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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

       I threw him a low snort so he wouldn't get suspicious. Mondays are never a good day for me, I just hate them.

"Good, you two better get along. You're going to be spending alot more time together." His mom added and the grown-ups went upstairs.

"Well, at least I can take a walk today before the punishment starts tomorrow." I mumbled inaudibly.

"Oh, and the punishment begins right now." I heard mom's voice echo like she read my mind. I turned and Dylan was grinning like a cat.

NOTE: That Night at the party, Camilla assumed Kyle followed her and was behind her, she didn't turn. But she realised Brandon when he spoke! It wasn't Kyle. Read carefully please and don't end up confusing yourself.

"I'm going to my room." I said after a few seconds.

"Wait, you sound like you're angry at me!"

"Well that's because I am." I replied.

"I was home free when you told my parents about the party and ended up getting yourself grounded too..." I added and he sighed.

"Okay am sorry Camilla, this house is huge. Trust me you won't even think about it as being "stuck" inside." I glanced at him suspiciously.

"The theatre isn't the only fun play here." I was peaked with interest.

"We have a game house, an outdoor pool ..." He trailed off, my eyes widened in shock.

"You guys have a pool!" I exclaimed in excitement.

"Yeah, we do." 

"Hmm, okay. I'll go get my swimming...." I trailed off realising I didn't own any swimming attire any longer.

"You don't have any swimming trunks right?" He chuckled a little.

"It's okay, I'll get you one."

"Never mind, I really don't want to wear one that might've belonged to...." I trailed off hoping he understood what I meant.

"Seriously Camilla..." He trailed off sounding hurt.

"My mom buys them all the time, there should be one in her closet or something." He added quickly and walked away.


I called out but he was already gone.

"Stupid." I face palmed myself waiting for him to get back.

"Here you go." I heard his voice as he emerged from the stairs. 

He wasn't lying, the trunk was obviously new. Hadn't even been touched yet, I felt really bad.

"Dylan, wait...." I reached out to hold his hand.

"Am sorry I judged you like that, it just slipped out. I most definately didn't mean it." I apologized truthfully, he still bowed his head a little.

"Dylan, I'm really sorry." I pleaded, he refused to budge. He carefully removed my hand and walked away. I trailed behind him since I had no idea where the pool was.

Minutes later, he stopped and I gasped in admiration. The pool was a little big, had a mini stair and all so you could get in. Dylan didn't wait any longer, he took of his shirt showing his tanned skin, I couldn't get a look at his abs since he backed me.

"Dylan, I said am sorry." I practically begged but he didn't respond.

"Seriously, silent treatment. How mature?" I scoffed feeling annoyed. He dove into the water and started swimming, I knew how to swim so I didn't need his help but I hated the fact that he wasn't talking to me.

"Dylan!" I yelled but he wouldn't respond. I sighed feeling defeated and went to a corner to change. The trunk was a bit small but it would have to do. I kept my clothes safely at one side and got out. Dylan wasn't in the water anymore.

"Dylan...." I called out alarmed.

"Dylan!" I raised my voice but I still couldn't find him. I quickened my footsteps, looking in all directions wondering where he might have wandered off too.

"D....." I walked on, looking backwards when I tripped on something cutting my search short. I waited for the pain that would come when I hit the hard ground but nothing came. I blinked my eyes opened and I noticed he caught me, making me stand upright without saying a word still. His eyes trailed over my body and I gulped feeling aware.....



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