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Season 5

Episode 78

(Someone Has Taken Madam Away)

She had put so much time into obtaining the title of top socialite…

Lin Che finally understood why Lu Chuxia hated her so much.

At this point in time, she could not question why someone would work so hard for the title of the top socialite. She was not Lu Chuxia and would not understand the weight that the title had in her heart.

She could only look at Lu Chuxia and hope for her to calm down. “You can still get the title back. Since you’re so great at everything, the title will still be yours next year. So why are you going crazy now? Your life hasn’t ended yet. All your hard work thus far won’t be ruined by me. I just happened to steal the title this time.”

“That’s enough. What do you know? I won’t lose to anyone. The word ‘lose’ doesn’t exist in my dictionary.” Lu Chuxia pushed Lin Che directly onto the ground.

Frightened, Yang Lingxin shouted, “Don’t hit us, don’t hit us. We’re all women. Why must you do this? Can’t we just talk it out…”

Lu Chuxia snickered and looked at Lin Che. “I really want to know what else you have that appeals to Gu Jingze other than your face. If not for Gu Jingze, you wouldn’t amount to anything.”

Lin Che looked at Lu Chuxia. “A person doesn’t have to be capable and be the best at everything to attain happiness. Everyone has the right to be happy. Indeed, I’m not good at anything, but I can still be liked by someone.”

Lu Chuxia shook her head and pulled Lin Che’s collar. “No, apart from this face of yours, you can seduce men with your skills in the bedroom. Today, I’ll destroy everything you have, one by one. Don’t worry, Lin Che. You won’t die. You’ll go back alive, but you’ll lose everything just like I did. When you go back to your daily life, then you’ll understand the pain I’ve been through. You’ll understand why!”

Lu Chuxia was about to grab Lin Che again when a man suddenly walked in from behind her.

“Miss Lu, your family called, look…”

Lu Chuxia’s eyes twitched.

Her family had called?

She harrumphed and said to Lin Che, “I’ll come again and have some fun with you later.”

After speaking, she walked out in large strides.

As Lin Che watched Lu Chuxia leave, she first let out the breath that she had been holding.

After breathing out, she looked at Yang Lingxin whose face was full of fear. “Sorry, Little Xin. It’s my fault you are also here.”

“It’s alright.” Yang Lingxin looked outside fearfully. She clung to Lin Che and asked, “Sister Che, what exactly does she want to do? Will she… kill us?”

Lu Chuxia was so wealthy that she could not have kidnapped them for ransom. Therefore, did that mean that she wanted to kill them?

Lin Che said, “Little Xin, don’t be scared. She won’t kill us. She’s just so angry that it’s unbearable, so she wanted to torment me. It has nothing to do with you. Later, just keep quiet and she won’t cause trouble for you.”

Lin Che leaned against the wall and involuntarily wondered if Gu Jingze knew that she had been brought here.

He probably knew. After all, the Gu family’s plainclothes bodyguards had been with her when she left. They must have already discovered Lin Che’s absence.

Just then.

The people in front looked at Lin Che and Yang Lingxin.

Lin Che’s hands and legs hurt a little from being tied together. She saw that Yang Lingxin’s hands and legs were also tied together. She thought to herself that Yang Lingxin was definitely in pain. Thus, she lifted her head and asked the men, “Can you please loosen the ropes? We don’t have any thoughts of escaping at all. But being tied like this really hurts too much.”

Although it did not really matter to her, she was worried about implicating Little Xin.

She thought that since it was impossible for her to save Yang Lingxin now, she could still do everything she could to alleviate her pain.

The men looked at the two of them.

One of them looked Lin Che up and down. Then, he lowered his head and said, “Hey. She’s actually very beautiful. I feel a little bad tying her up.”

The other men laughed out loud behind him. But when they looked at Lin Che, they too felt that she was very beautiful.

Lin Che lowered her head and tried to move further away from him.

However, the man said, “Alright then. I’ll loosen the ropes.”

Lin Che quickly raised her head. “Thank you, thank you.”

She said, “You don’t have to think about me. Just help Little Xin loosen her ropes.”

Hearing this, Yang Lingxin lifted her head and looked at Lin Che gratefully.

However, that man looked at Yang Lingxin and scoffed. “If you’re talking about her, forget it. She’s not as beautiful as you. I can’t be bothered with her.”


Immediately, Yang Lingxin’s expression turned into an awkward one.

Lin Che looked at these people in resentment.

They were too evil. How could they say such a thing?

Lin Che said, “Let go. I don’t need your help either.”

She scoffed and turned her head away.

Yang Lingxin turned around only after a long time. She looked at Lin Che and said, “Sister Che, forget it. It doesn’t hurt.”

Lin Che said, “It’s all my fault. Sorry, Little Xin.”

“It’s alright, Sister Che. I believe that President Gu is already thinking of ways to rescue us. Definitely.”

“Hn. Definitely.”

Lin Che smiled and looked at Yang Lingxin.

In the conference room.

Qin Hao rushed over in a hurry and headed straight to Gu Jingze. “Sir, Madam has gone missing.”

Gu Jingze froze.

Thereafter, amidst the questioning gazes of the higher-ups in the room, Gu Jingze stood up directly and walked out without giving any explanation.

Qin Hao turned around and smiled at them, “The meeting will be dismissed for now. We won’t be having a meeting anytime soon.”

Qin Hao caught up with Gu Jingze and said, “The security guards informed me that they brought her out directly through the window. They let her down slowly from the 6th floor and then placed her into a car just like that.”

Gu Jingze complexion immediately darkened.

Qin Hao did not dare to say another redundant word. He quickly said, “I’ve already instructed people to look for her.”

“I’ll look for her myself,” Gu Jingze said, his face pale. He immediately headed outside thereafter.

“Hey. Sir, you can’t go. It’s too dangerous…” Qin Hao quickly chased after him in fear.

However, Gu Jingze had already swiftly jumped into a car.

By the time Qin Hao ran out, the car had already driven off.

Qin Hao swallowed a mouthful of exhaust from behind the car. He simply felt terrible.

This time, the sky and the earth were going to turn upside down in B City.

At B City’s central transportation office.

When Gu Jingze kicked the door open and walked straight into the largest modern road detection office, everyone was shocked.

“What happened?”

“Who’s that? How dare he barge into the central transportation office.”

While they were shouting, they saw a man who seemed as cold as ice. He stood there and looked straight ahead. Then, he pushed the people in front of him aside without hesitation and stood before the equipment. Everyone was momentarily astounded.

“Who the hell are you? Do you know where you are?”

The person who had been pushed aside shouted angrily. However, he was quickly pulled back by his colleagues who had entered behind him.

“Leave, leave. Quick, leave. This is Gu Jingze.”


“Don’t say another word. Leave quickly.”

They ran away hurriedly and did not dare to even turn their heads back.

Thereafter, the head of the transportation office rushed in with his head drenched in sweat. He looked at Gu Jingze who stood there as if there was no warmth in his entire body. Behind Gu Jingze, he wiped away his sweat while saying, “Mr. Gu, what are you looking for? We’ve arranged for one of our technical staff to assist you. Look…”





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