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Season 5

Episode 89

(These Rich People are So Hedonistic)

Yu Minmin said, “Oh no, the steamed bun is ready. I’ll eat it.”

Chen Yucheng said, “President Gu, I think it’s time for you to raise my salary a little.”

Gu Jingze looked at him. “You’ve already become more and more useless recently. Yet you still want me to raise your salary?”

“Look, not only do I have to be a doctor, I still have to escort these women. Since I have to continue working even after getting off work, shouldn’t you pay me for my overtime?”

“Did I ask you to come here?”

“Of course. Initially, you never used to do anything. Forget going out for a barbecue. You never even ate out. But look at what’s happened now. You run all over the place and even set up a barbecue. As your doctor, I still have to follow you everywhere, so of course, it’s even more tiring now than it was in the past. Hey, I’m really beginning to miss President Gu of the past, the one who stayed at home all day and did nothing apart from work. President Gu, don’t you think that you’ve changed a little too much?”

Chen Yucheng’s intentions were obvious. He was not asking for overtime pay at all. He was simply talking about how Gu Jingze had changed after getting together with Lin Che.

Gu Jingze looked at Chen Yucheng. “Precisely. In the past, I was reluctant to leave the house because you were so boring, even as my doctor. I’m only willing to leave the house now that you’re finally not my doctor.”


Chen Yucheng sighed. Shen Youran leaned in closer and said, “What are you guys talking about?”

Chen Yucheng said, “We’re talking about how even Madam Gu feeds her husband personally. So why aren’t you feeding me too?”

Shen Youran’s face turned red. He was not her man either. Why did she have to feed him?

“Get lost. It’s not like you don’t have hands. Why do you need me to feed you?!”

The water in the moat was still rippling. Shen Youran looked around and mumbled in admiration, “Seriously. President Gu, the wife of the President and the genius Doctor Chen are all here. If someone saw this scene, they would definitely be amazed.”

Chen Yucheng asked, “Why would they be amazed?”

“These are people they can’t meet even if they want to. But they’re behaving just like ordinary people and having a barbecue outside.”

“This is what life is! Since you know that I’m a person whom others can’t usually meet just because they want to, shouldn’t you be rushing to feed me a piece of chicken?”

Why did he change the subject to this again?

Shen Youran glared at him fiercely. She picked up a chicken wing and stuffed it straight into his mouth. “Eat, eat, eat. The only thing you know how to do is eat.”

Yu Minmin looked at them and could not help but burst out in laughter.

“Shen Youran and Doctor Chen too. The two of you look so great together.”

Hearing this, Lin Che looked at them too. While barbecuing the meat skewers, she said, “Exactly. You can consider it a kind of fate too. In the beginning, they didn’t like each other but they began to have feelings for each other later on.”

Yang Lingxin was still sitting at the side with a blank expression on her face.

Yu Minmin asked, “How has Little Xin been doing over the past two days?”

Lin Che shook her head and sighed. “She appears to be fine and I can’t say that there’s anything amiss. But she’s always staring blankly ahead. I wonder what she’s thinking about. I think that the incident is probably still weighing on her mind.”

There was no way she could be totally fine after something like that had happened.

“Then, how long more is she going to stay in your house?” Yu Minmin asked.

Lin Che said, “I can’t be sure…”

Just then, she seemed to hear someone shouting from behind.

“Over there, right over there. Someone’s setting a fire at the roadside.”

The city management officer was here…

They had not expected that setting up a barbecue here was prohibited.

When Lin Che had been looking for a location, she had only considered the scenery and whether or not the place was suitable for a barbecue. She had not considered whether or not they were allowed to have a barbecue here.

Time had barely passed when they saw a few city management officers park their cars there and shout at them.

“You’re not allowed to have a barbecue here at the moat. Who are you guys? You brats, don’t try to run.”

Lin Che quickly stood up and said, “Sir, we didn’t know that it’s prohibited here. Sorry, please spare us…”

Yu Minmin joined in as well, “Yes, yes. We really didn’t know. We’ll pack up immediately and shift somewhere else.”

Fortunately, they had nearly finished their food. There were only some leftovers that they had not cleaned up.

Just then, Gu Jingze stood up immediately at the back. “What did you say?”

His deep voice made the people behind them freeze.

It took a while for the officers to realize that something was amiss.

Putting aside the fact that each of the cars parked here was more expensive than the next, even the people here looked extremely familiar.

“Gu… Gu Jingze…”

“Lin… isn’t that Lin Che…”

“Isn’t that Madam President…”

With the help of the lighting, the officers finally recognized them.

Lin Che stood there staring at the surprised officers. The corners of her lips twitched.

What did they mean by the expressions on their faces?

Their expressions had changed instantly. After confirming that they were right, each of them was thinking to themselves, what had they said earlier?

Had they called Gu Jingze a brat?

Had they even told the Madam President not to run away?

But why had these people gathered together and even organized an outdoor barbecue for no reason?

After coming to their senses, the officers immediately changed their tune and said, “Mr. Gu, Mr. Gu, we apologize. We- we- we didn’t know that you were the one having fun outdoors. It’s just that having a barbecue here is not allowed here in principle. It’s for the sake of the city’s environment. Of course, even this path was built with funding from you, so you can do whatever you want on your own path.”

What? Even this path was built with funding from Gu Jingze?

However, it was obvious that Gu Jingze himself did not remember this. He stood at the back with his eyes narrowed, looking like a king showing contempt. In actual fact, he was mulling over their words and searching through his memories to try and remember if he had donated funds to build this place.

It seemed that he had indeed done so…

Beside him, Lin Che hastily said, “About that, we’re sorry. We didn’t know. We’ll shift to another location immediately. We won’t come here for a barbecue next time.”

Hearing this, the officer looked at Lin Che and internally cheered that she was his savior.

What a good person she was to even give them a way out of this embarrassing situation.

The officers quickly said, “Alright… alright, we’ll help you to change locations.”

The result of the barbecue that day was that the officers helped them to clear their things away before respectfully sending them off.

As they watched the cars drive off, the officers still found it strange. “Why did these rich people come here for a random barbecue?”

“They’re experiencing life. Rich people can do whatever they want. Why do you care so much?”

“Fine then. You’re right anyway. But their attitude was quite good. Even with that much wealth and status, they weren’t ostentatious at all.”

“Of course. People with inherited wealth are all so cultured. Did you think they would be the same as the parvenus?”

The opening premiere of Lin Che’s movie with Gu Jingyu was naturally very important to her because this was her first major movie.

She had started preparing herself for the premiere very early in the day. Outside, she struck up a conversation with Gu Jingyu.

Lin Che said, “I’m so nervous. I wonder how the box office will turn out.”

Gu Jingyu replied, “Relax. The movie is great, whether you look at the production or the script. You must have confidence in your own movie.”

Lin Che said, “Of course, you have confidence in it. But this is my first movie, so it’s natural for me to be a little nervous.”



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