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Season 5

Episode 79

(I’ll Find Her Even If I Have To Turn B City Over)

Gu Jingze merely stood there wordlessly and looked at the huge screen before him.

That day, all the staff in the transportation office were rushing about because of the sudden arrival of the King of Hell.

In the afternoon, they finally found out that the car that had taken Lin Che away was a white sedan belonging to an Indian gang.

Gu Jingze immediately said, “Come. Let’s go.”

Behind him, Qin Hao said worriedly, “Sir, we’ll go and investigate. You stay here…”

Before Qin Hao could tell him to wait for the news, Gu Jingze had already walked out first.

The people in the Indian gang were gathered in the garage. This was their base for external operations.

There were only a few worn-out cars that served as signs. Those familiar with the place knew the notorious reputation of the people here. They knew that they were not good people, so they would all drive away once they saw the garage from afar. They did not dare to get close.

On this day, the tranquility of the afternoon was abruptly broken by several cars.

A row of cars was parked directly outside.

The people inside heard the noise and knew that something was up. Instantly, they stopped idling around and stood up.

“Someone is here to stir up trouble! Bring all of your weapons.”

In no time, more than ten of them picked up their knives and hatchets and ran out.

They arrived outside only to see the Gu family’s bodyguards standing there, each of them tall and burly.

The leader of the gang stepped forward from the row of people and asked, “Why? Are you here to cause trouble? I’m telling you. None of us from the Red Tassel Gang are afraid of death. If you’re here to cause trouble, be careful not to lose your head.”

These people committed murder and arson and had no qualms committing all kinds of crimes. Their reputation outside was not good and they incited fear in so many people. It had been a long time since anyone had provoked them directly.

Qin Hao looked at the people in front of him and took out a photo of a screenshot. “We’re not trying to cause any trouble. We just want to ask you if this car belongs to you. If you hand over the car, we won’t pursue the matter any further.”

The man did not even glance at the photo.

“What car? We don’t know. Stop looking for excuses to cause trouble.”

Qin Hao scoffed. “We’re used to attempting diplomacy before violence. But if you don’t cooperate.”

“So what if I don’t cooperate?” The tall man lifted the chopper in his hand and brandished it. “Do you want to experience what it’s like to have your neck and head separated from one another?”

“Why are you wasting your breath on them?”

The moment the man finished talking, a steely voice immediately followed like the sudden arrival of a chilly night.

Then, the people in the car opened the doors and alighted.

One of the members of the Indian gang moved swiftly as well. Sensing the situation, he instantly raised their weapons and was about to attack. Without caring about who he was up against, he attacked first.

Unfortunately, the dark figure nimbly dodged the attack.

The gang member was slightly surprised that he had not succeeded. He froze momentarily before quickly turning around to attack the opponent again.

Just then, someone pointed a pitch-black muzzle of a gun at his head.

The man froze completely. Then, he lifted his head and followed his line of sight from the ice-cold muzzle.

His opponent was dressed in black from head to toe. His gaze was as sharp as a sword and as empty as an overcast day.

“Now, can you tell me who owns that car?”

“I… I… If one gives me money, I will avert a disaster for him. We have our principles.”

“In that case, I’m afraid I have to persuade you to change your principles for me now.”


“I’ll give you three seconds to consider it. Otherwise, my gun definitely won’t stand on ceremony with you.”

Gu Jingze’s completely cold expression made him sweat inside.

Drops of cold sweat dripped down one by one.

However, he heard Gu Jingze say, “Your three seconds are up.”

Then, he pulled the trigger.

“Ah…” The man was shot in his thigh and he was so terrified that he immediately hugged his leg and shouted.

He said, “Next time, it will be your other leg.” Gu Jingze’s voice hardened even more.

“I’ll tell you… I’ll tell you… it’s Lu Chuxia from the Lu family!”

Only then did Gu Jingze retract the gun.

Qin Hao wiped away his cold sweat and looked at Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze turned around and went into the car. “Dispose of the people here.”


Naturally, Qin Hao understood what that meant.

Qin Hao looked at these people and thought to himself, The only reason for this was because you offended someone you should not have offended.

It would have been alright if they harmed someone else. But they had harmed Madam…

The next destination was the Lu residence…

When Gu Jingze arrived at the Lu residence, the staff outside were shocked when they saw the spectacle.

This was Lu Chuxia’s private residence; it was different from Lu Qinyu’s residence.

The moment the Gu family’s subordinates went in, the Lu family’s maids stopped them.

“Our Young Miss isn’t around. No one is allowed to enter.”

“It’s useless for you to tell us that your Young Miss is not around. We want to go in and look for her,” Qin Hao said.

“Hmph, this residence belongs to the Lu family. Who dares to barge in?” One of the maids said arrogantly.

Just then, at the back, Gu Jingze alighted from the car once again.

He did not want to waste even a second. Looking at the person in front of him, he said resolutely, “Say what you just said again.”

The maid had not expected Gu Jingze to come personally.

He trembled slightly for a moment but nevertheless, thought that ultimately, no one in C Nation had ever dared to challenge the Lu family.

“Second Young Master, if you’re looking for Young Miss, please inform our Old Master. You really can’t enter this place. Please help us out a little…”

However, Gu Jingze interrupted him. “Go in and start searching. I’ll see if anyone dares to stop me from going where I want to go.”

The Gu family’s bodyguards rushed in immediately upon receiving his command.

The people at the door were terrified.

“You… are you mad? This is the Lu residence.”

Qin Hao pulled them aside and sneered. “Forget the Lu residence. Our Sir is about to flip the entire B City upside down. The Lu residence is nothing.”

“This… this…” He really felt that Gu Jingze had gone mad.

Everyone said that Gu Jingze was afraid of nothing. This time, he knew that it was true…

While Gu Jingze was searching the entire B City, Lin Che looked at the person who had entered. She pursed her lips and asked, “How long is Lu Chuxia planning to keep us here? Can you tell her to come and resolve whatever issue she has with us?”

The man said, “Seriously. You should be thinking about lasting as long as you can. Why are you so eager for her to torture you?”

Lin Che said, “Trying to escape forever is useless. I just hope that we can resolve this quickly. Besides, this has nothing to do with Little Xin at all. You guys kidnapped the wrong person. Can’t you let Little Xin off?”

He looked at Lin Che. “You’re in a difficult predicament yourself, yet you’re still concerned about others.

Lin Che said, “She’s still a child. She shouldn’t be dragged down by me and suffering here with me. Do a good deed and just let her go, alright?”

The man was not some Buddha. It was impossible for him to let Little Xin go just because she said so.

But attractive people did have a certain advantage; because he found Lin Che attractive, he was receptive to her words. When he heard Lin Che say this, he really felt that Lin Che was a good person. She was so beautiful and kind-hearted to boot.

“Our words are not the law. That’s enough. Eat up first. The most important thing is to fill your stomachs.”

He gestured for someone to bring some steamed buns over. But at this moment, the door was kicked open to reveal Lu Chuxia…





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