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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
❤️Season Two❤

🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

I wonder if Dylan would get mad when he finds out I told her. Who cares anyways, the look on her face is priceless and totally worth it.

She's red as a tomatoe but not blushing. I can see rage clearly. Miranda is trying her best not to look amused, clearly failing though. 

"I'll leave y'all now, I'll go watch the game. Have fun but remember, I'm the one who trending." I click my tongue and walk away.

"Who are you and where's the girl I dated?" Kyle joked making me smile a little.

"Kyle, I need your advice on something really important. You're the only one I can talk to about this, no one else knows." I take a deep breath closing my eyes for a second.

"The insurance company realise that the fire wasn't an accident."

"But it was an accident."

"That I caused." I whisper and he sighs.

"You didn't mean it Camilla."

"Maybe I did, I was really mad at them that day."

"But you didn't,it was your house too. You also lost valuables."

"What if a case is opened or something. What if my parents don't get compensated?"

"Nothing like that is going to happen Camilla."

"That's why I need your advice. I'm thinking of telling them but I'm not sure how they'll take it."

"They might be angry definately but I think if it comes from you and you explain what really happen, you have a chance at forgiveness but for that to happen, you need to act fast." I grin the moment be completes his statement, I hadn't realised how much I missed him.

"Thank Kyle." I hug him slightly.

"Come on, practice has almost begun."


Like I predicated, due to Dylan's absence we got a whopping beating from Brandon's team. It won't last though.

I was already on my way to see him and I really hope he's feeling better.

After my parents drop me off, I try to formulate a plan to get them to listen to me. They're leaving tomorrow for God knows how long. If I'm going to talk to them it has to be tonight.

💬 What two things can I use to set the mood. I need it to be perfect. I sent the text to Kyle and patiently wait for his response while walking towards Dylan's room.

I cooed slightly at his sleepy figure, he looked so cute as he laid in bed sleeping. His hair slightly covered his face making him even more drool worthy.

I walk towards him trying hard not to wake him up. He yawns in his sleep making me giggle.

"So cute...." I mumbled, he seemed to have heard him as his eyes flutters open seconds later.

"Hey..." I say raising my brows a little.

"Hi. I was resting, I get discharged today and I have to play tomorrow so I need all the rest I can get."

"You're not playing tomorrow maybe on Friday but definitely not tomorrow."

"Yes or no, we got our ass kicked at practice today because I was absent?" He asks, I was about to answer when my phone beeped.

💬 Wine, champagne. It's a message from Kyle and Dylan reads it too.

"You and Kyle are back on talking terms?"

He asks and I nod slowly.

"Why is he texting you about wine? A date?" He adds a follow up question, one I can't answer because if he finds out the truth he might be disappointed in me. He will be disappointed in me. I might just have to lie my way out of this mess.......



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