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Season 5

Episode 97

(The First Lady Is Still Not Used To It)

His bass-like voice was husky.

His hand touched her chest in one smooth action.


This dress was really too easy to strip off. In no time at all, she already felt him engulfing her. His hands untied the ribbon on top while his eyes stared into hers.

Yu Minmin looked at his smirk and immediately covered her face. She did not dare to look at him.

Gu Jingming already lifted her up onto the table. He stepped down and his tyrannical expression made her heart shake.

Gu Jingming was really such a beautiful man even when he was being a tyrant…

After that, it looked like she obviously had to change her clothes again.

He didn’t think that her body would be so attractive. After having it once, he simply couldn’t resist having it again and again…

Perhaps because her body was not as logical as she was on the outside. When she was pushed onto the bed, she would become limp and curl up like a snake. It fit very well.

Furthermore, her body was also very uptight and sensitive. Her body seemed to react like water at a single touch. It gave him immense satisfaction.

Also, her body was really very beautiful.

She had a slender waist and a great-looking chest. It was so soft with not a single trace of artificial enhancement.

It was as if he was already addicted to her body.

She had to change into a new outfit. She wore something more conservative as there were traces of him on her chest. It was too obvious.

Yu Minmin said, “You took up too much time.”

“I already did my best to go quicker,” he looked at her and smiled. “Next time, don’t keep covering your chest like that. Maybe it’ll help a little.”


Very soon, they arrived at the event venue.

It was an event hosted by the cabinet and they invited a few foreigners.

Gu Jingming placed his hand around her waist.

Yu Minmin stole glances at his face.

Dressed in a suit specially designed for the president, the straight lines made his figure look even more defined.

She looked at his face and felt that his cheeks were especially fierce. He looked very cool and neat.

Yu Minmin couldn’t help but purse her lips and smile.

But the person beside her asked, “Why are you staring at me?”

“Cough… Cough, cough…” Yu Minmin choked on herself.

She almost wanted to cough, but the man stopped her.

“You can even choke on your own saliva. Can you get any dumber?”

“That’s not what happened.” However, it was still very embarrassing to be seen by anybody looking.

She only felt that his beauty was really meant to be appreciated. His beauty was the kind that people would fawn over.

Everyone watched as the First Lady arrived and others made way for her.

In front of them, a lady suddenly bowed, “Mr. President.”

Yu Minmin’s eyes turned to her.

It was Yin Suya.

She also turned to Yu Minmin. When she saw Yu Minmin, she paused drastically, then gracefully bowed and curtsied, “Madam.”

Gu Jingming stared at Yin Suya. After looking at her for some time, he then nodded.

The people behind saw this and already started talking among themselves.

“Isn’t that Yin Suya?”

“I heard that she used to be very close to Mr. President.”

“But it’s weird that they didn’t end up together.”

“With the three of them standing here together, it looks really weird.”

“Yin Suya must be regretting it inside. Yu Minmin is now the First Lady and standing beside the president. She is like a phoenix rising up.”

“Yes. Madam President is no ordinary position. Being the First Lady is the top honor.”

“That’s enough, stop looking. We have no right to interfere in this kind of royal love triangle.”

Everyone looked enviously at the three of them. Every small topic that had to do with the president would become a focal point.

Yu Minmin smiled. “Hello.”

From the corner of Yin Suya’s eyes, she saw an intimate mark on Yu Minmin’s neck.

It was not obvious, but she still saw it.

Staring at it, she found it hard to imagine how the two of them looked like when they did such an intimate thing.

Gu Jingming was so tyrannical. He was probably not gentle. Seeing this mark, it was obvious that he wasn’t gentle.

However, it was also a kind of blessing to be treated this way by a man like Gu Jingming.

Gu Jingming said to Yin Suya, “You’re here.”

Yin Suya snapped back to reality. “Oh, yes.”

“Go and eat.”

Yin Suya smiled and nodded. “Yes, I was about to go. Everyone is there. You should go too.”

By ‘everyone’, it naturally meant just the handful of people who Gu Jingming was very close to.

Yin Suya and Gu Jingming were like two good friends. They talked very openly and intimately.

Yu Minmin stood there and watched, smiling at Yin Suya.

At the dinner party, Yin Suya, Gu Jingming, Fang Zhongmou, and Xu Yi chatted.

“Quite a lot of people are here today.”

“Suya, we saw your award-winning work the last time. It was very good.”

“It is my honor to receive your compliment. Oh right, Jingming, eat this. This is very tasty.”

Gu Jingming nodded.

At the side, Yu Minmin didn’t say anything and could only watch the two of them.

Later, she found a chance to get out.

“I’m going to the washroom.”

Gu Jingming raised his head and looked at her.

Fang Zhongmou smiled and said, “Not bad, Jingming. Her figure is excellent. You must enjoy it a lot at home.”

Gu Jingming smiled plainly. He raised his hand and drank the wine in his glass.

Outsiders couldn’t get close to these young people. They could only watch from afar and think that these young people were really… They could get along so well despite the love triangle. Being Madam President was not easy at all.

However, Yu Minmin was also considered lucky. She was a commoner now sitting beside those people. So many young girls could only dream of such a thing but never get to be in her position.

When Yu Minmin looked up in the washroom, Yin Suya was there too.

She washed her hands gracefully, took a towel from the side to wipe, and then tossed it in the bin.

These towels were only used once and would be sanitized.

At such high-end places, the toilets were even cleaner than her own kitchen. Yu Minmin had already gotten used to it.

Yin Suya smiled and said, “Madam… You’re still not used to it, right? Jingming is rather aloof, but he’s not a bad person.”

Yu Minmin smiled. “Yes, I’m still getting used to things. But I’ve been trying every day and he’s also been very helpful.”

She smiled at Yin Suya and walked out.

Lazy to go through the front, she snuck out from the back to take a breather. However…

When she was at the door and hadn’t caught her breath yet, she sensed a few people riding towards her on motorcycles…

Yu Minmin got scared and thought that they were coming after her. However, that was not the case. They simply jumped off their bikes and yelled to a man at the other end, “Xu Yi, I’ll see where you can run to this time!”



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