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Season 3

Episode 53

(His deepest nightmare (3)

Sally then suddenly stopped walking, and as she looked at Jean, she said, "Jean, do you think you are the one to criticize me?"    

When she saw that Sally stopped, Jean also stopped too. She then looked into Sally's eyes, and said, "Am I not? You're not the young heiress of the He clan now, are you? Even the He family has disappeared now, but you still want to act like this in front of me!"    

"Jean, you..." Sally furiously stretched out her arm to slap Jean.   

But before she had the chance to do that, Jean quickly stopped her. She seized Sally's arm, and as she looked at her with a ferocious expression on her face, said, "What? What's wrong with me? Am I mistaken with my words?"    

"Jean, don't think that you'll become a diamond if you stand at Mond Xu's side. You'll always be a cheap stone, a loose woman!" cried Sally.     

"Hehe, but that's none of your business, right? Whatever I did before doesn't matter, because I'm now the woman that will always stand at Mond Xu's side. How about you? Is there anybody who wants to be with you? Are you at someone's side? The woman who stands by Jackson's side is Cherry Shen, not you, Sally He!" said Jean, as she mercilessly shook her hand off of her.   

Sally lost her balance for a moment and backed up a few steps. She stared at Jean, and thought, 'Although this bitch is utterly worthless, she's still as coquettish as she had always been.'    

Jean fixed her clothes, and said to Sally in a cold tone, "Hurry up already, Mond Xu is waiting for us! I don't want him to ask us why we're late."    

After that, Jean walked to the parking lot alone, and paid no attention to Sally behind her.   

After she saw Jean walk away like that, Sally felt so irate in her heart that she decided she would one day take her revenge on Jean. How could that bitch have the nerve to bully her like that?     

Jackson and Cherry then arrived back at their villa and sat on the sofa in the living room to rest.     

Lily had already prepared lunch for them. She stepped into the living room, and said, "Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry, lunch is ready now."    

"Okay, got it," replied Jackson. He then looked at Cherry, and while he held her hands, said, "Come on, let's go and eat lunch."  

They then went to the dining room hand in hand.     

They chatted in the dining room and ate their dinner.     

"Darling, after we're finished here, you'll go and pack our luggage and I'll go to Joe's room and pack his things," said Cherry as she began to arrange the afternoon's schedule. 

An indescribable ease arose in her heart, and although the family residence environment wasn't as good as their villa was, she still felt comfortable with that.     

"Alright. Don't take Joe's toys, we can buy new ones for him later. Just pack some of his clothes, that's enough. If he needs something else, we can always buy him later," said Jackson, while eating lunch. 


After they ate, they began to pack their bags. Jackson went to deal with his and Cherry's, while Cherry went to pack Joe's clothes. Lily and Bill were also packing their clothes and other things.     

It wasn't until several hours later that Bill managed to move all of their things to the car.     

After he looked at all the things neatly packed in the car, Jackson said to Bill and Lily, "Bill, you and Lily go to the family residence first; I'll go with Cherry to pick up Joe from school."  

"Yes, Mr. Jackson," said Bill, while Lily nodded.     

After they watched them drive away, Jackson and Cherry turned around and went back to the villa to check if they had forgotten something in the house.     

As she stared at the familiar furnishing, Cherry suddenly grabbed Jackson's hand.     

Feeling her, Jackson held her hand tightly into his.     

"I made a decision on the day I fell in love with you: I told myself that wherever you were I would also be there with you," said Cherry calmly. 

She was also reluctant to leave there, because she had lived in the house for some time already. The house was still her real home in her heart, and now it would become her safe haven.   

"Baby, ever since the day I got married to you I told myself that I would be with you all of my life," said Jackson quietly, with his face showing no emotion.     

"Forgive me for leaving you for five years! From now on, let's stay together to love our son, and let's take good care of our Grandpa," said Cherry.     

Jackson then slowly turned around, and after he fixed his eyes on Cherry, he said in a serious tone, "Baby, you don't know how happy I am to have you. It's also an honor for the Chu Family to have you."  

Cherry embraced Jackson tightly in her arms. She then put her head on Jackson's chest and silently revelled in the familiar scent of his body.     

"You don't want to leave here, do you?" asked Jackson, with all of his love and tenderness reflected in his eyes.     

Cherry slightly shook her head, and said, "No."    

Jackson understood Cherry's feeling, and said, "If we have free time in the future, we can come back here. This place is still our home."  


Jackson drove with Cherry to school to pick up their son.     

He parked his car in front of the gate and was about get out of it, but Cherry grabbed his arm and stopped him. "You don't need to get out. Joe will come here by himself when he sees the car."    

"Why? Isn't it more easy for him to see us if we stand at the gates?" Jackson was puzzled.     

"Look at the other parents in front of the gate," said Cherry, looking at some people. She then said, "If they see you there, what do you think they will tell their kids? Do you want our son to be isolated or be treated as a special one in school?"  

Jackson considered Cherry's words, and he had to admit that what she said was indeed reasonable. A lot of people knew who he was, and that might have a bad influence on Joe.     

Just when Jackson made up his mind to wait for Joe inside the car, he suddenly noticed a man who was standing in a corner near the gate.     

He was dressed in a black suit, and was emaciated and tall, and his face was childish and handsome. It was the face of Jackson's nightmares, a figure which frightened him whenever he saw it.




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