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🧘🏽‍♀️ Living With Him 🧘🏽‍♀️

   🔞 {The Bad Boy Wants Me} 🔞
🥰Camila's Pov🥰

        I glanced at Dylan. Kyle and the girl finally noticed our presence. I gulped hard as his face hardened when he noticed Dylan stood close to me. Feeling a little confident, I marched towards their table with a dazzling smile. Kyle arched his brows trying to comprehend what I had in mind. I took a seat in their table and faced her.

"What a lovely surprise....." I trailed off hinting I had forgotten her name.

"Eva...." She finished with a full smile, I couldn't ignore how preety she looked.

"We have English class together, fancy seeing you here." I chirped not sparing one look at Kyle.

"Umm, yeah I guess so. Kyle invited me since his parents were donating and I guess that's why you're here too?"

"Actually, I came here with a friend." I turned back and Dylan was leaning against a wall acting all nonchalant as always.

"Dylan Emerton is your friend." She squeeled with a slight chuckle.

"Yup." I popped the p with a slight grin.

"And Kyle is my boyfriend isn't that great?" He cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Then, I turned to steal a glance at Kyle and his face was priceless.

"Well, I'll leave you two to have fun and I'll see you later." I stood up, walked away .

"You done?" He asked coldly, I was taken aback by his question but refused to let it show on my face.

"Did you know he would be here?" I asked in a low tone.

"No, I didn't know." He responded and I rolled my eyes.

"Why don't I believe you?" I folded my arms. He shrugged and walked away without me.

"Rude." I muttered trailing after him as we found our table. He focused on his phone while I looked around extremely bored. 

"I lift the rule." I cleared my throat, he looked up for a second before going back.

"Hey, I said I lift the rule. I'm really bored." I twisted my lips. 

"Okay...." He raised his head up.

"Look over there, that's Kyle. I'm sure he'll be a great source of excitement for you." His words were dripping with sarcasm. I scoffed in response getting up in annoyance. I decided to go to the bathroom, powder my face and clear my thoughts. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, touched my make up a little and was about to leave when the door clicked open.
Eva walked in, I rolled my eyes about to walk out on her. She held my shoulders preventing me from taking another step.

"I really like Kyle Camilla." She stated, I rolled my eyes at her comment.

"He's my boyfriend." I responded in a hard tone.

"And yet you're with Dylan."

"Am not with Dylan, I don't have to explain anything to you, like I said Kyle is my boyfriend and you better back of. We might be having problems but we will always sort ourselves out." I finished and she smiled.

"Do you really think you'll still sort yourself out after he finds out the truth about you and Dylan." I gulped hard praying it wasn't what I thought.

"What truth." I glared hard feigning extreme confusion.

"The truth Camilla, I know what happened two years ago and I doubt Kyle knows too." She loosened her grip on my arm and my heart beat accelerated.....



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