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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

            I helped him clean up his cheeks, face, neck. Anywhere he might have been hurt. Afterwards, we spent time in the locker room saying nothing , sometimes the silence helps too.

"Camilla." His voice was soft and tender, it made me turn to look at him. I offered no response but my face told him to carry on.

"I know This sounds crazy but , do you wanna go to the party together?" Okay the fund raiser thing was shady but this party thing meant he was asking me on a date right?. I just semi broke up with Kyle, it isn't official yet so going on a date with Dylan seems so cheating like, I can't.

"Dylan....I umm...I can't, Kyle and I are still on the outs, I'm not sure were we stand. He tried to hurt you and I don't want you getting in the middle of our messy relationship quarrels.

"I know Camilla, I'm not asking for much. I just want to drive you to the party and back, that's all?" His tone didn't show he had any other motive but when it came to Dylan, I couldn't be too sure.

"Ok..." I hesistantly replied.

Just then, his teammates barged in, some of them at least.

"Yo man! Are you crazy?" One asked all of a sudden.

"How could you let that idiot beat you up and do Nothing?" Another added, I forgot that Dylan was the school's "bad boy" he didn't hit back because of me and it might cost him his reputation.

"You know what? Doesn't matter, we got you covered." My eyes widened and they smirked.

"Guys, it's all cool. I can handle this." I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Because of her right?" He used his head to point to me, I fiddled in my seat.

"She's off limits." He drawled out.

"Hey man, I'm just asking." He raised his hands defensively.

"Come on Camilla, let's go." He held my hand, we stood up and walked out the door.

"Thank you." I muttered, he nodded.

"It's okay, just try and do something with him. Fix things or break up but do something." I nodded my head slowly.

"So I'll pick you up." He joked.

"Very funny...." I giggled a little.

"I'll see you after school." It was weird wanting to hug him, I didn't. I simply waved off the feeling and continued my search for Kyle. As I suspected, he was by his locker. His face cleared showed anger. I put on my best cold look and marched towards him.

"We need to talk." I made my voice cold and void of any emotion, exactly what he deserved. His eyes held so much hurt , I led the way and he followed. We got to the class, I kept my hand down trying hard not to smack him.

"That stunt you pulled during lunch..." I trailed off, he bowed his head.

"You cheated, two years with you. I never once cheated with you. Before we started dating, alot happened to me. I fucking opened my heart to be with you , what did you do? We had one argument, you screwed with Eva on purpose to spite me, I want out and you end up hurting Dylan. You know very well he could pay back , his team mates, you could get seriously hurt but you don't fucking care Kyle.."

"Argggg!" I yelled, messing up my hair.

"I'm sorry Camilla .." He tried to touch me, I pushed him away.

"Dating you was a mistake, after what happened to me, I should've stuck with staying away from boys. I'm gonna make this as clear as possible. Kyle...." I started pointing at him.

"You and I..." I pointed at myself.

"We're done, over. Zilch. Broken up." I continued, a drop of tear threatened to fall.

"What I do isn't your fucking business because you Kyle!" I screamed sniffling.

"You ruined our relationship, you!" I yelled at his face.

"It's over for good, I'm saying this now so there's no confusion, stay away from me." A drop of tear rolled out from mine, I wiped it off immediately and stormed out of the class.

"You're not gonna cry... " I mumbled under my breath, rushing to the next class.

"I'm just gonna have fun at this party and let loose, just for a little while." I muttered  trying to keep my emotions at bay.....



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