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Season 5

Episode 86

(Having Hotpot With Mr. President)

Yu Minmin’s father quickly walked towards the car and tapped on it. However, when the car window finally winded down, he froze instantly.

Because the person before him was Mr. President in the flesh.

Of course, Yu Minmin’s father had not imagined that this would happen.

Immediately, he hastily removed his hand and moved a step backward.

It had never occurred to him that he would meet Mr. President like this.

For a moment, Yu Minmin’s father did not dare to speak. Thinking that this person before him was the almighty Mr. President, he immediately bowed and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. President.”

Yu Minmin glanced at her father. “If there’s nothing else, you should leave.”

“Oh, right. Yes, yes. I’m leaving. Take your time driving around.”

Yu Minmin looked at her father’s cautious manner at present. She shook her head and got into Gu Jingming’s car.

Yu Minmin’s father stayed behind the car with his body bowed and only stood upright after it had driven far away.

He was still thinking to himself, If only those **** inside knew that the President himself had come personally to pick him up, then they probably would not have dared to say anything.

In the car, Yu Minmin looked at Gu Jingming.

He was driving silently with his slender fingers gripping the steering wheel. His eyes were looking straight ahead and his handsome side profile looked as cold and cheerless as a chilly night.

The pleasant scent from his body drifted in the air. It seemed as if his clothes had been scented with some special fragrance. The scent was unique and lingered faintly in the air. It smelled like grass and was particularly sweet and fresh. It was very befitting of his aura.

Yu Minmin said, “Thank you for sending me here today.”

“It’s alright. Where do you want to go now?”

“I don’t have a particular destination in mind. Since we’re outside, we might as well take a walk.”

Gu Jingming cast a sideways glance at her.

Yu Minmin said, “If I go back now, I’ll definitely have to learn the classics…”

Just then, Yu Minmin’s stomach started growling.

With her hand on her stomach, Yu Minmin was stunned for a moment.

Gu Jingming looked at her. “Let’s eat something before going back.”

“Really? Sure.”

“What do you want to eat?”

“Anything is fine. Why don’t we eat hotpot? I’m not allowed to eat hotpot in the Glazed Tile Palace. I haven’t eaten it for a long time.”

Gu Jingming looked at her and nodded.

Coincidentally, there was a steamboat restaurant by the roadside. Yu Minmin said, “Let’s go to this one. I think I ate here once before. It was very good.”

In no time, Gu Jingming smoothly reversed the car and parked it by the road.

The moment the parking attendant saw such a good car, he very politely gestured for them to park in one of the better parking spots without hesitation. He was particularly respectful towards Yu Minmin and Gu Jingming.

“Welcome to our restaurant.” After the two of them entered, Gu Jingming kept a low profile and did not speak. The people beside them could not help but sneak a few more glances at Gu Jingming when they saw him. At the same time, they dared not look at him directly and could only look him over in secret. They thought to themselves that this person looked exactly like Mr. President.

Yu Minmin said, “Do you have any more private rooms?”

“We do, Miss. This way, please.”

In no time, the two of them were led inside. The waiter continued to stare at Gu Jingming. However, by the time they had disappeared inside, he still had not dared to confirm whether or not the person before him was Mr. President.

But when he left the room, he asked around with an expression of complete excitement, “That person I saw earlier looked extraordinarily like Mr. President.”

“There’s no way. Why would Mr. President come to our small restaurant to eat?”

“Precisely. So I didn’t dare to confirm it either. It’s possible that he just looks like him.”

“Then, why were you still staring at him?”

“He’s just too handsome.”

Gu Jingming looked at his surroundings while Yu Minmin said, “The servings here are particularly large. I came here to eat once. But I couldn’t come again after I got too busy. This restaurant may look small, but the food is really good.”


Yu Minmin saw that Gu Jingming was looking around nonstop. “What are you looking at? Is it because you haven’t come to such a small shop before?”

“I’ve come here before,” he said.

“Oh, really? You actually came here before?”

“I come to make presidential visits.”

“…” Alright then. His answer was too posh and she could not really get used to it at the moment.

Soon after, the food was served.

Yu Minmin had ordered a Yin-Yang hotpot with both spicy and non-spicy broths. She dipped the ingredients into the pot, thinking to herself that after not eating hotpot for so long, it literally tasted better than any delicacy.

The people in the Glazed Tile Palace paid too much attention to nutrition. Healthy meals simply tasted too terrible. However, they had to do it for the sake of the President’s health.

Yu Minmin sighed in pleasure, “Wow, it’s so delicious…”

However, she only looked up just then and noticed Gu Jingming across her.

He was only eating the food in the clear broth. Using his chopsticks, he gently picked out the food from inside before slowly putting it into his mouth. He was eating a lot with slow and methodical movements. His movements were so elegant as if he was eating Western cuisine.

He looked truly handsome.

Instinctively, Yu Minmin adjusted her posture and no longer dared to make such huge movements.

“Um, why don’t you eat the food in the spicy broth? The clear broth doesn’t taste as good as the spicy broth.”

Gu Jingming said coolly, “No need.”

He looked up and saw that Yu Minmin’s mouth was bright red from the spiciness of the broth. She looked as if her mouth had just been bitten. It was so red and moist.

After taking a long glance, he finally shifted his gaze and said to her, “Quick, just eat your food.”

Yu Minmin shrugged. “Fine then. Since you don’t know how to enjoy such good food, then I’ll be the one to eat it.”

“Does your father gamble at that place?”

“Yes. If he goes there without money and loses all his gambling tokens, we have to pay the money to get him out.”

Gu Jingming asked, “Does your family still live in the small neighborhood there?”

“Yes. It’s the one that you saw. In the past, my younger brother shared a room with my parents. Now that I’ve moved out, he’s using my room.”

Hearing this, Gu Jingming nodded silently. From his gaze, it seemed that he was thinking deeply about something.

After some time, he suggested, “I have a piece of property near the Glazed Tile Palace. It’s located three streets away from the Glazed Tile Palace. I think this distance is just right. Why don’t you ask them to move over there?”

“Huh?” Yu Minmin looked up. “That wouldn’t be good, right?”

“There’s nothing bad about it. It will be convenient for my subordinates to watch over them and make sure that your father doesn’t cause any trouble.”

“…” If this was the reason for it, then Yu Minmin had nothing more to say.

She just looked at Gu Jingming. “Then… I’ll thank you on behalf of my mother and younger brother.”

“It’s fine.”

Gu Jingming put his utensils down and looked at Yu Minmin. She was smiling faintly and her face was a little red due to the spicy broth.

Her eyes were also moist due to the spiciness and she looked as if tears could start falling at any moment.

He said, “That’s enough. Stop eating. You’ll feel unwell if you eat too much.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright. We won’t get sick since we’re used to eating this.”

“We have to go for a presidential visit tomorrow. I don’t want you to get diarrhea on the way there.”


Alright then. She had actually forgotten about the visit.

Yu Minmin could only put down her utensils and say, “In that case, let’s go.”

Gu Jingming looked up and called out to the waiter, “Bring some dessert here. ”

Then, he said to her, “Eat a bit of the dessert to relieve the pressure on your stomach.”





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