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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

          My eyes were on him as we talked about random things. There was more to Dylan Emerton than just a play boy. For one, he loved football more than I thought, I get it that it's a thing for guys but still Dylan's love is off the charts.

I hadn't noticed alot of time had passed, I glanced at the time and it was already 6pm.

"Umm, I need to go freshen up."

He nodded slightly.

"Have dinner with us?"

I gave him a small smile before standing up. He pecked my cheeks lightly making me smile fully.

"Thanks for this today, coffee, pool. Thanks."

He repeats before I leave.


 For the first time in a while, I took a bath and went downstairs for dinner. Mom had requested I had dinner since we had a "full" house, I shrugged it off but  I found myself going. I had a feeling it was going to be awkward, Blake and Dylan seating at the same table for almost an hour wouldn't go so well.

As always, I picked a casual outfit and strode downstairs, I made a mental note to ask my mom to take me the mall during the weekends, I needed new clothes. That's if she's still home and hasn't ran off to a business trip with dad or something.

My eyes darted to the table, everyone was already focused on their meal. I took the only free seat, the one closest to Dylan.

"So son, how's college?" Mr. Emerton asks after a few minutes.

"Great." He beams. I glance at Dylan and watch his neutral expression probably wondering how many times his parents had asked me how was highschool.

"You should come home more often." 

Again, I look towards Dylan. His frown for a second before straightening his face.

"You'll definately be seeing more of me."

Blake grins and I have to admit handsomeness does run in the family. He's really cute.

"So Camilla..."

He calls out my name and I look up to meet his face.

"Yes..." I say half-smiling.

"Like I said, I was hoping we could spend some time together. Would you wanna watch a movie after dinner, you should see the theater."

"I have actually, watched a movie there before."

"That's great, you could pick a movie although I was hoping we could jumaji."

It was in the confines of the house but it sounded like a date, weird right.

My parents make no move to oppose, this time I didn't take in Dylan's face.

"Umm, I actually have classes tomorrow and projects to catch up on. Maybe some other time."

"I actually thought it was football season but it's okay, some other time."

I give him a small nod and go back to my food.

Afterwards, we ate in silence. I hated it so I decided to bring something up.

"Umm mom, I was hoping we could go to the mall later on and get some clothes. I'm all out, weekend maybe?"

"Actually dear, we might not stay that long."


I say sadly.

"I could go with you. I'm a guy so I'll know the clothes that'll look great on you."

He says with a smile, I didn't have any choice than to agree with a small nod.

Just then, Dylan stood up grabbed his plate.

"I'm full mom, dad. Goodbye Mr and Mrs Renee."

He greets and walk to the kitchen. Seconds later, he's walking up to the stairs. I gulp and continue eating......



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