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Season 3

Episode 30

(She Doesn’t Even Call Me Zhuoli or Big Brother Zhuoli)

Hanging up the phone, Wei Zilin walked over. “Zhuo Zi”

Han Zhuoli put away his phone and raised his eyebrows. “You are really very fast.”

Wei Zilin chuckled lowly, “Isn’t it just me being eager to meet younger sister-in-law?”

His voice was very nice, like jade beads hitting each other, his low chuckle had a magnetic pull to it.

Lu Man kept feeling that his voice was very familiar, not just because she had heard him speak before, but because she had probably heard his voice somewhere else too.

Han Zhuoli turned around to introduce him to Lu Man.”This is the Wei Zilin from WeChat group, he is also the boss of the Lin Yi Public Relations Company.”

“I know, I’ve heard a lot about you.” Lu Man smiled at Wei Zilin.

“That’s just his popular public identity, there’s one more that you might not know about,” Han Zhuoli said, “He has a stage name in the anime and manga world, called Yu Linling 1 , he’s a famous voice-over artist and has done voice-overs for several movies.”

“I know!” Lu Man was not much surprised. “I have seen quite a few movies that Mr. Wei did voice-overs for, I really liked them! While watching the movies I even said that your voice was really amazing! Who knew that I could actually have the chance to see you in person!”

Not only was his voice good, but the artist himself was also handsome, he was just perfect.

Usually, for most of the voice-over artist with excellent voices, their looks tended to be very different from what people imagined.

But Wei Zilin totally satisfied the fantasies of those who liked to hear nice voices as well as those who liked charming looks.

“There’s no need to treat yourself like an outsider and call me Mr. Wei. You can just call me Zilin or Brother Wei.” Wei Zilin smiled widely, he did not imagine Lu Man to be his fan.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli’s face turned black. “She doesn’t even call me Zhuoli or Brother Zhuoli.”

How could she call other men that!

“Ah, that’s because you can’t… 2 ,” Wei Zilin mocked as if wanting to be beaten.

Han Zhuoli, “…”

You can say anything about a man, but you definitely can not say that!

Usually, she would see them bickering playfully in the group and thought that they were only like that when online. She never thought that even upon being face-to-face they would have the same personality as on the group, it was quite funny.

But because of this, even though it was her first time meeting him in person, Lu Man was not awkward or shy, “Then I’ll call you Big Brother Wei.”

Han Zhuoli protested unhappily. “You haven’t called me Big Brother Han before either.”

Lu Man stared at him. “Isn’t that how Dai Yiran called you?”

She had said it a long time ago, she did not want to call him the same way Dai Yiran called him.

“…” Han Zhuoli forced an angry smile. “That happened such a long time ago, why are you still thinking about it?”

Lu Man twitched her lips, a sly smile on her face just like a little fox, “Then how about I call you Brother Zhouli, is that alright?”

Wei Zilin watched from the side till his tooth ached, it was a mistake not bringing his wife out, he was on his own here, being the third wheel, it was just inhumane.

Right before Han Zhuoli could go a little overboard, he cut them off, “It’s rare that I had the chance to meet younger sister-in-law today, I even presented her with a prize, so how about we have a meal together?”

“We ate dinner already, we aren’t hungry,” Han Zhuoli rejected right away, not wanting to let Wei Zilin be a third wheel.

“Then you can have supper,” Wei Zilin pulled Han Zhuoli, not letting him go, “Let’s go, let’s go back. You’re not hungry now right? Then it’s just right, I’ll go and call Old Chu and the rest, we’ll just wait for them since you aren’t hungry.”

Wei Zilin did not forget to ask Lu Man, “Younger sister-in-law, are you hungry?”

“…” Lu Man really wanted to say that there was no need to call her younger sister-in-law, she was not used to hearing it. “I’m not hungry.”

“Oh oh, then that’s alright, just wait for a while!” Wei Zilin said as he pulled the two of them back to the hotel.

Han Zhuoli, “…”

“Sheng Yue” was originally Yan Beicheng’s business, and as Yan Beicheng’s close friend, both Wei Zilin and Han Zhuoli were treating it like home.




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