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Season 5

Episode 90

(The Movie Premiered To Competition From Qin Wanwan)

Lin Che knew that Qin Wanwan’s movie had just started showing too. It was doing very well at the box office.

It was a teen film that had gained her many new fans.

Until now, people were still talking about how the movie was so pure and innocent. However, there were also many anti-fans talking about how all teen films followed the same tropes and were so boring; they were either about abortion or someone’s death. Nevertheless, the box office results clearly showed otherwise. Ultimately, there were still many people who liked watching movies for the handsome male actor and the beautiful female lead, so the movie still did very well at the box office.

This time, Lin Che’s movie with Gu Jingze was centered around defeating monsters. If the movie did well, a television series would possibly be released soon after.

They had invited many media outlets to the premiere. While interviewing Gu Jingyu, the reporters asked him, “Are you confident about the movie this time?”

Gu Jingyu replied, “What do you think?”

They were talking nonsense. Of course he had confidence. The quality of his movie was obvious. He had absolute confidence.

The reporters smiled in embarrassment. They knew that Gu Jingyu had always been like this and never gave anyone face.

The moment the reporters saw Lin Che, their faces immediately blossomed into smiles. In comparison, it was so much easier to interview Lin Che instead.

The reporters looked at Lin Che and asked, “Qin Wanwan’s movie started showing a few days ago. Now that the two of you are in the same company, did you attend the premiere to support her?”

Lin Che said, “I’ve been busy recently, so I didn’t have the time to watch the movie. But looking at her box office results, I don’t think she needs my support either. One or two tickets is literally a drop in the ocean to her total box office results.”

The reporters thought to themselves that sure enough, interviewing Lin Che was better. Look at how easy conversation was with her.

“So you didn’t watch the movie.”

“I did not.”

“Then, since her movie did so well at the box office, are you worried that your movie won’t do better than hers?”

“The person who should be worried is probably Gu Jingyu. After all, he’s one of the producers. A small actress like me only has to worry about whether or not my acting skills will be acknowledged by everyone.”

The person who should be worried was Gu Jingyu…

And Gu Jingyu was not worried at all…

Had Lin Che also learned to follow bad examples? She now knew how to digress from the topic of discussion and even knew how to divert the question to someone else.

Soon after, the movie began to play.

It was also Lin Che’s first time watching the final version of the movie. She was extremely excited while watching it.

Because the final product was really terrific; the special effects could match up to those used in Hollywood movies, the pacing in the movie was just right, and the funny bits and sad bits all evoked the emotions they were meant to evoke.

Lin Che really felt as if she herself was in the movie.

When she recalled how arduous the filming process had been, she felt that it was all worth it.

The next day after the premiere, reviews of the movie were released.

The reporters thought that the movie was extremely groundbreaking; it was the first domestic fantasy movie that was of such good quality.

The 3D effects definitely matched up to good movies like “Transformers”. The action scenes and the special effects were extremely beautiful. The post-production quality was exceptionally good. As for Gu Jingyu, it went without saying that even if he did nothing, the media outlets dared not say a single bad thing about him because they were worried about his fans.

As for Lin Che, despite the fact that many female leads had been criticized for being mere pretty faces in movies like these, her character was not overlooked at all. Everyone was also heaping praise on her for her beautiful fighting scenes, her androgynous appearance in the later part of the movie, and her exceptionally explosive acting when stranded in the wilderness.

In comparison, Qin Wanwan was criticized for simply acting as a ditzy and sweet girl. Immediately, everyone felt as if her acting was no big deal.

At the company, everyone was reading reviews and articles about the movie.

As she read the articles praising Lin Che’s acting skills to the high heavens, Qin Wanwan was so angry that the muscles on her face were pulled tight.

Her manager Sister Lin stood there watching and said to Qin Wanwan, “Wanwan, don’t get angry. No matter how much praise she gets, we can simply say that she achieved it by cozying up to Gu Jingyu. On the other hand, our movie is of top-notch quality.”

Qin Wanwan said, “Alright. Go and tell them that! Quick, go.”

Sister Lin looked at Qin Wanwan and quickly called up reporters with whom they had good relations to release false articles about Lin Che.

In no time, “Bandit Fairies” started showing in cinemas.

As the ratings for the movie were very high and had been given the title of being the first domestic blockbuster, it immediately topped the box office and broke the record for the number of viewers on its first day in cinemas.

The members of the production team were also elated. They felt that their individual efforts had finally paid off. Furthermore, everything else aside, the reality was that they would all get a significant percentage of the profits. That was cold, hard cash.

However, Lin Che had barely had the time to be happy about it because she saw articles stating, “Lin Che, does she really have acting skills or did she get on the path to success by cozying up to someone powerful…”

The article directly questioned whether the reason for the complete lack of poor reviews for Lin Che’s movie was her stellar acting or because she was close to Gu Jingyu, such that everyone dared not criticize her out of respect for Gu Jingyu.

Then, the article compared her to Qin Wanwan, stating that Qin Wanwan had been criticized so heavily despite its good performance at the box office.

But Qin Wanwan was fighting a lonely battle. Since there was no top celebrity like Gu Jingyu, it was a few teen idols who had held up the movie and accomplished the box office feat.

In summary, the comparison was for the purpose of asserting that Qin Wanwan was the one with real skills as opposed to someone like Lin Che who had gotten this far by cozying up to someone powerful.

Yang Lingxin was so angry when she read the article and said, “The article is totally baseless. Qin Wanwan’s movie has so many teen idols with so many fans. Sister Che, your acting skills have always been terrific. How dare they criticize you like this?”

Lin Che said, “Of course, this was Qin Wanwan’s doing. If not for her, these articles wouldn’t state such rubbish either.”

Yang Lingxin asked, “Then, what should we do?”

“Forget it. The articles are spouting nonsense anyway. There’s no point responding to them. We’ll just let our skills speak for themselves.”

“Precisely. The two of you are about to participate in the casting for Witch’s Diary. Whoever gets the part is the one with better acting skills.”

Lin Che said, “Exactly. We’ll just audition for the role first and put everything else aside.”

People found it a huge coincidence that the auditions for Witch’s Diary were happening during this period.

They did not know who first released the news that Witch’s Diary was having casting calls. Furthermore, it was said that the choice for the female lead had been narrowed down to Qin Wanwan and Lin Che.

Coincidentally, the relationship between the two of them was being fiercely questioned and widely discussed. Now that they were going to compete for the same role, it was really exciting to watch.

That day, Lin Che and Yang Lingxin arrived at the audition venue together.

Because the audition was a private one arranged between the companies, they did not expect to see a crowd of reporters standing around the entrance.

The moment they saw Lin Che, they surrounded her.

“Lin Che, are you confident about today’s audition?”

“Lin Che, we just saw Qin Wanwan arrive. Did you two come together to attend the audition or did you each come alone?”

“Now that the two of you are competitors, will you wish her all the best if she gets the role?”

Lin Che looked at these reporters in disbelief. She really could not believe that they were asking such stupid questions.





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