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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   πŸ”ž{The Bad Boy Wants Me}πŸ”ž
πŸ₯°Camilla's PovπŸ₯°

          I got through the rest of the day with gossipers lurking at every corner. Apparently, I was the talk of the school. After lunch, everyone heard of the semi-epic fight between Kyle and Dylan, no one cared about that though, the highlight was that Dylan didn't right back when everywhere knew he could've easily beaten him to a pulp.
Most people concluded it was because of me, they weren't wrong. Speculations began to arise, some said I cheated on Kyle with Dylan, others said I was screwing Dylan while trying to keep Kyle. Different stories went round school before the closing bell was rung. I hated this much attention, the minute I stepped out of class, people were staring and whispering like I couldn't see them. I closed my locker a little harshly before moving towards the parking lot to wait for Dylan.

"You just don't listen..." A farmilar voice said, I turned back to see the bitch who slapped me.

"Come again for another round." I chuckled , she scoffed.

"Stay away from Dylan Emerton." She warned , I noticed Miranda wasn't with them, it was just her and the two girls.

"Ok...." I decided to be a tease.

"I'll stay away from him..." I trailed off ,sighting him coming from afar.

"But can you tell him to stay away from." I pouted.

"She bothering you?" He asked, I shook my head, grabbed my helmet and got on his bed. Just to rile her up, I held onto Dylan tighter than needed, he drove off. I didn't miss the look of rage in her eyes. I chuckled and Dylan joined me. 


"I broke it up." I stated as he pulled over.

"Okay..." He stared at me, I gulped and nodded. We walked into the house.

"We'll leave by 7." 

"Okay..." I walked to my room, opened the door and laid on my bed. I took a quick shower, going back downstairs to search for my parents.

"Ma'am Camilla..." The maid called out, I turned back to see a middle aged woman.

"No Camilla's fine..." I corrected, she offered a small smile.

"Your parents went out with Mr and Mrs Emerton." She stated, I twitched my lips and nodded.

"They might be back late, dinner's ready." I smiled in response.

"I'm going out with Dylan later...Could you tell my parents when they get back.." I smirked knowing they'll be extremely mad.




"Thanks Ma'am Queen." I smiled and went back to my room to get ready.


After hours of sorting and searching, I finally got a nice blue gown to wear. I added some pumps and a little make up, I was good to go. As I stared at the mirror, memories came flooding back.

Two years ago, I got ready this same way.  Went to a party, got wasted and it changed my life. A week later, I met Kyle , he fought his way into my life and made me want to believe in love. Then, we started dating and now he hurt me again. You would think after what happened to me at a party, I'd want to stay away but I'm not sure how one night can be the worse and best night of your life.

"Ready?" Dylan asked barging in. I couldn't take my eyes off him, not because he looked cute or handsome. He's always like that. It was because of the shirt he was wearing, that same shirt. He was wearing that same shirt, the exact same one two years ago.

"Camilla..." He called out softly......



  1. I don't understand. As in you felt pity for him because he has one shirt? That one is not love. Thank you writer

  2. What actually happened between her and Dylan two years back
    Something happened!!
    That's why both of them keeps thinking about it

  3. What really happened two years back?



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