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Season 6

Episode 41

(Love Is A Matter Only For The Two People Involved)

The person on the other end of the line said, “Yucheng, we understand that you like this girl. She’s very simple-minded and cute too. However, she’s not a match for our family. We still prefer Laiya. Why don’t you give it a try and spend some time with her? You may find that you can get along with her well.”

“Mother, I don’t do useless things. Do you think that I would give up on a woman that I already have chemistry with now just to give it a try with her?” Chen Yucheng simply asked, “Where did she go?”


“You just have to tell me where she went.”

“Alright. We met at the Huai River Hotel. After that, I saw her walk along the river.”

Chen Yucheng immediately hung up.

With Lin Che in tow, he quickly rushed to the Huai River Hotel.

It was located in a resort district and many people would go there for a stroll during their vacation.

She probably walked here to drive away her cares right after meeting his mother.

Chen Yucheng went in first to look for her with Lin Che following behind him.

Lin Che was about to go in as well, but someone recognized her at the doorway.

“Lin Che, that woman over there is Lin Che, right?”

Lin Che was immediately surrounded. She said politely, “Nice to meet you, nice to meet you. Thank you…”

But in a blink of an eye, her figure was lost among them.

She said helplessly, “Thank you for everyone’s support, but I’m on official business. Can you…”

But everyone was extremely enthusiastic to meet a celebrity on the streets. Most of them were not really fans of Lin Che; they had just rushed to join the crowd so that they could be a part of the bustle.

Behind her, the Gu family’s bodyguards went into action. Only then did Lin Che finally get some space. If not for them, she would have nearly been suffocated by the crowd closing in on her.

Thereafter, the Gu family’s bodyguards took action and very quickly cleared the crowd. Lin Che even heard someone shouting, “Wow, as expected of a celebrity. She brought so many bodyguards with her. Enough, forget it since she doesn’t want to be seen. Let’s not look at her.”

Lin Che thought to herself, No, no, you’re the ones who are formidable enough to force us to dispatch our bodyguards…

And on the other side.

Chen Yucheng had found Shen Youran in next to no time.

Shen Youran did not think that she would actually make it easier for the two of them to find her just by looking for a place to be alone.

Chen Yucheng called out, “Shen Youran!”

She turned around and saw Chen Yucheng walking towards her. She looked up in shock. “Why are you here?”

Chen Yucheng pulled Shen Youran towards him in one swift motion. “You’re asking me? I’m asking you, why are you here?”

Shen Youran pursed her lips. “Doctor Chen, I… I just…”

Chen Yucheng interrupted her. “Regardless of what they said, what happens between you and me only concerns us both. You better remember this. If you make a decision on your own without discussing it with me, I definitely won’t forgive you!”

Shen Youran froze and looked up at him.

However, he had already pulled Shen Youran into his embrace…

Leaning against his chest, Shen Youran was stunned…

Although he had told her prior to this that they should try dating, the feeling she got then was different from how she felt now.

His words had not seemed very heartfelt; he had simply said that they should try dating.

But now…

She admired him a lot and found him pretty impressive. He was respected and enjoyed esteem as one of the top psychologists and one of the top doctors in clinical psychology as well. He was Doctor Chen, whom everyone idolized.

He was also her good mentor.

But right now, he had unexpectedly hugged her out of nowhere…

Lin Che finally arrived after that.

Panting, she saw the two of them locked in an intimate embrace. She beat her breast gloomily while gasping, “Shen Youran, you really almost killed me. I was nearly squeezed to death by the crowd.”

Shen Youran’s face was red as she said, “I… what did I do? I just came here for a stroll. Why did you guys make such a big deal out of it?”


In any case, they took Shen Youran with them and returned together.

Throughout the journey, Lin Che kept complaining, “Look at yourself. You were so rational when you were criticizing me, but why are you being so emotional now? It doesn’t matter what they do to you. It’s not as if you’re going to get married to him immediately. Your relationship has only just started, so why are you getting sad so soon? Don’t give up on all hope. No one knows what may happen in the future. So, if you love each other, just get together. Why are you thinking so much about the future?”

Shen Youran said, “Alright, alright. It was just that I… nearly died from shock because so many people came to the office and asked me in front of my colleagues whether or not I was Shen Youran.”

She had not expected the members of the Chen family to be so serious. All of them seemed to have a very strong presence and were definitely different from simple folk like her, so she was scared upon seeing them.

The good thing was as she looked at Chen Yucheng right now, she figured that there was no need for her to think so much at this point in time.

It was not as if he had said… that they should get married.

Shen Youran said, “Alright. Take me home, please. I was supposed to be home for dinner with my parents today, but I’m still not back. If you guys got anxious, my parents must be very anxious too. I should go back and take a look. Or else, they will think that I’ve gone missing like you guys.”

Lin Che nodded. She looked at Shen Youran and said to her, “Remember that we’re here for you if anything happens. Don’t let your thoughts run wild on your own. What are friends for? We’re here to sacrifice ourselves for you when the time comes. How can you just run away without giving us a chance to do that?”

“Yes, yes, yes. I get it. I won’t do it again.”

Shen Youran leaned into her embrace.

It felt great to have a friend who was by her side and worrying about her.

No matter what, she felt like she was not fighting alone.

At the Shen family home.

Shen Youran bid the two of them goodbye and headed upstairs first.

After opening the door and walking in, she said, “Father, Mother, I’m home. Something happened in the afternoon, so I didn’t come back.”

However, the moment she entered, she saw her parents come out of their room in surprise.

Shen Youran’s mother looked at her with a flushed face. “Youran, you’re back. Are you alright?”

Shen Youran thought that there was something off about her mother’s expression. “Of course I’m fine. What did you think would happen to me?”

She narrowed her eyes and looked at her ever-transparent mother. “Mother, did people from the Chen family come to look for you?”

Only then did her mother sigh and look at Shen Youran. “Youran, why don’t you just give up? I know that a good man like Doctor Chen is hard to come by. He’s rich, powerful, loaded with money, has status, and his family is made up of public officials. However, we’re not good enough for a family like that.”

Shen Youran said, “Mother, love is a matter only for the two people involved. How is it related to what his family does?”

But her mother’s expression was still very strange.

She looked like she had something to say but dared not say it. Furthermore, her father was basically looking elsewhere and staying completely silent. Their behavior was very strange.

She said, “Father, Mother. Tell me the truth. What exactly is happening?!”

Her father finally said, “Can’t you just tell her?” He pulled Shen Youran closer and said, “The Chen family gave us some money on the condition that we look for another ordinary household… and you reject the Chen family. We got the money and our good days are ahead…”

Shen Youran looked at him in shock. “How much?”

Her father said, “Three… three million.”

Three million…

That much.

Her mother suddenly remembered it. She felt as if a meat pie had literally fallen down from the sky. “Seriously. These rich people are so impressive. This is what being rich means. They can fork out money so easily and aren’t at all indecisive. Your father already went to the bank to take a look. The money has already been transferred. My goodness, we’ll be able to move into a big house in the future…”

“That’s enough, Mother!”




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