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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

           Minutes later, after the praises had subsided. A little though because the girls still talked of him and boys still said how envious they were. The cheer leaders and the guys ran to the locker room to celebrate. Brandon and the rest of his team mates were already on their way back to school, our guys would go over there tomorrow.

"Hey, I can't go there. Gina and the girls might be in there." 

I stood close to the locker room, unsure if I should go in or not. I looked back at a frightened Miranda refusing to take any step closer.

"It's okay, I see you later. I just need to do something first." 

She nodded her head at my response and turned to leave.
I didn't really know what I had to do. After that stunt on the field, I felt that I had to see Dylan, congratulate him and all then I'll leave. I gulped and exhaled, giving myself the self confidence I needed to push the door open and go inside. The locker room reeked of boy sweat. Most of them were already hitting the showers, the cheerleaders around some, it was a kind of custom for a cheerleader to date a football player.I searched for Dylan but couldn't find him.

"Are you lost little girl!"

Gina spat out, I ignored her still searching for Fallon.

"You can leave now."

She adds pointing at the door.

"Or I'll throw you out..."

She adds again with a serious tone.

"I'll see him when I get home, I really don't want Trouble with her."

I reasoned with myself, sighed defeatedly  and resigned to leaving.

Just then, Dylan emerged from the showers. He has changed his clothes already but he was still wet. I gulped in admiration. He lips were moving obviously he would saying something or trying to mouth something to me, too bad I was barely listening.

"Camilla was just leaving..."

Gina grabbed me roughly by my arm. I finally snapped from my trance.

"Let go of her now!" He fired in a hard tone.
He matched towards me, took my hand and glared at her. There was very little space between the guys and the girls so we tried to find a secluded area to talk. Finally, we did and he smiled trailing his eyes over me.

"You know how risky it is to come back here, yet you did...." He trailed off clearly amused.

"Well yeah, I do. I just wanted to say congratulations, you did really great."

"You were impressed?"

"Definately." I grinned fully.

"Alright then...." He brought his hand to my face, brushed the hair from my face so he could have a clearer look at my face.

"Thank you Camilla..." His voice was barely audible to others but I heard him as clear as day.

"Well then...."

I cleared my throat softly 

"I should really get going now." I chuckled nervously, he twitched his lips in a smile.

"Do you have to?"

"Well, there are no more classes so no but you're quarter back of course everyone would want you to be close to them."

I replied truthfully.

"I know but sometimes it gets really overwhelming you know,I just want to get away from it just for a little while."

He smiled genuinely making my insides flip.

"So Camilla Renee, would you be my escape, just for today."

His proposal was crazily funny, it warmth my heart and made a blush creep to my cheeks......




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