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Season 5

Episode 91

(Meeting Qin Wanwan During Role-Casting)

Lin Che could only smile at the reporters and said, “Every TV series will have this kind of audition. If I don’t get selected for this, there’ll still be other shows. This isn’t a competition. It is just part of the job.”

However, the reporter said, “But this ‘Witch’s Diary’ is an extremely rare hit series. Everyone knows that whoever can be a part of it will definitely shoot to fame. More than twenty actresses have already gone for the selections. It is clear that the competition is stiff.”

Lin Che said speechlessly, “There are plenty of good things in this world. For example, Bill Gates is so rich while here I am still thinking why can’t I be that rich? If someone else gets it, I’ll definitely be envious. But this doesn’t mean anything. I am not Bill Gates and my life still goes on. If I can’t get the role today, I’ll still continue to live. This isn’t a life or death situation.”

The reporters looked at one another.

Just because the two of them were often compared recently, this role-casting became highly talked about and the reporters were making use of this hype.

Now, Lin Che’s words made them feel embarrassed.

Lin Che went straight in.

Upon entering, she saw that Qin Wanwan was already there.

Qin Wanwan smiled and asked, “You’re only here now?”

Lin Che replied, “It’s just role-casting. It’s not first-come-first-served like when buying vegetables and those who come late won’t get the freshest produce. No matter how early or late we come, we are all competing with our abilities. Whatever the media outside says does not dictate who lands the role.”

Qin Wanwan smiled subtly.

But Qin Wanwan was still Qin Wanwan. She still smiled extremely politely and said, “Oh right, your movie was released recently and the reception seems very good. Gu Jingyu is so good to you and lands you very good roles. It’s a pity that today’s movie is not Gu Jingyu’s production. Otherwise, the rest of us probably wouldn’t have had much of a chance.”

Lin Che looked at Qin Wanwan, “Whoever produces it still has to see whether the candidate has skills to fit the role. Whoever gets selected will still be based on how the production crew selects.”

When she was done, Yang Lingxin grunted forcefully at Qin Wanwan.

Lin Che walked around Qin Wanwan and went in.

Yang Lingxin said to Lin Che, “She is too much! Every single one of her sentences is about how you’re depending on Gu Jingyu. Sister Che, you have your own abilities and that is why Gu Jingyu picked you. It’s her own fault for being bad at acting and that is why Gu Jingyu doesn’t like her.”

“Alright, let’s go take a look at the roles first.”

The crew saw that Lin Che had arrived. They courteously led Lin Che in and let her look at the script and roles.

Actually, Lin Che already saw this many times. Furthermore, she was an avid reader of this novel and she identified very much with the female protagonist.

She liked this role very much. The character was skillful and neat, but also gentle and feminine.

The most attractive part about this character was definitely her skillful and powerful witchcraft. This role also actually suited Lin Che very well. She had already played several of such roles in which the character was beautiful but very indifferent and independent.

When Lin Che went into the rehearsal room, a few chief creators had already been waiting in there.

Qin Wanwan was also already standing there and trying to get close to the chief creators.

When Lin Che went in, a few of them stood up to greet Lin Che.

“Hello Director, hello Producer, hello Mr. Chen,” Lin Che greeted them formally. She saw that the author was also there and quickly said, “Oh my, hello hello! Can I take a photo with you? I’m a loyal reader of your novel!”

The author looked at her and was also very surprised. He got up and said, “Thank you, thank you! Thank you for liking my work. Of course, you can. It is my honor.”

This time, the author was personally here as the screenwriter so that the show would not deviate too much from the original novel. He was also here to personally participate in the role-casting, so he came along to this place.

He had already gotten used to seeing these actors trying to get close to them.

Many actors also intentionally said that they were loyal readers of this novel.

Still, he took a photo with Lin Che because she was so famous now. He had seen Lin Che’s past works and also thought that she was a good fit.

At the side, Qin Wanwan scoffed and said to her manager, “She’s also trying to get close like me.”

“It’s alright. We’ll leave her with no way out later. Let’s see what she can do about that.”

Very soon, it was time for both of them to perform.

Qin Wanwan went first. She looked at Lin Che who was sitting at the side and her lips curled up in a vicious smile.

Lin Che instantly had a bad feeling about this.

Sure enough, she immediately acted out an action scene from the script.

She turned around haughtily and used a gun to shoot people. Using a sorcerer’s wand to conduct her magic, these actions were performed so neatly and convincingly that if she had a costume on, it would have definitely looked great.

It was just that the performance…

Yang Lingxin exclaimed beside Lin Che, “Sister Che, why does her performance look so similar to yours?”

Lin Che clenched her fists.

Yes, it was so similar.

It was not just that. She had completely and utterly mimicked Lin Che’s usual style to a tee.

Lin Che immediately realized that she did it on purpose.

If she intentionally used Lin Che’s style, how was Lin Che going to perform after that?

This kind of neutral role had always been Lin Che’s strong suit. It was also one of the reasons why this crew took a liking to Lin Che.

Now, Qin Wanwan was showing that she was equally capable of performing like that. Furthermore, she stole Lin Che’s style right in front of her eyes. Even if Lin Che performed the same thing later, there would be no sense of freshness. If she didn’t perform this, her chance for this role-casting would be practically gone.

When Qin Wanwan was done, the few people clapped in acknowledgment.

At the same time, they turned to look at Lin Che.

Qin Wanwan smiled and said, “Lin Che, this is what you’re better at. I also learned it from you. I hope you don’t mind.” Don’t mind my ass.

Yang Lingxin was so angry that she didn’t know what to do.

But at this moment, Lin Che only said plainly, “It’s okay. One generation plants the trees whose shade another generation rests under. I learned this from my teacher. You can use it however you want.”

Qin Wanwan walked triumphantly to the side. She looked at Lin Che, waiting for her next move.

Was she going to perform impromptu?

But an actor’s style was actually very difficult to change, especially once they get used to the actions and expressions. Changing style would make it seem unnatural.

Lin Che stood in front of everyone. She looked at the chief creators, curtsied to the audience, then stood still and looked ahead.

Everyone was also curious and didn’t know what else she had prepared.

Did she prepare the same thing as Qin Wanwan, but more saleable?

However, Lin Che took a deep breath and suddenly sat on the ground…





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