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Season 5

Episode 100

(They Were Fearless With Gu Jingze As Their Backing)

They have heard of countless celebrities being arrogant in the entertainment circle, but a good artist like Lin Che was hard to come by.

She was completely real and unpretentious both inside and out.

Furthermore, she was truly very warm to them and always interacted with everyone like they were friends.

Also, in just a little over a year, everyone worked hard side by side. She grew from a small artist to a celebrity with thousands of fans. They already had feelings for their team a long time ago.

Lin Che was also very touched. She looked at everyone and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t let you guys starve.”

The next day, some people online began to attack Lin Che.

First of all, they said that Lin Che was haughty. After she became successful, she suddenly took a month-long break from the company.

Someone revealed this to a verified account on Weibo. It was said that during the promotional period for Lin Che’s movie, she suddenly left the company for a month. Nobody knew where she went and she was especially stubborn. She didn’t say anything and simply left.

After that, there were other small revelations. It said that Lin Che was completely two different people before and after she became famous. Her movie was just at the cusp of the wind and was about to blow up. With this news appearing now, nobody would want anything to do with her company.

But anyone could tell that this was only the beginning.

Her reputation was starting to get tarnished and it was starting to work. There was still one stage to go from a little tarnishing to a major setback.

Yu Minmin quickly reached the company.

When she found Chen Jingde, he had no choice but to entertain her.

He looked at Yu Minmin and said, “I know that Lin Che was nurtured in your hands. Of course, you don’t want her to be like this, but she’s not listening to us now and we can’t manage her anymore. You are her manager but you’ve been busy with your own matters recently. You have your own responsibilities. If possible… Why don’t you step down? You have an important position and it’s not a good thing to stand up for anyone now, right?”

Yu Minmin looked at him and said, “Lin Che’s success has everything to do with her own hard work and fortune. I will not take credit for it because it is not mine. The company definitely has some credit, but it doesn’t mean that without this company, she wouldn’t be famous. But ultimately, she is still someone nurtured by the company. You’re treating her like this over an outsider like Qin Wanwan… Don’t you think it’s making us look cold-hearted?”

“Minmin, Lin Che’s own heart is unstable. What does it have to do with us?”

“Anyway, you guys are planning to stand on Qin Wanwan’s side, right?”

“It’s not that we’re standing on anyone’s side…”

“That’s enough. I don’t want to hear it anymore. Since it’s like this, no matter what happens in the future, everyone is on their own. See you on the other side.”

“You… Minmin, are you really betraying the company for Lin Che?” Chen Jingde’s face darkened.

Yu Minmin replied, “Lin Che is one of my people and she is my friend. Not everybody stands on the side that benefits them.”

Watching Yu Minmin leave, Chen Jingde also grew angrier.

At this moment, Qin Wanwan walked in. She had been eavesdropping outside.

Chen Jingde said, “Seriously, now they have really grown wings. Especially that Yu Minmin…”

She was now Madam President and everybody knew that.

On the day that she became Madam President, everybody was also very shocked. They slowly adjusted to it later and realized that she didn’t seem to have changed.

They were fearful, but after much thought, they realized that she couldn’t possibly use her status as Madam President to do anything she wanted. Otherwise, she would be the one the fearing for her reputation.

If Madam President’s reputation was tarnished, she couldn’t be Madam President anymore.

After all, she was also on the cusp now. So after getting married, she kept an extremely low profile and did not dare to cause any trouble.

Qin Wanwan said, “You don’t need to be scared of this. I don’t believe she will dare to kick up a big fuss. Her status is so special now and it is already very sensitive. Would she still dare to use her status to get what she wants in the entertainment circle?”

“You’re right, Wanwan. But what about Lin Che…”

“She already doesn’t want to stay in the company. Even if she leaves, we shouldn’t let her leave in peace, right?”

“You’re right, but how do we do that…”

“I know that there’s someone on her side that we can make use of. She’s reckless, ignorant, young and impulsive. When the time comes…”

Chen Jingde looked at her. “You’re talking about…”

Lin Che and Yu Minmin met in the office.

Yu Minmin said, “It looks like they’re already standing completely on Qin Wanwan’s side.”

Lin Che said, “Actually, they were already suspicious of me ever since I took my month-long leave, right?”

“The management is always suspicious anyway. Well, now that we’ve already decided, are we going to leave?”

“Yes.” Lin Che also didn’t want to come to this stage.

But with the way things were now, it seemed like it was the only way.

“Thankfully, I didn’t show all our cards at the beginning. Even now, they still don’t know that you have Gu Jingze behind you.”

“What does it have to do with him?”

“If they knew that you had Gu Jingze as your backing, they wouldn’t dare to bully us like this.”

“I just don’t want him to be dragged into this.”

“Okay. Anyway, we are fighting side by side this time. Since we’ve decided to leave, I’ll contact other companies tomorrow. There should be many companies who want you, actually.”

“But they wouldn’t go against Dynamic Pictures either.”

“Yes. Dynamic Pictures has been around for many years and is rather famous in the industry. According to their past management, I’m afraid that they’ll not let you leave in peace.”

“I’m not going to let them win this time.”

“Yes, we’ll try anyway. When we can’t do it, you are still Mrs. Gu. At the very most, you can just go home and be your Mrs. Gu.”

Indeed. Or maybe it was because even though Gu Jingze did not interfere in her matters, she still had him. Maybe that was why she had such confidence.

She had the confidence to do anything.

When they went out, Yang Lingxin looked at Lin Che. “Sister Che, are you sure you don’t need President Gu’s help?”

“If I can’t even handle this small matter well, what’s the point of me staying in this circle?” Lin Che replied.

Yang Lingxin heard this and only pursed her lips. So many people were bullying Lin Che, but she still refused to let Gu Jingze help her. It didn’t feel good to be bullied and even Yang Lingxin felt angry when she read all those insults on Lin Che’s Weibo. But why wasn’t Lin Che angry?

Just then, Yu Minmin looked at Yang Lingxin and asked to have a word with her alone.

“Little Xin, are you still staying at the Gu residence?”

Yang Lingxin paused and held onto her clothes. “Yes. Sister Che feels lonely and President Gu is always so busy. So, Sister Che let me stay a little longer to keep her company.”

“Oh… Is that so? But if you stay away from home so long, won’t your family members be worried?” Yu Minmin patted her shoulder and smiled.

Yu Minmin didn’t say anything else. She thought that anybody should be able to understand her gentle reminder.





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