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Season 3

Episode 20

(The CEO Has Already Nominated Me)

So, he wanted to give her a way out, to prevent her from losing face in case she did not get the award later on.

As the truth was, Wu Lize really did not think that Xia Mengxuan would get the award.

What kind of level she was, everyone knew.

This time around, she had been nominated only because there was no one else suitable.

Honestly, he wanted to nominate Lu Man but it would surely cause trouble.

Wu Lize knew that Lu Man still had a chance next year, so to prevent the Public Relations Department from becoming a joke in the company, he decided to give Xia Mengxuan’s name for nomination to the CEO but he did not think that the CEO would approve it just like that.

From Wu Lize’s point of view, Xia Mengxuan was just going to be a seat filler at the award ceremony and if it was Lu Man instead, then there was actually a possibility of Lu Man getting the award.

He had kind-heartedly helped her, but Lu Man did not want to accept his kindness so he would not care anymore.

Wu Lize raised his wrist to look at the time and said, “It’s time to end work, let’s go now.”

The Gold Finger Award was a big event in the public relations industry, so even though not everyone from the PR Department was nominated, they would still go to the venue together.

As soon as everyone finished packing up and got ready to leave, Xia Mengxuan said, “Wait, let me go and change.”

Right after saying that, she rushed into her office and took out a paper bag that had her dress for the ceremony.

Sister Li twitched her lips, “Manager, we know that just now you were trying to do something good, but since she doesn’t appreciate it, just ignore her.”

“I know,” Wu Lize nodded and said to Lu Man, “Lu Man, I apologize for not nominating you this year. I felt that since you have one more year, you can be get nominated next year. Moreover, this year, Xia Mengxuan already had quite a lot of opinions about how things should be done and if I had nominated you she would have definitely made a fuss. This year, our department has been constantly embarrassed in the company, so I was scared that if Xia Mengxuan started causing trouble this time, our department will lose face again.”

This was the difference between Wu Lize and Han Zhuoli.

Wu Lize prioritized his and his department’s reputation.

As when the Public Relations Department lost face, the one who truly lost face was Wu Lize. It meant that he was lacking in management skills as he could not even manage the employees under him, letting his department to be embarrassed in front of other departments.

So, in front of his reputation and future, Lu Man’s ability and future were all secondary.

Whereas, for Han Zhuoli, Lu Man was always his first priority.

The sole reason why Wu Lize did not nominate Lu Man was that he was scared of Xia Mengxuan causing trouble and making his department be the b*tt of a joke in the company.

Although Han Zhuoli had also agreed to Wu Lize’s suggestion because he was also scared that Xia Mengxuan would cause trouble, his main worry was not reputation but rather that with Xia Mengxuan causing trouble, it would make life difficult for Lu Man as along with the workload she would have to still need to deal with those things.

The final decision was the same, but the reason behind it was entirely different.

Wu Lize told Lu Man that she had a chance next year, whereas Han Zhuoli considered that her chances of winning next year might not be as good as this year’s and felt that no matter what, he had to nominate Lu Man this year for the Newcomer Award.

That was the difference between Han Zhuoli and Wu Lize, one was thinking of Lu Man while the other was thinking of himself.

Even Sister Li and Brother Zhang knew that this year was the best chance for Lu Man to contest for the award, and not nominating her this year was unfair to Lu Man.

Giving the spot to Xia Mengxuan was a waste.

But since Wu Lize was their superior, they could voice out their opinions even though they were very unsatisfied in their heart with the decision, feeling pity for Lu Man.

“No worries, the CEO has already nominated me,” Lu Man smiled slightly.

She had been hesitating all along whether or not to say it, scared that it would arouse people’s suspicion.

But her name was in the nomination list, and since they all were attending the award ceremony, everyone would know sooner or later anyway.

“CEO?” Everyone was shocked.

Wu Lize stiffened, uncomfortably. Originally, he had wanted to find an opportunity to explain all this to Lu Man so that she would not misunderstand that he was using his power as her superior to get his personal revenge as she had rejected him.

However, now that there was this sudden development, it seemed that he was really a villain.




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