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Season 3

Episode 9

(Are you protecting her)

Jackson didn't pay too much attention to Joe, who was sitting beside him. The only thing that he wanted to know was where had Cherry gone to.    

After he arrived in the backyard, Jackson suddenly stopped when he saw that both Lily's and Bill's bedroom lights were still on.    

'What's the hell is going on here?' wondered Jackson in his mind.    

He then directly walked to Bill's bedroom and knocked on the door.  

Bill opened the door, and saw Jackson standing in the doorway with the little master behind him.    

Bill immediately greeted him, "Master!"    

"How can you be at home?" asked Jackson, in a very inquiring manner.    

Bill was somehow confused with what Jackson had just asked him. After all, he was supposed to be at home at that hour.    

At that moment, Lily, who was living next to Bill, opened her door, and walked out after she heard the noise coming from outside.    

Seeing that Jackson and Bill were standing opposite to each other, she asked puzzled, "Mr. Jackson, what happened?"  

Jackson didn't pay too much attention to Lily's words. He kept his eyes on Bill, and asked, "Where did Cherry go?"    

Bill was shocked by his question, and didn't know how to answer it. He carefully thought about it, and then obediently replied, "Isn't, isn't Mrs. Cherry in the house?"    

"Her car is also missing, " added Jackson. His expression showed that he was already boiling with fury.    

Bill and Lily were very surprised to find out that Cherry had left.  

As he looked at Jackson's angry, frowning face, Bill couldn't help but tremble, and said, "I don't know. In the afternoon, Mrs. Cherry said that she wanted to go back to apartment to have a look around the place, so I obeyed her command and took her there."    

"What did she do inside the apartment?" asked Jackson seriously, with his eyes sharply fixed on Bill's face.    

"It seemed to me that she missed the old days. She did nothing in the apartment other than to take your wedding photo from the bedside table when I told her that it was getting late, " said Bill. He hadn't noticed anything weird about her at all.  

'The photo?' Jackson thought for a while, but then his expression instantly changed. He asked, "In the bedroom?"    

Bill nodded, and said, "Yes, in the one you've lived before."    

All of a sudden, Jackson got anxious. He grabbed Bill's pajama lapels, and asked, "Why did you take her back?"    

"It was, it was Mrs. Cherry who asked me to drive her there. I don't know, I don't know!" said Bill, too afraid by then to give him an intelligible reply.    

Jackson then fiercely pushed Bill away, turned around, and left with his heart filled with fury. 'Cherry, what did you find out? Where are you now? Do you want to run away from me again? Or do you think that the life I provided for you has too much freedom in it?'  

Joe didn't leave with his Daddy. 

Instead, he just quietly stood in the yard, saw him call someone, get in his car and then drive away. He was lost in his thought about his Mommy, and there was no doubt that his Daddy had gone out to look for Mommy. But what about his Mommy? Where had she gone to? Had something already happened to her?    

Joe then ran back to the villa as soon as possible, and he used the phone to dial his Mommy's mobile, but no one answered it.  

After she arrived at the bar, Cherry saw many people walking in and out of it. After she thought for a while, she got out of her car and eventually entered it.    

Cherry walked into the bar brushing through the crowd, and stepped towards Stephen's office. Cherry thought that she would surely find him there working at that hour, and even though it was somehow impertinent for her to come there without calling him or asking someone else to tell him beforehand, she thought that he wouldn't mind it.    

Cherry dashed towards Stephen's office door and directly pushed the door without knocking on it. She couldn't wait to figure out all of the things that had confused her for so much time. She wanted to know the truth from Stephen, because she believed that he had to be an insider that could explain to her everything that had happened.  

However, when she pushed the door open, Cherry couldn't believer her eyes. She suddenly stopped in her tracks when she saw who the other person sitting inside Stephen's office was.    

On the sofa, Stephen and Sally were sitting face to face. When they saw the door slam open, they immediately saw Cherry.    

"Cherry?" said Stephen, astonished. He then stood up from his seat and stared at her.  

Sally also was surprised when she saw her. It had never occurred to her that Cherry would appear before her at that place, and at that hour.    

Seeing Sally's peaceful face, Cherry thought for a moment and eventually walked into Stephen's office.    

Cheery didn't answer Stephen's question; instead, she stared at Sally, and asked, "How can you be here?"    

"Cherry, why can't I be here?" She sat on the sofa and looked at Cherry with an arrogant expression on her face.  

Then, Cherry looked at Stephen, and then looked at Sally again, and asked, "Are you getting along?"    

Sally slightly smiled, and answered, "Can't you see that already?"    

Cherry didn't reply to Sally's words, and instead moved all of her attention and confusion onto Stephen.    

Stephen realized that Cherry was puzzled by what she had just seen. He immediately walked up to her, and explained, "Cherry, please don't get me wrong. We were just talking about business."    

"Do you have a trade contact? Does she take charge of delivering the alcohol to your bar, or providing your bar with wine glasses?" Cherry didn't believe Stephen's words for one second. She might have in the past, but now, the photo she had seen at the apartment appeared in her mind again. How could she still believe him when she already knew about the man in the photo?  

Sally immediately got irritated when she heard Cherry's furious tone with Stephen. She suddenly rose to her feet, and as she looked at her, said, "Cherry, our affair isn't your concern. 

What right do you think you have to bombard him like that?"    

Stephen didn't know how to explain things to Cherry, and got even more flurried in his heart when he heard the way Sally talked to her.  

Cherry stared at Sally, fearless. She composed herself, and said, "Sally, I had never expected that you and Stephen would be so close to each other that you could even sit together and chat."    

"What do you think? There are many things that you don't know about, " said Sally. She looked very arrogant, and it seemed that she wanted to shoot Cherry dead with her gaze.    

When he noticed Sally's manner of speaking, Stephen was suddenly afraid that she would reveal something important to her. He immediately said, "Sally, stop that! You can leave now, I'll come to you if something comes up."  

Sally got even more irritated when she heard Stephen tell her to leave. 

Why did Stephen have to drive her away when Cherry came? When Cherry was around, Jackson would ignore her presence, and now it seemed that it was the same with Stephen! Once Cherry showed up, Stephen also drove her away. How could they do that to her?    

"Why do I have to leave now? If there is someone here who is supposed to leave, then that someone should be Cherry, " said Sally, as she walked closer to Cherry.  

Noticing that Sally was getting close to her, Stephen immediately grabbed Cherry's arm to pull her behind him.

What Stephen did suddenly astonished Sally, and she couldn't understand what was going on now. If Jackson had done this in front of her, she might have regarded him that he was trying to protect his wife. But now, it seemed that Stephen also did it.

Sally looked at Stephen stunned, and asked, "Are you protecting her?"




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