again. I’m living in a bungalow now and I have maids to clean up after me. I eat the best food and wear the best clothes. How can I handle going back to that small place?”

Yang Lingxin really felt that if it was in the past, she would have been able to endure any kind of hardship. But now that she was living comfortably, she really couldn’t see herself going back to those hard days…

In the office.

Upon entering, Lin Che was greeted by the people inside.

“Lin Che, take a look. We’ve selected a few other scripts that are also major productions. They have good directors and they’ll definitely be popular. They’ve all expressed that you can join them immediately if you wish.”

Naturally, now that Lin Che was famous, many shows wanted her as long as the company was willing to collaborate.




  1. Madam president you did well. Lin Che stop trusting that Yang of a girl. Her pride is too much



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