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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞{The Bad Boy Wants Me}🔞
🥰Camilla's Pov🥰

         I held the jacket firmly, he stood behind me breathing on my neck.

"Could you not do that." I tried to make my voice sound cold , it came out raspy instead.

"Do what?"

"Breath on me" I rolled my eyes and he chuckled.

"So in other words, you want me dead."

"Yes! Finally. Wow, you're not dumb." I said feigning shock .

"You know you're crazy right"

"So I have been told, why do you think I am?" He asks behind me .

"Well, you've been acting cold all night and now you're giving me your jacket."

"As annoying as you are, I don't want you to freeze to death."

"Wow, I'm flattered." I said sarcastically.

"And I was cold because we came here together and the first thing you did was to rush to Kyle even though he was with someone else, if that wasn't enough you accused me of emotional blackmail." I turned to look at him surprised at his out burst.

"Kyle is my boyfriend." I emphasized.

"Yeah , the kiss made it preety clear enough." I could tell he rolled his eyes.

"You saw?"

"I wanted to checkup on you, you were gone long." He responded and I sighed.

"Ok look am sorry I ditched you but I needed to fix things with Kyle and I have so things should be okay right?" He didn't respond and for a second I thought he walked away or something. I turned and he was right there.

"Earth to Dylan." I snapped my fingers repeatedly.

"Yup, things should be amazing but are they?" I could tell it was a rhetorical question so I provided no answer.

"I'm tired Dylan, I wanna go home." I sighed, that was the first time I called his house "home" and it felt relieving. Mom and Dad hadn't called in two days, I would have to call them when I get home.

"Me too, let's get home." He got his phone out .

📞 We're ready. He said simply.

"Driver's waiting, let's go." I wore the jacket properly.

"I should go say goodbye to Kyle, I meet you in the car." He offered a small smile and a nod.

I searched for Kyle but he was no where to be found. I dailed his number but it was switched off.

"Weird." I muttered under my breathe.

" I'll see him tomorrow." I went back outside to search for the car.

Dylan was inside and waiting, I got in and he tapped the tinted glass in front of us. The car ignited immediately and the driver was off. I yawned extremely tired.

"We'll be home soon." I heard him say, I yawned again resting my head on the car. 

"Hmm...." My eyes were threatening to fall, so heavy. Dylan moved closer, pushed my head a little to rest on his.

"Thank you..." I mumbled resting my lids.


I could feel my body weight been lifted off the ground, I blinked my eye lids slowly . Dylan was carrying me to my room. His eyes were on my face trying to figure me out. He pushed the door opened with his leg and dropped me on it. 

"Your eyes look just like hers." He said out of the blue or maybe I'm imagining things.

"But you can't be her, you can't." His voice sounded so firm. He leaned in, my eyes closed and I felt something warm and fuzzy cover me up, I shifted a little smiling.

"Your smile, just like hers." I yawned extremely tired.

"But you're not her, you're not her." He repeated, pecked my temples and walked out....


  1. Your kyle is making out. Dylan she is her

  2. Enlighten me ue know guys I started reading dis book from chapter wats da secret
    among the two. En wch gal is Dylan talking about



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