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Season 5

Episode 80

(If You Like Her So Much, Why Don’t I Give Her To You?)

When Lu Chuxia came in, she immediately gripped Lin Che’s hair.

“You slut. I still wanted to have some fun with you, but I didn’t expect Gu Jingze to come looking for you so soon.”

Upon hearing Gu Jingze’s name, Lin Che and Yang Lingxin perked up.

Was Gu Jingze really on their tail?

However, Lu Chuxia continued, “It’s a pity that he hasn’t found out our location yet. We can still take our time playing around with you.”

Lin Che looked at Lu Chuxia. “You can do whatever you want with me. But I hope that you can let Little Xin off. She’s innocent.”

Yang Lingxin looked up at Lin Che. “Sister Che… don’t bother about me. I’m fine.”

However, Lin Che had already sat up and was trying her hardest to block Yang Lingxin from them. She looked at Lu Chuxia and said, “Let’s resolve this between ourselves. You can just do whatever you want to do. I’m not afraid of you.”

Lu Chuxia scoffed and said to the people behind her, “Go and bring me a knife. I’ll slash her face rotten first.”

But the men looked at each other before shifting their gazes to Lin Che’s stubborn face. At this point in time, she was still in front of Yang Lingxin and had not budged an inch.

For a moment, they were a little reluctant as they looked at Lu Chuxia. “Miss Lu, slashing her face… seems a little too vicious. It’s better to…”

Slashing such a beautiful face rotten would be a real waste.

Shocked, Lu Chuxia turned around to look at the men behind her. “What are you doing? Are you standing up for her?”

“Miss Lu, we…”

Lu Chuxia genuinely had not imagined that this would happen.

With a crazed smile on her face, she turned back to look at Lin Che. “This is great, just great. Lin Che, I’ve underestimated you. You’re truly fantastic, truly fantastic. It’s only taken you such a short time to reduce these men to submission. Your ability to seduce men is really impressive. They can’t even bear to slash your face.”

Lu Chuxia closed in on Lin Che bit by bit. Lin Che replied, “It’s because most people have more of a conscience than you do.”

“Hahahahaha. They have a conscience? No, no. They’re merely reluctant to part with this coquettish face of yours. Fine. In that case, we won’t slash your face. Let’s play another game instead.”

She turned to them and said, “Don’t you like her? Great. Since you like her, I’ll give her to you. Do whatever you want.”

The men looked at one another again before looking at Lin Che.

There was no way that they could attract a woman as beautiful as Lin Che. But it would indeed be a great honor if she became theirs.

Lu Chuxia said, “She’s none other than Gu Jingze’s woman. Don’t you want to get a taste of Gu Jingze’s woman?”

Frightened, Yang Lingxin shrank back even further.

Lu Chuxia’s eyes narrowed into a line. “Drag that woman out and play with her as you like. Once you’re done with her, do the same with Lin Che!”

Hearing this, Yang Lingxin was so terrified that she started screaming, “No, no. You can’t do this to me. Why must you do this…”

However, the men still followed Lu Chuxia’s command and dragged Yang Lingxin out first.

Lin Che shouted, “No, don’t do that to her. She’s still a child. You… you can’t do that.”

“A child? There’s no way she’s still a virgin, right?” Lu Chuxia turned her head and said venomously, “What a bargain for you guys. That face of hers is quite pretty too. Take her out and enjoy your time with her.”

The men immediately became a little excited. They looked at Yang Lingxin and quickly dragged her out.

Lin Che tried her hardest to get up. “The person you have a grudge against is me. So come at me. Why are you targeting a child? You…”

Lu Chuxia said viciously, “Aiyo. Why? Are you anxious to enjoy yourself too after seeing that lass leave to do the same? Don’t worry. These men are all yours. In a while, they will take turns to serve you.”

Yang Lingxin’s screams moved further and further away from the door.

Lin Che was both anxious and painfully frightened.

“Lu Chuxia, as a woman yourself, how can you be so evil?! Let Little Xin off and I’ll do anything you tell me to do!”

Lu Chuxia scoffed and said to the man behind her, “Since you’re here, I’ll hand Lin Che over to you first. Weren’t you reluctant to slash her face? In that case, do with her as you like!”

Lu Chuxia sneered and looked at Lin Che. “Have as much fun as you like. I’ll help you film a video and gift it to Gu Jingze for his enjoyment.”

When Lu Chuxia finished speaking, she smiled menacingly and walked out directly afterward.

Lin Che bit her lip as she watched the door close. The man stood there and smiled while looking at Lin Che. Then, he said, “Wow. I’ve never touched a woman as beautiful as you…”

Of course, Lin Che was frightened.

She looked in front of her at the man who was coming closer and closer. She did not dare to imagine what would happen later and could only step backward.

“You… don’t listen to Lu Chuxia’s nonsense, alright? She’s doing this just to torture me. But there’s no animosity between you and me. Furthermore, everyone has brothers and sisters. Think about it. If your loved ones encountered what I’m going through now, how sad would you be? I have a family too. If my family members knew that I was being tortured here, their hearts would definitely ache, right…”

However, the man still continued to approach her. He looked at Lin Che, scratched his head, and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be very gentle with you. I mean it. I’ll just give it a try, give it a try.”

“No, no. The fact that you were willing to feed us shows that you’re a good person. Don’t be deceived by Lu Chuxia, alright?”

He did not really find it in his heart to do it. As he looked at Lin Che’s beautiful face and the way she was gazing at him in fear and grief, his heart softened. To others, they had done everything from committing arson and murder to robbing people. But looking at this beautiful woman messed up his thoughts and really made him slightly reluctant.

“Aiya. Why was a young lady like you taken away by those rich men? How nice it would have been if you were my wife,” he said before pouncing on her immediately.

In no time, Lin Che was pushed to the ground. The fall instantly caused her to feel light-headed. Facing the man nearby, she was quick-witted and immediately started crying. She looked at him with eyes that glistened with tears. “You- you -you, you hurt me. It’s so painful. This won’t do. I fell on my head. Is it bleeding boo hoo…”

The man’s heart softened completely under her teary gaze. He hastily asked, “Did you hurt your head? Let me take a look. That won’t do.”

When he came closer, Lin Che immediately seized the chance to knee him in the face.

In pain, the man clutched his face and fell onto the ground.

Lin Che jumped up. However, it was only then that she realized that her legs were still tied together.

She had barely managed to hop a few steps when the man behind her stood up. Unrelenting, he pounced on Lin Che again…

Lin Che cursed her bad luck.

Was she done for?

If Gu Jingze knew that another man had touched her…

Would he still want her?

No no. Even she would think herself unworthy of him.

But at this exact moment…





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