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Season 5

Episode 87

(In The First Place, These Are Things That Married Couples Do)

Yu Minmin felt that her digestive tract had deteriorated because she had stayed at the Glazed Tile Palace for too long and had become accustomed to eating healthy meals. She could no longer digest junk food.

In the middle of the night, her stomach started hurting.

She felt as if she was hovering between life and death in the bedroom. Left with no choice, she went out of the room to ask for stomach medication.

However, the Glazed Tile Palace was really devoid of people in the middle of the night.

Clutching her stomach, she was walking when she suddenly walked into a wall.

She looked up and saw Gu Jingming with an astonished expression on his face.

“What happened to you?”

“My stomach hurts… I’m looking for some medication… ” Yu Minmin had no choice but to tell him the truth.

Gu Jingming watched as she bent over in pain. He looked around before suddenly lifting her up in his arms.

“Hey, I…” Yu Minmin wanted to continue shouting, but her stomach was hurting terribly. She could only curl up in pain.

“It hurts so much, so much…”

Gu Jingming carried her to his room.

After taking some medicine, Yu Minmin felt much better and lay there heaving deep sighs.

When Gu Jingming entered the room, he saw Yu Minmin sprawled out on the bed. As she was only wearing a nightgown, he could see her slender legs and the thin white panties in between them.

Gu Jingming stiffened.

He walked towards Yu Minmin with his eyes fixed on her. Hearing the noise, Yu Minmin looked up and saw Gu Jingming. She did not notice the slight difference in his gaze and merely said, “The medicine is really good. My stomach stopped hurting immediately. Thank you, Gu Jingming.”

However, in the next moment, she sensed that Gu Jingming was slowly approaching her and was standing right in front of her.

As he looked down at Yu Minmin, his throat bobbed.

It suddenly occurred to Yu Minmin that the redness of his face seemed a little different from usual. It was especially evident because his eyes were flashing with faint lust. It made the usually self-restrained man seem more realistic and sensual.

She said, “You… what happened to you…”

Gu Jingming gritted his teeth. How dare she ask him what happened.

Her mouth twitched. She stuck out her tongue and licked her slightly-chapped lips.

Gu Jingming’s gaze hardened. Then, he lowered his body all of a sudden and pressed her onto the bed with one hand.

Bed… a kabedon on the bed…

Gu Jingming’s face had abruptly come closer and made her feel dazed. Before she could even register what was happening, his lips had already landed on hers.

Oh, was this Mr. President…

Yu Minmin merely felt that the kiss was making it a little difficult for her to breathe. However, the ever domineering Mr. President was not giving her any space at all to breathe.

His eyes were closed and sexiness radiated from the edges and corners of his resolutely cold face.

Yu Minmin had just taken the medicine and felt that her body was limp and scattered. She seemed completely unable to exert any strength. Furthermore, she felt particularly dizzy probably due to the effects of the medicine.

The medicine from the Glazed Tile Palace was extremely effective, but it too had other side effects.

It was common knowledge that painkillers took effect immediately. It was obvious that they were made up of drugs that were otherwise not available.

She wanted to push him away, but at the same time, she was deeply enthralled by the scent of his body. The places he kissed began to tremble as if electricity was coursing through her body in random directions. Against her will, she curled up and she nearly wanted to let out a whine.

As she pushed him away, her hand landed directly on his chest. That firmness…

It really made her lose herself even more. She wanted to remove her hand but could not bear to. In the end, although she had initially wanted to push him away, she could not help but grope his chest instead.

The masculine charm of a man was really special, especially when it was Gu Jingming’s. This overbearing and indifferent man was impossible to resist.

Yu Minmin was panting as he tugged her clothes upwards without hesitation. She was basically wearing nothing inside, so with that, he saw her naked body…

Until the end, Yu Minmin was in a complete daze and did not know what had happened.

She merely sensed Gu Jingming lying down beside her. She had yet to regain her senses and still felt as if she was flying in the sky. Even her body felt unreal.

However, she felt even more awkward after waking up the next day.

Although her stomach was no longer hurting, her legs were so weak that she felt uncomfortable.

When she recalled the events of the previous night, she could not believe what had happened.

But since they were already married… they were bound to do these things sooner or later, unless Gu Jingming was really going to be a monk and abstain for so many years.

There was no way they were going to get a divorce during his term in office.

Furthermore, elections for the office of C Nation’s President were held once every four years, and there was no limit to the number of consecutive terms one could be in office…

It was likely that he would not easily agree to a divorce.

Yu Minmin knocked her hand against her head while thinking to herself, She was really screwed, screwed. The only reason she had not rejected him and had given in to him instead was because she had been seduced by his masculine charm.

However, that masculine charm of his… was indeed quite good.

The first thing the maid said to her when she went out of the room early in the morning was, “Mr. President said that you should call Second Young Madam since she called you. Also, these are the keys to the apartment at National Gardens. You can notify your family to move in today.”

Alright then. He was so quick with things.

Yu Minmin thought that they could move in anytime, so she set the keys down and did not bother with them. Instead, she gave Lin Che a call first.

Lin Che asked, “Shall we go to the riverside and have a barbecue tonight?”

“Ah, a few of us will be eating together?”

“Gu Jingze said that I’m feeling too anxious because of the kidnapping incident. He told me to find a chance to relax, so I invited a few people for a barbecue.”

“Oh, alright then. Even though my stomach just recovered… I’ll risk my life to assist you.”

In no time, the maids helped Lin Che prepare the necessary things for the self-service barbecue.

They were planning to drive out and look for a suitable location to just set up the barbecue.

Yang Lingxin was helping out beside them. After she had finished packing up, she asked Lin Che, “Then, will President Gu be going?”

“He probably will. He’ll go if he’s not busy.”

When Yang Lingxin heard this, she could not help but get excited inside.

As she looked at the study room inside where she knew Gu Jingze was, she thought about how she really looked forward to Gu Jingze joining them for tonight’s barbecue.

Lin Che was unaware of Yang Lingxin’s intentions and remained on the phone with Shen Youran.

Shen Youran also agreed immediately when she heard about the barbecue. However, over the phone, she asked if she could bring someone with her.

Lin Che immediately grinned and asked, “Are you going to bring… Doctor Chen?”

“I hate you.”

Lin Che said, “Don’t be shy. Just bring him along if you want to. We allow you to bring your family members.”

“You’re so annoying. What family? He himself asked why we weren’t inviting him to our barbecue.”

“Oh, so that means that he’s beside you now… seriously, you’re together all the time. How enviable.”

“If you tease me again, I won’t go, hmph.”

“Hey, no no no. I won’t tease you anymore. Remember that you’re in charge of the drinks.”

They had prepared everything. At night, Gu Jingze and Lin Che got into the car together. Gu Jingze did not bring his bodyguards along either and was planning to drive the car himself. He made Lin Che sit in the passenger seat and Yang Lingxin tactfully sat in the rear seat. But after thinking for a bit, she moved to the seat behind Gu Jingze’s. When she lifted her head, she could see Gu Jingze’s erect head and smell the pleasant scent of his body.





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