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Season 3

Episode 56

(Late night hallway(3)

Jackson then tightly held her, and fondly whispered in her ear, "Baby, please understand Grandpa. He's old now, and I've never been at his side for so many years, but now that we're here with him, and because he requested me to do this, I didn't want to turn him down. I didn't want to let him worry about anything."    

Cherry then said, "So you chose me instead to worry?" Cherry stared blankly in front of her, and continued to say, "Did you forget what she said to me and our son?"  

Cherry became mad when she remembered the past, because Lucia had always insulted her, ever since the day they had first met. 

Now Lucia had grown even more bolder, and had had the nerve to insult Joe when he was right in front of her. How could Cherry forgive anyone who hurt her son like that?     

Jackson moved closer to her ear, and said, "She won't behave like that again, trust me."    

Cherry didn't hear him; instead, she had deepened in her thoughts, and said, "Jackson, you know what? 

Before we got back together, I always worried that Joe would somehow be hurt, and I don't want him to be harmed at such an early age. He should have a carefree childhood, just like the other kids have, and when I saw that Lucia insulted him, I was really angry. Do you know how sad I am that she's Joe's aunt and she dared to treat him like that?"  

Cherry couldn't help but cry. She was mad at Lucia not because she had insulted her, but because she had done that to her son. The only thing that she wanted to do was to protect Joe and to provide him with the best life that she could.     

Jackson felt heartbroken when he saw her tears. He then quickly turned to look at her and wiped the tears off of her face.     

Jackson fondly comforted her, "Baby, don't cry! Please, don't cry!"  Her tears always tore his soul apart.   

Cherry said nothing and gradually stopped crying.     

Jackson looked at her, and whispered, "Baby, let's put ourselves in Grandpa's shoes, okay? Our son will be fine, nobody will ever dare to hurt him."    

Cherry calmed down as she listened to Jackson, and thought of Andrew. She thought to herself, 'Jackson is right, Grandpa is old now, and he wants the whole family to be happy. The old always treasure family members, and besides, Lucia is the only family that he's got left, except for Jackson. He must care a lot about her.'  

After a while, Cherry looked at Jackson, and said, "Since you already said yes to our Grandpa, I'm also okay with that, and she can come back here."    

Hearing Cherry's words, Jackson tightly took her in his arms, and thought to himself, "Cherry is always so considerate. She is and will forever be in my heart.'    

Cherry felt that he held her too tight, so she resisted him, and said, "You're squishing me! Loosen your arms a little."    

"I'm holding my wife, you can imagine that I want to be close to you," whispered Jackson in her ear.   
"Damn it."    

In the quiet late hours of the night, Andrew was sitting in front of his desk in the reading room, lost in deep in thought. He pondered, 'How should I deal with these things? I know my own health, and I don't have much time left; I need to take pills to keep me alive. If I don't handle things properly, there will be more to come. More troubles, more involved.'    

Andrew thought that he would never let his grandson get hurt, and that he will always protect him. What should he do? He had to find someone that could be trusted, and he also had to consider his grandson's safety.   

Suddenly, Andrew felt that he was in pain, and as he put one hand over his heart he quickly opened a drawer and took out a bottle of pills. 

He unscrewed the cap and put several pills out of it into his mouth.     

He then laid his back against the chair. He felt weak, near to the point of fainting, and supported himself by the chair.     

After a while, Andrew slowly recovered and stopped frowning. He slowly opened his eyes, stood up, took his stick and walked towards the door of the reading room.     

After he came out of the reading room, he slowly walked to his own room.   

The butler was standing in a dark corner of the hallway, and watched Andrew slowly going back to his own room step by step. The butler flashed a most heinous smile as he thought to himself, 'Andrew is truly in bad health now. He's not the man anymore that had fought bravely on the battlefield years ago, he's old and feeble now, but he's still of use to me, because he has power. How can I give up the chance of taking advantage of him so easily when he could be so useful and valuable?'    The door was closed, and the butler turned his gaze to Jackson's. He thought, 'I can't do anything now that Jackson has come back here. 

He is very alert, and if he finds out anything that I plan to do, all my schemes will go up in smoke. I shouldn't underestimate Jackson's ability, and besides, he's even more vicious than Andrew used to be. 

After all, I have witnessed how the Ye Family and An Family were destroyed many years ago, and Jackson is smarter and more venomous than I have ever thought.'  

The butler then turned around and went back his own room. He closed the door behind him and leaned his back against the door, with his keen eyes looking straight ahead. He thought to himself, 'Andrew and Jackson Chu, Mond Xu, Sally He and Stephan An! All of them are under my control, and none of them can escape! However, the man I worry about most is not Mond Xu, but Jackson...'




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