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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   πŸ”ž{The Bad Boy Wants Me}πŸ”ž
❤️Season Two❤

πŸ₯°Camilla's PovπŸ₯°

I racked my brain, I even scratched my hair slightly searching for his to let him down gently. There's no way in hell I'm saying yes to his proposal.

My eyes darted towards my phone the minute it began ringing. Saved by the phone. A smile errupted on my face when it turned out to be Dylan calling. He must've gotten his phone somehow.

πŸ“ž Hey. I started with a smile staring awkwardly at Blake.

πŸ“ž Are you okay? I got really worried. You just left without a word.

πŸ“ž Yeah, I'm fine. It's Miranda, I'll tell you about it when I come see you tomorrow.

πŸ“ž Oh, alright. He says sighing.

πŸ“ž I'm just glad you're okay. He added.

πŸ“ž Is that Dylan's hoodie. Blake says in the background reaching for his hoodie under my pillow.

πŸ“ž Is that Blake? Dylan asks getting me alarmed.

πŸ“ž Umm Dylan....

πŸ“ž Is he in your room because you said you Keep the hoodie in your room? He asks again making me gulp.

πŸ“ž Yes he's in my room, we were just talking.

πŸ“ž Oh, I guess I'm interrupting something. I'll call you later. Bye. He hangs up not letting respond and the phone slips from my grip.

πŸ“ž Am I interrupting something? Blake asks clearing his throat.

πŸ“ž Not really. I think I'll be busy this Saturday, I won't even have time to go shopping. I'm sorry Blake. I say keeping a straight face.

πŸ“ž It's okay. I understand. I'll let you get some rest now, I'll catch you later. He gets up and moves towards my door. 

The minute he's out of my room, I quickly dial Dylan's number again.

πŸ“ž Hey.... I trail off with an intake of Breath.

πŸ“ž Are you done with him? I could sense the anger in his tone.

πŸ“ž Yes, he just left. It isn't wasn't you think Dylan, he just asked me to the movies.

πŸ“ž Oh , have fun. He mumbled sarcastically.

πŸ“ž You're being childish Dylan. I said no. 

πŸ“ž You did? He asks trying to clarify.

πŸ“ž Yes, I did. I repeated exhaling.

πŸ“ž But Blake is in college. He's hotter and sexier.

πŸ“ž I know right. I said dreamily. I hear him snort before shaking my head.

πŸ“ž I mean, I know but he's not my type.

πŸ“ž Then what is your type.

πŸ“ž I don't know Dylan. You should get some rest. Good night.

πŸ“ž I'll see you tomorrow. He says sounding tiredly.

πŸ“ž But just to satisfy your curiousity, my type would most definately be the younger brother.

πŸ“ž What! I clicked the answer button chuckling before getting into bed for an early slumber.


After getting ready for school, I made plans to go see Dylan after. I needed to inform my parents so they'll notify me if they're too busy to take me or not. Brandon's team mates would be coming over for practice and I wonder how they'll they'll do now that Dylan is still recuperating.

I walked towards my mom and dad's room unintentionally Evesdropping on the conversation.

"That's not possible dear, the insurance should've arrived by now. They're just saying that so they won't pay. There's no way our house was burned down on purpose." I heard mom's voice through the day.

"Oh God! I'm so busted."




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