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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
❤️Season Two❤

🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

I didn't know how to react. Of course I wanted to kiss him, we just did a few minutes ago but it barely lasted a minute.

I simply wanted to press my lips against his and his pouty face was helping me make the decision faster.

I paused when I heard the door creak open.

Dylan's face scrummed up in a frown then it moved to disgust and finally rage.

Turning back, Brandon and some of his teammates alongside Dylan's team mates walked in. Gina and her crew went in with them and so did Miranda.

I wondered if Gina forgave her, it's all my fault. Our eyes maid contact but she quickly looked away.

Coach wasn't here which was to be expected. Brandon was the first to speak up.

"Dylan, I'm so glad your okay. I thought something might have happened, you know accidents happen on the pitch Everytime. Most times, the injured person doesn't survive and even if they do, it's scars them but I'm glad you're okay."

"The game is on Friday but you look really wounded, I can only pray you get better before then else I fear you might not be able to play as you know health comes first."

He finished off with one of his best fake smiles, I could tell his words had a different meaning. Sarcasm dripped from his tone but we just had to keep calm. 

Before I knew it, they all crowded him making me feel invisible so I carefully slipped out and left the room.

The headache I felt had reduced now that I know Dylan's okay, I can't believe he almost died. It's all Brandon's fault, he's doing this because of me and I have to find a way to stop him.

I checked my watch and it was almost closing hour, I still had to go back to school to grab a few things. Get my parents to pick me up, Dylan would probably be discharged tomorrow. I only hope he can play on Friday, if he doesn't it'll be very hard for our team to win. Not Impossible but extremely hard.

I got to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee and maybe say goodbye to Dylan before finding my way back to school.

Thankfully, I had some money left with me. I sipped the coffee, it wasn't that hot, just a little warm.

Then, I noticed Miranda walking up to me.


I half smiled, she got to me fiddling with her fingers.

"How did it go with Gina? Did they hurt you or something? Is your mom gonna get to keep her job? I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

I bombarded her with questions before taking a deep breath awaiting her response.

"Gina gave me a second chance, I'm okay. My mom gets to Keep her job too."

"Oh my God, that's amazing. I thought something terrible will happen. You don't look so happy though, are you sure everything's okay?"

"There is one condition though."

She looked back, Gina and her minions were walking towards me.

"I'm sorry Camilla...."

She sobs lightly making me confused.

Seconds later, she yanked the coffee from my hand spilling it all over me.

"Wow, I didn't think you had it in you. Great job Miranda. Let's go."

She bowed her head slightly but walked away with them. My feets unable to move after what she did but could I blame her?.....




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