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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

       By the time I woke up, it was preety late. My stomach grumbled in hunger, I didn't eat much today. I took off my clothes getting into the shower. Minutes later, I changed into my nighties and went downstairs to grab a quick snack.
I settled for a bowl of cereal and milk. I held it to my chest softly walking tiredly to my room when I heard noises from the theater. Out of curiousity, I moved towards it to check. Dylan was watching a movie and not just any one....

"You're watching "The Notebook". I chuckled . He noticed my presence, turned back and I started laughing.

"Dylan Emerton is watching a romance movie, this is front page news." I giggled and he glared.

"Why are you still up." He smiled lowly. I moved towards him and took a seat.

"I'm not, I've been asleep since we got back, I was hungry so I came to grab a snack." I started eating slowly.

"Why the notebook?"

"Nothing, I just felt like watching it."

"I thought you're one of those guys who mock girls that are helpless romantics."

"I am, you won't say a word about this to anyone." He threatened.

"Maybe I will, maybe I won't." I chuckled and he glared.

"I mean it Camilla."

"I probably won't remember anyways." 


"I have this stupid problem of forgetting things when I'm sleepy"

"Are you sleepy?"

"Nope...." I popped the "p" and he groaned.

"Let's just watch the movie." I placed my hand on his shoulders as we watched in silence.

"Kyle hurt you didn't he?" He broke the silence seconds later.

"How...W-when..." I stuttered.

"Our rooms aren't as far apart as you think plus, it's clear in your eyes." He stared at me before looking away.

"He had sex with her on purpose."

"Ohhhh." He said simply.

"It hurts like hell..." My voice came out low and cracked.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked." I didn't respond, I just focused on the movie.


"Hey Camilla..." He called out, I finished the cereal and my full concentration was on the movie although it had almost ended.

"Before you moved in here, have we met." My eyes wanted to close, I was tired.

"Yeah, countless times in school."

"I don't mean school Camilla, I mean have we met like just the two of us?" I yawned, I raised my head from his shoulder trying to keep my eyes on him. 

"Yes." I mumbled unsure if he heard me.

"Where?" His tone showed something I couldn't quite figured out. I didn't have time to process it because my eyes were closing.

"Camilla, where?" He asks again and i close my eyes completely.


I woke up in the comfort of my bed, I blinked my eyes rapidly as I stood up to get ready for school. Taking off my clothes, I decided to go with jeans and a T-Shirt. I took a shower and I was good to go. The events of last night weren't fully clear to me. If there was one thing I remembered it was Dylan watching "The Notebook." Am never forgetting that, I ate cereals resting on him, the movie ended and I told him about Kyle, he asks some questions and I think he brought me to my room. Like I said, I couldn't remember things once I get tired.

I got dressed and hurridely did some of my projects. I was too busy crying over Kyle to start up on anyone and now I was behind and would probably get punished. I zipped my bag and hung it over my shoulder ready to leave.

"Camilla..." Dylan's voice came out from the other side.

"Yeah, come In." I responded, he unlocked the door and walked in. Hands in his pockets as usual.

"Hey, I need to do something before I convince myself not to." He stated, I furrowed my brow in confusion.

"Ok..." I trailed off, slightly shaking my head. He marched towards me, I couldn't help but move back.

"We've met before, I can feel it. Before all this." He took one step closer.

"And then something happened." He added, I gulped.

"He couldn't remember, he just can't." I thought, we were inches apart now.

"And then I think we......." I shut my eyes scared of what he was going to reveal.

Suddenly, my door clicked upon and my eyes fluttered open. My eyes darted towards the door and my parents walked in. Without thinking, I shoved Dylan away lightly.

"No I didn't finish my project." I stated with a nervous chuckle. Dad gave me a look and mom suprisingly smirked. Then it hit me.

"You're back!" I yelled, jumping into their arms......



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