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🧘🏽‍♀️Living With Him🧘🏽‍♀️

   πŸ”ž{The Bad Boy Wants Me}πŸ”ž
πŸ₯°Camilla's PovπŸ₯°

       I'm currently rummaging through my closet. In search for a suitable outfit which would make me look good enough to go to the party with Dylan tonight. Is not like I wanted to impress him or anything, his parents may be there and other important people too so I have to make a good first impression but every last one of my clothes had one problem or the other. The new clothes I got were for classes and casual events, definately not for a dinner party and the little I could manage were driving me crazy.

The red dress had too much slit at the side that my panties might even get exposed, one could only wonder why Dylan would get me a dress like that.

The black dress would show too much cleavages, my nipples might even be on display if someone looked hard enough.

The Purple dress didn't fit my skin, I looked terrible in it.

The green one was perfect but had a zipper problem.

And the yellow one, let's just say it was just too plain, I don't want to look like a slut but that doesn't mean showing off a little skin will hurt.

I slumped on the bed right on top the nunberous outfits, I checked the clock and it was already 7:00pm. I had taken my bath, I just needed to get dressed and apply a little make up. It was far too late to go to the boutique and even if it wasn't, I doubt I had enough money with me to spare.

I wagered that I had only one option and that was to go to Dylan's mom. I didn't want to be a burden but I already promised Dylan so I had no choice. I gulped hard practicing my lines before heading downstairs where I suspected they would be. She was in the kitchen giving orders to the maid ahead if time. I played with my nails, waiting for her to finish up. She finally turned around and broke in a smile.

"Dearie? Can I help you something."

"Actually, yes. There's this dinner party of yours Dylan invited me to and I want to look good enough but you know most of my clothes were...." She "shhed" me , pulled me by my arm and we were rushing upstairs.

"I've waited for this day for a long time, I only wanted a son. I got Dylan instead. It's been a while since he listened to me." She searched her closet while talking.

"I knew his parents asked him"

"I told him to bring a preety girl, I'm so glad he choose you." She got a cloth out, dumping it on the bed.

" didn't tell him me specifically?" I asked , my heart softened at the probability that it might be true.

"Nope." She popped the "p" and I almost screamed out in joy.

"I can't believe Dylan asked me from his heart." She three more clothes until there were at least ten from me to pick from.

"Now, let's get you ready." She raised some of her make-up causing me to smile.,


I applied a little powder to my face, Mrs Emerton was getting ready but she told me to leave without her. I went upstairs to grab my purse surprised to see Dylan at my door.

"Are you ready? Should I come in? I don't want you to slap me again if we have another "accident". He referred to the time he saw me naked. I cleared my throat making my presence known. He shamelessly feasted his eyes on my body hungrily. He was wearing a tux, looking even more handsome.

"Shall we?" I asked feeling a little unsure as he kept staring.

Umm, yeah. Sure." He mumbled and I led the way.


The car moved at a slow pace courtesy of the driver. The GPS announced that we would be there in less than five minutes. I wanted to be informed in order not to make a fool out of myself so I decided to ask follow up questions.

"What's the party about?"

"It's a fundraiser for the less privileged." He responded with no ulterior reactions. No smirk, no grin.

"Right, my rules." 

Minutes later, we arrived at the venue and it was dripping with elegance. I felt a little insecure about what I was wearing. I had no idea if he noticed but he took my head and we walked towards the entry. I smiled a little although it didn't quite reach my eyes. A few cameras clicked as pictures were taken, we got in.

I decided to use my eyes to search for a table or something and the little smile was wiped off my face.
Kyle was here and with him, the girl from school.

Wait a minute, did Dylan know?

Was that why he brought me here?



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