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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   πŸ”ž{The Bad Boy Wants Me}πŸ”ž
❤️Season Two❤

πŸ₯°Camilla's PovπŸ₯°

It was getting pretty late, my head was still on Dylan's shoulder but I yawning extremely tiredly plus we had school tomorrow and he has football practice.

"Dylan, let's go inside." I said nudging his elbow so he'll listen.

"Ugh! I wanna stay here, with you..." He says holding my arm.

"But we need to get inside. Now Dylan." I got up and tugged his arm so he'd listen.

"Ugh!" He groaned but finally got up and we went inside.

"We should do this more often."

" least until I leave and you forget about me.." I blurted out and his eyes darkened.

"Is that what you think?"

"It's what I know. Night Dylan." Without another word, I gently closed the door and went to bed.


I got ready and it was still cold outside. I wonder how they could ever play football like this. Our team is going over there again and I really hope we do better this time.

A part of me wants Dylan to play but the other part doesn't want to risk him getting hurt.

After much contemplation, I finally grabbed Dylan's hoodie and wore it over my shirt.

Grabbing my bag and the other things I needed, I strode downstairs and my parents were already gone. I sighed deeply and shook my head before joining them on the table.

His parents were staring at me weirdly and so was Blake who was also weirdly silent.

I heard footsteps and turned to see Dylan walking towards us. For a second, he looked really surprised to see me wearing his hoodie. I shrugged it off and ate a little before they were ready to drop us off.


After another round of weird stares, they finally dropped us off at school.

"I'm never doing that again." Dylan whined clenching his teeth.

"Tomorrow, I'm on my bike again." He added making me giggle.

"Camilla, about what you said last night....."

"It was late, I was tired. Pay no heed to my words Dylan." I said, he gave me a small smile and we walked inside.

As always, the bus was parked in front of the school and students were trooping in.

"Are you coming or staying in school?"

"Do you want me to tag along?" I asked and he nodded.

"Alright. Let's go." We both walked towards the bus and got in. Dylan first and I after.

If I thought the looks i got from his parents were weird and awkward the ones every student in the bus were giving me was two times worse.

Their eyes were mostly on my chest and I remembered I was wearing Dylan's hoodie. I didn't think it would get me too much attention, I guess I underestimated the over thinking of a bunch of highschool students.

"So it is true..." A girl finally spoke up after a few seconds of me standing at the door unable to make a move.

"You live with Dylan Emerton " Another added. Dylan turned back at me with a look I couldn't quiet decipher.

"You told them..." He says and I couldn't figure out if he was angry. It was like his number one rule or something and I just broke it....

I'm screwed!



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