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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

           I move backwards, the goal was to create  as much space between us as possible. His goal was to make me cower in fear as he moved towards me. I tried to keep myself from hyperventilating but it was of no use. 

Just then, my back hit a human wall, I turned and saw Dylan glaring.

"Rich mond..." He cocked his head smacking his lips.

"Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for practice?" 

"I am." Brandon smiled.

"Brandon..." He stretched his arm for a shake.

"Dylan..."Dylan responded, taking it in a firm handshake, they both have each other fierce looks.

"May the best team win." Brandon added grinning and walked away.

"Have we met before?" Dylan suddenly asked.

"Shit! fuck!" I cursed internally. Brandon glanced at me and licked his lips.

"Oh God please..." I prayed silently.

"Yes we have..." Brandon responded, my heart was racing now.

"We met yesterday at the party." I heaved a large sigh in relief.

"See you around Kingston." Brandon turned around and walked away and just like that, I could finally breathe properly.

"Was he bothering you?" Dylan asked softly.

"N-No..." I stuttered, he gave me a suspicious look.

"I should get to class before school activities are over..." I hurridely said, he held my arm.

"Umm could you attend the practice game, it would mean a lot." He ran his hands through his hair nervously, I bit my lips thinking of how to answer.

"Of course, I'll be there." I half smiled and walked away.


As I suspected, there weren't much classes as everyone remained in anticipation for the friendly practice game as they called it. I kept my books and hung my bag since it might go on up until closing bell. I opened up a snack walking towards the yard where the match would be held.

"Hey..." Miranda chirped walking besides me.

"Hey.." I greeted with a smile.

"I'm really sorry I didn't say goodbye, I left in a hurry. Plus I don't have your cell number." I apologized, she grinned like it was nothing.

"It's cool, you're watching the game right?" I nodded in response.

"That's cool, we should watch together."

"Are you not scared of Gina?"

"Nope, she's a cheer leader remember." She beamed.

"Ohh, right. Let's go then." We increased our pace so we wouldn't miss a thing.


The whistle was blown minutes ago when  the game began. For a friendly match, they didn't play so sweetly. Each team tried to get to ball and win, if this was just practice I wonder how the competition would play out. I gulped as I watched Dylan play so well, I understand why girls swoon, he's a quarterback, cute. Everything makes sense. I sighted Brandon on the field, his face was squeezed tightly, Our team were one point ahead of them, if they score they would get an equalizer. I watched keenly as Dylan held the ball moving expertly. Just one more point and even if they score it wouldn't matter. I laced my fingers with Miranda shutting my eyes and praying. Usually, I wasn't interested in football at all but right now, the match was so intense I wanted Dylan to win at all cost. I opened my eyes halfway as I heard cheering. Dylan was about to score, people began to chant, I smiled fully. My lips moved on their own accord to call his name. Suddenly, he scored and the final whistle was blown at the same title. Everyone got up cheering his name,I smiled unable to contain my emotions. Just then, he sighted me and did something strange. He used his hands to form a heart shape object, pointed to me and blew a kiss. I looked back trying to see if it was for some other girl but it wasn't, it was for me. A blush crept to my cheeks as students continued chanting.




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