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Season 5

Episode 92

(She Performed Very Well During The Audition)

The audience was surprised and even sat up a bit to see Lin Che on the ground.

Lin Che sat there as a vexed expression instantly appeared on her face. Her hands clutched tightly to her sides as if she felt deep injustice. Her eyes looked above with desire. They turned red but refused to shed a teardrop.

“I’ll definitely go out. I will definitely… I will not die here, I will not… This would be too embarrassing,” she said with a strong tone of shame and anger. She really looked like a child throwing a tantrum. She looked very pure.

The people around her were stunned.

Qin Wanwan’s eyes also moved back and forth. Was this a scene in the script? Why hadn’t she seen it before?

Lin Che actually didn’t perform the kind of image that she was good at. Instead, she performed a scene that came out of nowhere.

What was the meaning of this?

When everyone was still surprised, the author by the side immediately stood up.

“Ah, are you performing the scene where the female protagonist, Su Muliang, fell into the cave?”

Lin Che looked up and smiled at the author. “Yes.”

She dusted off her butt as she stood up. That scene just now made everyone rub their eyes. It was unexpected, but her performance was very nuanced and touching.

The author said, “I haven’t written this into the script yet. Did you read it from the book?”

Lin Che smiled and nodded. “That’s right. This Su Muliang is always strong and tough. She comes across as a manly girl, so she gives the impression that she has a very big cold side to her which helps her in her witchcraft. However, from what I read in the novel, I thought that the last sentence was especially embarrassing. It revealed the little girl inside of her. It was a side of Su Muliang that was inside her and not meant for anyone else to see. Furthermore, this scene was one of the rare moments in the novel when Su Muliang reveals her weak side. That was why I wanted to try acting it out.”

The author gazed passionately at Lin Che. He didn’t think that she really read his book. She wasn’t intentionally trying to get close to him just now. Furthermore, that scene she chose was also one of his proudest scenes in the book. Who would have guessed that Lin Che could also see Su Muliang’s other side from this? It made him very gratified.

Lin Che smiled and said, “I think that my past roles also have a lot in common with Su Muliang. Everyone must have already gotten sick of me performing a tough side. Thus, I thought I should try such a scene to show everybody something more refreshing.”

As she spoke, her gaze fell plainly on Qin Wanwan at the back.

Qin Wanwan clenched her fists.

Lin Che was obviously saying this for her to hear.

That was right. So what if Qin Wanwan stole her performance? That was Lin Che’s strong suit and everyone knew that. They could simply watch her past works if they wanted to see. She had completely no need to repeat it again here since everybody had already seen her performance. Now that she did something nobody saw before, she was showing that she was not only good at one style. A professional actress had to have different styles to handle different roles.

However, after she became famous from one type of role, many directors who had similar roles would come and look for her.

Lin Che said, “I believe that Su Muliang is different from my past roles. First of all, I’ll play out her childish mentality. That means that no matter how aloof she is, she will still have a feminine side to her.”

The author nodded, “Yes, indeed. She is actually still just a child and only had witchcraft since she was young. She is not good in other aspects, so her thoughts are still very pure. You can see this very well.”

“You are too kind. It is because you wrote such a lovable character whom I fell in love with. That is why I can see it clearly.”

Everyone nodded and whispered amongst themselves. Qin Wanwan was already staring at Lin Che vengefully.

It was over.

Yang Lingxin followed behind very proudly.

“Sister Che, you are really amazing. I saw that the author immediately felt that you suited the role. His eyes were shining! The director and chief creators also think that you’re great. The way they look at you is different.”

Lin Che replied, “I played by ear. I didn’t intend to perform this scene since it was an audition, after all. A simple scene would have been enough and there was no need to perform like I was in a competition. Who knew that Qin Wanwan would go too far? She intentionally mimicked my style and she was obviously trying to oppose me. I was angry at that moment and that was how I thought about this method.”

“Yes, it was all her fault for going too far. Now, she knows that our Sister Che’s ability is not something she can imagine. How can she still that she’s so great? In the end, her professionalism cannot win against our Sister Che’s professionalism. She only knows how to use underhanded methods. She’s simply self-inflicting trouble.”

Just then, Qin Wanwan also walked out.

Because she was angry, she didn’t even try to pretend. She simply looked at Lin Che and then coldly walked past her.

The manager, Sister Lin, also glanced at Lin Che and then quickly followed after.

Reporters were surrounding the outside.

But Qin Wanwan left with a blank face.

The manager said at the back, “Don’t see! Don’t take photos! It’s just an audition. Whoever gets selected or not doesn’t really matter. There are so many TV shows to film this year anyway…”

The reporters immediately froze.

That wasn’t what was said at the beginning. It was as if she would have definitely gotten the role.

Were they changing their words after just one audition?

In the car, Qin Wanwan said, “I didn’t think this Lin Che would be so scheming. She actually really went to read some stupid novel and specifically found a part that wasn’t in the script to perform. Hmph.”

“Exactly. It looks like she doesn’t really care to pretend as she is too scheming. She acted as if she didn’t care at all and was actually doing it to show us. We can’t underestimate her in the future under no circumstances.”

“Ah, does she think that she’ll get the role just like this? Then, she is too simple-minded. If she wants a role, it is not solely up to a crew’s decision.”

As Qin Wanwan spoke, an evil expression crept up on her face.

When Lin Che returned to the company, Chen Jingde was waiting for her.

Lin Che knew that this Director Chen stood on Qin Wanwan’s side. Thus, she didn’t stand on ceremony and went straight to the point with him, “What brings Director Chen to my tiny little office today?”

Chen Jingde laughed cheekily and walked to her, “Lin Che, I heard that you were not bad in the audition this time.”

“I only did what was required of me. There’s nothing bad or not bad about it,” Lin Che said in a neutral tone.

Chen Jingde said, “But we actually have an even better role and a better script that we want to give to you. You have acted in too many of this type of role and it is getting kind of repetitive. Why don’t

you try others…”





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