Wednesday, 29 July 2020


🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
❤️Season Two❤

🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

The prank was simple. We take away all your underpants and leave them in strategic positions round the house. I did mine carefully so I wouldn't arose suspicion but Dylan on the other hand wasn't so quiet.

"Hey, this last cabinet and then we leave."

He warned, I placed my hand over my lips to stop myself from giggling. He carefully opened it but Blake had no underwear in.

"Guess that's it. Let's go."

He tugged at my arm but something caught my eye.

"What's this?"

I asked myself bringing it out. A letter from Blake's college. Out of curiosity, I opened it up and the heading made my breath hitched.


It read bodly, Dylan gasped and so did I.

"Is this what I think it is?"

I asked myself. I had to rub my eye lids to prevent myself from doubting my vision. I did that repeatedly but the letter remained the same.

I read through quickly and it was sealed by his college itself. Blake was expelled for misconduct. This was dated one week ago when he returned. He didn't come back for holidays or to see his parents. He came back because he was kicked out of school.

"Go get the underwears."

I said to Dylan. I took my phone out from my pocket taking pictures of it. We kept his clothes back where we found them and walked out of his room like nothing ever happened.

"Are you going to tell your parents?"

"I'm not sure Camilla. It's alot to take in. I'll think with a clear head tomorrow. But for now, I think I'll just go to bed."

I pecked his cheeks earning a cute smile from him but spunning around heading towards my room.

Truly, it's a lot to take in for one night.


Saturdays were always the best for me. I get to do my chores and sleep in all day. Now that they're no chores, I just get to sleep in all day.

I tossed and turned in my bed at eleven pm finally awaking. I took a bath, got changed and decided it was time to go downstairs and grab a bite.

I might a disheartening sight in the living room. Mr and Mrs Emerton looked enraged as they stared at Dylan. His head was slightly bowed.

"You know son. Your skills in playing football always made us  proud but now you went ahead and ruined that."

His dad says and even I feel bad. They never once showed him that they care but now that he's in trouble, they're the first to scold him.

"At least I didn't get expelled."

He suddenly says, Blake is at the far end of the room and his head shots us.


His mom was the one to speak up this time.

"Your star son, Blake Emerton got expelled from college. I might be a messed up kid but at least I didn't get expelled."

With that, he runs up the stairs straight to his room barely giving me one glance....



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