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Season 5

Episode 96

(Mr. President’s House Is Next Door)

Yang Lingxin returned to her room at night. She sat sullenly as she thought about Gu Jingze. She felt extremely unbalanced.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She actually wasn’t any uglier than Lin Che.

When she was young, she was often called a little beauty. It was just that there was no reason for her to dress up in her family, so she didn’t either. Later on, she slowly got used to it and was also fancied by some young lads. She only didn’t want to be that kind of woman and that was why she never went out with them.

Standing here now, she was compared to be uglier than Lin Che.

Actually, without being put beside Lin Che, she was also a beauty. But when people compared her to Lin Che, she paled.

After all, Lin Che was a celebrity. Everyone would definitely think that she shone brighter.

Just then, Yu Minmin called Yang Lingxin.

For the past few days, she would instruct Lin Che in her daily work through the phone. Yang Lingxin quickly collected her thoughts and answered the phone.

Yu Minmin instructed her on some usual work tasks and hung up. She wondered strangely why this Yang Lingxin was still staying at the Gu residence.

If Lin Che was too nice to do the chasing, then she should find an opportunity to remind Yang Lingxin to keep herself in check.

Yu Minmin already went to see the house that Gu Jingming prepared for her family. They prepared to move the next day.

Gu Jingming brought people and a few cars to pack up the things and move.

There were many things that could not be moved over since they were too old and broken. However, there were still some things that her mother couldn’t bear to throw away. Therefore, they had no choice but to bring these things over.

Mother Yu looked at the movers inside while Father Yu’s face had excitement written all over it. He looked at Yu Minmin asked, “Is our new place going to be a big villa? Is it a good location?”

Yu Minmin couldn’t be bothered with him and only said, “Gu Jingming is only letting us stay there temporarily. Don’t run about when you’re there. You can’t afford to pay for anything you break.”

Frightened, Father Yu then hesitantly scratched his head, “That is my son-in-law. If I break something that is his, would he really come after me?”

However, he still didn’t dare to be too rash. He really wouldn’t dare for it to happen when Mr. President was provoked.

Their neighbors watched with longing on their faces, “We’ve lived together for decades and you’re just going away like that. Sigh, there’s no reason to stay in this small neighborhood anymore. Everybody is moving.”

Mother Yu also couldn’t bear to part with them, “We’ll still come back and visit you. We don’t know anyone there anyway, so we definitely won’t get accustomed to it.”

“Alright, you guys are going to live in a big house and live a good life. No matter how much we don’t want you to leave, we are still happy for you.”

“Exactly. Your Minmin is really good now. She is Madam President. You have no idea how envious people are.”

Everyone sighed and looked at the Yu family. One person’s stroke of luck resulted in a good life for the rest of the family.

Someone said, “People are keen to buy a house in our little area. They said that Madam President lived here before, so the feng shui must be good.”

Wasn’t this too exaggerated?

Yu Minmin was inside listening and thought that these people had weird thinking.

After that, the family moved out properly. Many people were envious, but they also felt uneasy. Especially when they thought about how the family used to rely entirely on Minmin alone. It was so tough.

Now, things suddenly changed and they were going to live a better life.

Very soon, the cars arrived at their destination.

When they got out of the car, Mother Yu looked at the place and said, “This place is huge! Are we the only ones staying here?”

The house had two floors and covered two hundred square meters in total. It was actually not particularly big.

However, it was indeed much bigger than the fifty square meters little apartment that they used to live in.

Yu Minmin replied, “Yes. Our old place was too small for us.”

Father Yu was especially happy when he saw the place. He said, “Our Minmin is so capable! Why are we still standing here? Let’s go in and tidy up. Throw away that trashy stuff of yours. They are useless in this house.”

Mother Yu argued, “Why should I? We are only staying here temporarily. What if I need these things?”

Father Yu said, “Forget it. What is this little house to the Gu family? Since they’re giving it to us, we’re not going back. Don’t worry. In the future, our family is going to live a better life.”

Yu Minmin shot a look at her father. She held her mother and said, “Mom, ignore him.”

When her brother came here, he also liked the place a lot.

He happily said, “This is great! I can invite my classmates back to play next time and I have a place to stay. I even have my own room now.”

He looked at Yu Minmin and said, “It looks like Brother-in-law is treating you rather well.”

“Mind your own business. Stay in your room.”

Yu Minmin’s face inevitably blushed.

What brother-in-law?

The surrounding neighbors were rather surprised to see them move in. This place was bought years ago but it had always been empty.

Everyone knew that the buyer of this house was someone of high authority, but nobody knew who it was.

When they saw the Yu family moving in today, they then realized that the buyer was Mr. President.

They were going to be neighbors with Madam President’s family.

The neighbors immediately started coming over with gifts to greet them. This harmonious image reminded Yu Minmin of the fickleness of human relations.

Just then, Linda called and said that Mr. President had a gathering at night that required her attendance.

Yu Minmin then quickly let the people here prepare themselves while she went back for the event.

Back at the Glazed Tile Palace, Gu Jingming was also there.

He was already dressed up and waiting for Yu Minmin.

Seeing Yu Minmin return, he asked, “Has everything been moved?”

Yu Minmin nodded, “Yes. My parents are very happy.” She looked up at Gu Jingming. “Thank you for giving my family such a good house.”

Gu Jingming replied, “There’s no need to thank me.”

Yu Minmin smiled and turned her head. The maids had already prepared her outfit and she quickly went to change.

When she came out, Gu Jingming was still sitting there. He looked up and saw Yu Minmin in a simple, long dress. She looked elegant with a hint of charm.

She must have felt that the opening at the chest was too big, so she kept covering her chest with her hand. This action made Gu Jingming’s throat dry as he narrowed his eyes and stared at her.

Yu Minmin looked at herself in the mirror and felt that anything she wore was not right.

When it was on the hanger, it clearly looked sexy. But on her…

Was it because her upper body was too broad?

But in the next moment, she felt her waist get grabbed from behind.

Yu Minmin’s body tightened up. She breathed in his usual scent, which was masculine and domineering. Yu Minmin blushed.

“What are you doing? Let go… I want to change…”

“You don’t need to change. You look good,” his voice rang beside her ear.





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