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Season 5

Episode 81

(How Did Gu Jingze Find This Place So Quickly?)

When the man pounced on her again, the door burst open.

Startled, the man looked at the person who had entered. He was just about to pick up the weapon lying at the side when he was thrown aside all of a sudden.

In her shock, Lin Che raised her head.

When she saw the Gu family’s bodyguards, she really felt as if she was looking at her loved ones.

They had finally found her…

Lin Che immediately sat up. Then, Gu Jingze appeared at the doorway like a God.

He stood there firm and tall and was dressed in black from head to toe. But Lin Che still felt a sense of security wash over her instantly.

A sense of security that was beyond words.

She had never missed him as she did at the present moment.

With one look, Gu Jingze spotted Lin Che on the ground. His eyes paused and flashed with a frenzied happiness. Then, he flew to Lin Che’s side.

And lifted her in his arms.

He gazed at Lin Che’s face. Although barely a day had passed, it felt to him as if a century had passed.

“Lin Che…” He clasped her hands and held her tightly in his arms.

Lin Che inhaled the familiar scent of his chest. The scent of rosin made her feel at ease. At this moment, her previously high-strung heart finally relaxed. But she also felt incomparably tired.

“Gu Jingze… you’re here. I thought that I would never see you again…” Her eyes were nearly moist with tears.

The next moment, Lin Che’s head jerked up. “Little Xin…”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already instructed people to go over,” Gu Jingze consoled her.

It was only upon hearing this that Lin Che let out the breath that she had been holding.

At this moment, with one arm wrapped around her, Gu Jingze’s eyes suddenly hardened. He stood up and narrowed his dark eyes threateningly at the man on the floor.

The man immediately started trembling all over due to fear.

Gu Jingze asked, “Which of his hands touched you?”

Lin Che said nothing. Right now, she did not want to look at the man at all. When she recalled what had happened earlier, she was still frightened and shivers were now starting to run through her body.

However, with one arm wrapped around her body, Gu Jingze continued to look at the man on the floor. Then, he suddenly lifted his foot up, aimed it at the man’s hand, and stepped on it.

His leather shoes were crushing the man’s hand, causing him to howl in pain.

Then, in the next moment, Gu Jingze was holding an exquisitely-crafted pistol in his hand. He aimed the pistol at the man’s hand and shot it.


The man cried out and curled up in agony.

Gu Jingze snorted. Even though he was so angry that he wanted to rip the man apart, he nevertheless carried Lin Che in bridal style and headed out first. “Deal with him,” he said to his subordinates before swiftly walking out.

The members of the Lu family soon discovered this incident.

However, by this time, Gu Jingze had already taken Lu Chuxia away.

Lu Chuxia did not think that Gu Jingze would find her so quickly.

She had known a long time ago that Gu Jingze would definitely look for her. Furthermore, she had never thought that she could escape his pursuit.

In the room, she shouted, “Gu Jingze, so what if you caught me? Even if you dare to lay a finger on me, my father won’t allow it to happen. You will still have to release me!”

Just then, members of the Lu family had already gathered in front of the room.

This time, Lu Chuxia had really caused a huge disaster. Just from the fact that Gu Jingze had turned the entire B City over in several hours and had caused great commotion just to find Lin Che, they knew that Lu Chuxia was truly in trouble this time.

Gu Jingze walked out of the room and saw Lu Beichen who had just arrived. “I won’t hand Lu Chuxia over to you. Since she dared to do such a thing, she should know that I won’t let her off easily.”

Lu Beichen looked at Gu Jingze. “I know that this lass has committed a heinous crime this time. She deserves to be punished for what she has done to Lin Che. But ultimately, she’s my sister. I can’t stand by and pay her no heed. Tell me how you want to punish her. I hope that you can spare her life on account of the Lu family.”

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes. “She has provoked me countless times. On account of the Lu family and of the fact that she saved my life once before, I spared her. But this time, she actually dared to treat Lin Che this way.”

Lu Beichen responded, “I know. I never thought that she would be so audacious.”

Lu Beichen knew that there was no basis for any confidence this time. Lu Chuxia was too thoughtless. Did she think that the Lu family could still guarantee her life if she did this? If so, she had underestimated Gu Jingze and wrongly estimated his power.

Lu Beichen said, “Fortunately when you arrived, you managed to save Lin Che. Spare Chuxia’s life on my account. My father is already so old and she’s his only daughter. As long as she’s still alive, he can be at ease.”

Gu Jingze drew in a deep breath.

“Fine. But she can forget about walking out of this place for the rest of her life.”

Lu Beichen froze.

Gu Jingze sneered and pushed open the door to the room.

Inside, Lu Chuxia was tied up. When she saw Lu Beichen, she raised her head and cried out, “Older Brother, you’ve come to save me. Quick, get me out of here. I’ve made a mistake but I won’t ever do it again. Get me out of here.”

Lu Beichen looked at her and felt a little sad for her.

But she had no one but herself to blame or daring to challenge Gu Jingze.

Did she really think that Gu Jingze was some piously good man? Did she think that he would spare her just because she was a woman?

Lu Beichen looked at Lu Chuxia. “Chuxia, you really caused a huge disaster this time. In the future, reflect on yourself properly. Don’t worry about Father. I’ll look after him. You stay here and reform yourself.”

Lu Chuxia looked at Lu Beichen in surprise. “Older Brother, what do you mean…”

Lu Beichen said, “I’ve already told Gu Jingze to spare your life on account of the Lu family, but… you did, in fact, make a grave mistake.”

Lu Chuxia widened her eyes in disbelief and looked at Lu Beichen fearfully, “No, no. I want to go out. Older Brother, I’m the Young Miss of the Lu family. I’m your sister. He- he wouldn’t dare to do anything to me…”

Lu Beichen cast a sideways glance at Gu Jingze who was standing there with a completely indifferent expression. He shook his head dismally at Lu Chuxia. “You’re too naive. If you weren’t my sister, do you think you would still be alive to see me now?”

Lu Chuxia looked at Gu Jingze in shock.

He stood there upright with his back facing everyone. His back view was as terrifying as that of a God’s.

“No… no, I don’t want to be locked up here. I don’t want to be taken away by Gu Jingze. Older Brother, you have to save me. You have to save me… he… what’s so terrifying about him? You can’t leave me here…”

Indeed, Lu Chuxia had not expected Gu Jingze to be so powerful.

First of all, she had not thought that Gu Jingze would find her so quickly.

Now, she did not think that Gu Jingze would really dare to punish her.

Lu Beichen looked at Gu Jingze. “Tell me how you’ll deal with her so that I can be mentally prepared.”

The silence was a deathly stillness in the air.

Gu Jingze turned his head to say, “She will be locked up in the mental hospital on San Clemente Island in North America.”

Frightened, Lu Chuxia struggled to free herself. “No, no. I won’t go to the mental hospital. I won’t go. Gu Jingze, let go of me. There’s no way you dare to treat me like this. I’m Lu Chuxia, the Young Miss of the Lu family…”



  1. She needs to be sent there truely

  2. Yes oooo...she needs to be taught some lessons...all the best Gu jingze

  3. Enter your comment...yes I agree to that, Lin che is ur sister better go and ask for her forgiveness.

    1. Is like linche is her sis o as we have read

    2. Lin che and Lin Li are step siblings while lu chuxia is a sister to Lu beichen who happens to be Lin Che brother in law. According to the writer, chuxia dad and Che mom had affair but i don't think they are siblings

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  5. Adeola Adeniran Ahmodu16 September 2020 at 14:31

    She definitely needs a rehab



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