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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
❤️Season Two❤

🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

I cleared my throat a few seconds later. Dylan looked onto me expecting an answer I couldn't provide. I couldn't bare the disappointment he'd feel for me. Finding out I was the cause of my parent's current problem. I just can't take that from him.

"You know what, never mind." He finally said when I couldn't respond.

"Oh... Okay." I said feeling a little nervous still.

"I should really get some rest before the doctor comes and discharges me." He says and turns away making me feel terrible.


"Have fun." His tone tells me he has no interest in taking the topic any further.

"Alright. I'll stay here until you get discharged then." I state and seat close to him.

"There's no need, you have a date right?"

"Huh..." I said furrowing my brows in confusion.

"I'm not stupid Camilla. Wine, champagne soon he'll call and ask what restaurant? " I placed my hands over my lips to prevent me from bursting into laughter.

"What's funny Camilla? I should be happy that you're trying to rekindle your relationship but..."

"But what?" I asked staring at him, not breaking eye contact.

"Well, I'm not." He says as firm as he could.

"Jealous much?" I said in teasing manner.

"Hell yeah!" He says making me stop.

"U-umm we aren't getting back together." I clear my throat touching my neck.

"Why would you be jealous if we were?" I asked waiting for a response. Silly thoughts began to creep in that maybe, just maybe Dylan has feelings for me or maybe he's just being possessive.

He did call me his. Now that I think of it, Dylan has just been possessive. He acts like he owns me but does he have feelings for me or he just wants attention?

"Because I don't want you two together." He states and my thoughts are confirmed.

"He's a possessive jerk. Well jokes on him because I don't belong to anyone." I mumbled under my breath.

"Oh, okay." I say shrugging my shoulders nonchalantly.

"Get some rest then." I chuckle nervously and he stays properly in bed before shutting his eyes lightly.

I was so scared of the truth coming out that I hid it for weeks but had anything changed between us? It looks like the same cycle and nothing changed.

It's all in my head then. Soon, we will be moving out of the house and it'll be like Dylan and I never met. He'll forget about me, now that I'm close he's being territorial but once I'm gone he moves into the next new thing.

I might as well enjoy it while it last putting it at the back of my mind it's temporary. I must never, ever let it get to my head. Dylan Emerton doesn't have a permanent stay in my life.

I heaved a sigh of nervousness before standing up. Like I said, I intend to enjoy every bit of it while it lasts. when he's gone, I only have the memories to remember him.

With that said, I gently pressed my lips against his. His eyes immediately fluttered up and he took control of the kiss deepening it. 

"Don't get caught up but enjoy it why it lasts Camilla." I spoke to myself before raking my hands through his hair letting a moan escape through my lips........


  1. Camilla keep kissing a patient in the hospital. Why not allow him to rest

  2. This is the best medicine he can ever get



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