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♀️ Living With Him ♀️

   πŸ”ž {The Bad Boy Wants Me} πŸ”ž
πŸ₯° Camilla's Pov πŸ₯°

       In this moment, I had two options. Point blank tell him the truth if I did, it would mean I would tell him the truth which I wasn't ready for yet. Or I could lie and chuckle over it. Well like my dad used to say, there's always a third option you could tell a semi-lie. Tell the truth but conceive it in the truth. No matter what, in every lie there's definitely an element of truth. I cocked my head to the side and chuckled.

"Definitely we've kissed before, I mean did the last two hours of the party escape your head?" I said it in a joking manner, it was the truth and a lie because I knew he didn't mean this night. However, because of the way I said it, he wouldn't ask any more questions. 

My plan worked, seconds later he raked his hands through his hair and sighed.

"Yeah, I must have been a little tipsy. I thought I remembered something." I gulped and gave him a full grin.

"We should go inside, am tired." I faked a yawn eager to get into the comforts of my own room. He seemed convinced as he asked no further questions.

NOTE: Kyle and Camilla dated for two years, I made a mistake before, it's been rectified.

I got to my room and closed the door behind me reminding myself I couldn't think of Brandon or the past, refusing to take a shower I jumped into bed taking my shoes up, covering myself totally.


I woke up to a soft knock on the door,I rubbed my eye lids trying to remember who might that be.

"Ugh, who could that be. Maybe Dylan his parents....Parents!" I jumped out of bed remembering my parents were here, after last night I had totally forgot about checking up on them. If they had arrived before me and found out I went partying without informing them, I'm a dead person. I took off my clothes so they wouldn't noticed and tip toed towards the door. I ran my hands through my hair in a bit to straighten it out and unlocked the door. As I suspected, my parents were standing at the other side.

"Morning mom and dad." I greeted awaiting their response. They glanced at me for a while before answering.

"We're sorry we couldn't spend time with you yesterday, I know that's one of the main reason why we're back, we'll make it up to you." Dad apologized, I grinned immediately.

"So you mean you two came in late last night?" I asked for clarification.

"Yeah, anything?"

"Nope, nothing." I grinned again, they gave me weird looks but I couldn't be happier.

"I'll go get ready for school dad." They half-smiled for some reason and walked away.

I danced around a little, I didn't want a talk from my dad or my mom and now I'm home free. I got ready almost immediately and rushed downstairs.

By the time I arrived, almost everyone was done with breakfast. I didn't mind since I wasn't there hungry.

"So Camilla, now that your parents are back for a while, do you want them to drop you off or continue with Dylan?" Mr Emerton asked softly, Dylan winked at me like some sort of resume. Deciding to  annoy him a little, I smirked.

"I'll go with my Dad." I said in a sweet tone, his eyes widened and he glared at me. Just then, he lips twitched in mischief.

"But how are we going to sneak off to a party after school?" He whined, my dad dropped his fork immediately staring at me.

"You, went to a party...." He drawled out.

"B-Busted....." Dylan stuttered beside me......



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