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Season 3

Episode 54

(Late night hallway (1)

"Stay in the car and don't get out," coldly said Jackson to Cherry, as he shook off her hand and quickly got out of the car.     

Cherry then hastily asked, "Where are you going?"  

But Jackson had already slammed the door shut.     

He then stepped out of the car and hastily went to the corner, but found that there was no one there. He suddenly froze on the spot, unable to move anymore.     

He thought to himself, 'Could I've been imagining things? Wasn't that him? I never forgot his face...Is he really still in the city? Why didn't I know about that? Has he always been around?'  

When Cherry noticed that Jackson was standing in the corner and looking around, she quickly got out of the car, walked up to him, and asked, "What happened?"    

"Nothing," quietly replied Jackson. .

He was afraid that Cherry would suspect that something was odd about him, so he softened his tone, and as he looked at Cherry, he said, "I thought I saw a friend standing here, but I guess I was wrong."    

After Cherry heard his gentle tone, she smiled and said, "Who could you ever possibly come across at a school gate? The school is the last place where you'd find your friends."  

"You're right, maybe I was wrong," said Jackson, as he touched Cherry's hair with affection.     

At that moment, Joe walked out of the school, and when he saw his Daddy's car, he ran towards them.     
Joe hurried to them and said, "Daddy, Mommy, school's over!"    Cherry and Jackson turned to their son the second they heard his voice.     

Cherry happily cried, "Joe!"    

He asked, "Daddy, Mommy, why are both of you here today?" Joe was a little surprised, because it was usually Bill, his Daddy, or his Mommy that came to pick him up from school. He had never seen his Daddy and Mommy together there, and because this was the first time, he was awfully delighted.   

Cherry smiled, and said, "We'll be moving to the military residential compound today, and I came with Daddy to pick you up so we can all go together."    

Joe was very happy when she heard her, and asked, "Really? Are we really moving to the military residential compound today?"    

Cherry touched Joe's head, and said, "Yes, I've already packed your stuff and Bill has taken them there already."  

Joe pulled her hand, and said, "Okay! Let's go to our new home now! I really miss my Great-Grandpa!"    

Cherry looked at her son, and replied, "Alright, let's go now!" Cherry then looked at Jackson and said, "Come on, let's go."    


They then got in the car and left.     

Mond Xu was inside a limousine wearing sunglasses, and when he saw Jackson's car pass him, his face stiffened. He saw that Jackson was happy with his wife and his son, that Cherry smiled sweetly at him and was very cheerful, and he also saw that the kid looked exactly like Jackson. He thought to himself, 'How? How can Jackson have all this happiness? And I have nothing?'  

After Jackson, Cherry and Joe arrived the military's residential compound, Joe quickly got out of the car and ran into the Chu house.     
When Cherry saw how anxious Joe was, she became a little worried, and said, "Joe, slow down! Be careful not to fall!"    

Jackson smiled, and said to Cherry, "Kids are all like that. Don't worry. Let him have a good time."    

When Jackson and Cherry entered the living room, Joe was already in Andrew's arms.   

Joe sweetly said, "Great-Grandpa, here are my Daddy and Mommy!"    

"Grandpa!" said Cherry as she walked into the living room.     

Jackson also greeted him, "Grandpa! We're back!"    

Andrew beamed with happiness, and said, "Come, sit here, don't be shy! Just make yourselves home, I don't want you to feel in any way uncomfortable." It was the happiest thing for him to have his family with him in the house.     

Lily saw that Cherry and Jackson were sitting on the sofa, so she brought them two glasses of water. 

  Cherry smiled to Lily, and said, "Lily, you won't need to bring us water like this in the future. We'll tell you when we need something to drink."    

"I understand, Mrs. Cherry," replied Lily politely.     

Andrew looked at Joe with tender eyes and then fixed his eyes on Jackson. He said, "The rooms have already been cleaned and are ready for you. All the stuff that Bill brought here are in your own rooms, so you only need to take them out and put them in the drawers."    

Cherry said, "Okay, Grandpa. Don't worry about us, we can handle everything."  

Jackson was silently sitting next to his wife.     

Suddenly, Cherry turned and looked at Jackson, and said, "Well then, I'll go upstairs with Joe now, because Joe has to do his homework for tomorrow. You should stay and chat with our Grandpa here."    

"Okay," replied Jackson gently.     Cherry then looked at her beloved son, and said, "Joe, come on! Let's go upstairs and do your homework."    

"Okay," replied Joe. He then looked at his Great-Grandpa, and said, "Great-Grandpa, I'll go upstairs and do my homework now! See you later!"  

Andrew smiled, and said, "Alright, go and learn now."    

After he saw Cherry and Joe going upstairs, Andrew gladly said to Jackson, "This house is now filled with happiness with you here."    

Jackson then suddenly stood up and sat closer to Andrew. He grabbed his hand, and said, "Grandpa, I'm so sorry that for all these years I haven't taken good care of you and I let you here alone! I'm sorry!"    

Andrew heard his apology and his heart warmed, but how could he have possibly blamed his grandson for that?   

Andrew held his hand, and said, "That's okay, Jackson, I have never blamed you for that." He then looked straight ahead, and continued to say, "Some years ago, I still felt I was pretty young, but in the recent two years, I found that I was actually old. I couldn't do too many things now, and I really wanted you to be here with me, but I was afraid that this might have somehow affected your future. 

Besides, Cherry wasn't here two years ago and I knew that you were lonely, so I said nothing to you about this." Andrew paused for a second, and then continued to say, "But now, things are better, and you and Cherry are reunited! And you also gave me special gift, Joe! Jackson, I now feel satisfied, and even if I die right now, I have nothing to regret!"




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