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Season 3

Episode 43

(It's my home too)

'She's right.' thought Andrew, 'Selina is very fond of Cherry and will definitely treat her well.'    

"You're right." Andrew nodded, then changed the subject asking, "Cherry, how's everything with Joe? Is he doing okay with his studies?"    

"He's good! He is doing very well at school too." Cherry told him.    

"Good, good. I knew he would. He's a good boy." Andrew said laughing, "But he's also very naughty and bossy, just like Jackson when he was little."  

Cherry glanced at Jackson saying, "Grandpa, I think that part of Jackson never changed."    

Jackson reached out and pulled Cherry to him threatening, "Do you want me to show you how bossy I am in front of Grandpa?"    

Cherry went red in the face in an instant, and struggled to push him away. She then anxiously warned him, "Stop it! Watch where you are."    
It made Andrew happy seeing the couple clashing harmlessly. He could tell they were very happy together, and Jackson loved Cherry as deeply as ever.    

Jackson just sat there gazing at Cherry's flushed cheeks quietly.  

Cherry gave Andrew a shy look, growing more embarrassed.    

She excused herself, extricating herself from Jackson, and rushed upstairs.    

Jackson did not go after her. Instead, he stared after her, watching her figure walk away and beaming with happiness.    

"Jackson, now that Cherry and Joe are back home with you, you have to take care of them, " Andrew reminded affectionately.    

Jackson nodded and said, "I will, Grandpa."    

"What's happened recently?"  asked Andrew.  

"Not much, " Jackson filled him in, "Everything is going well at the barracks. Derek and I will handle anything that arises. All of us are good, as you saw."    

Andrew nodded with relief. As long as they were happy, nothing else mattered.    

Jackson studied Andrew a moment before deciding not to tell him anything regarding Jean. He believed he could handle the matter himself and wanted to keep Jean as far away from his peaceful family life as possible. If he told Andrew about Jean, he was not sure what Andrew would do with Jean, and maybe things would get out of control.  

By noon, Joe had given out all the presents he prepared for his friends, and he decided to give his great-grandfather a present at lunch. 

When they were having their meal, he carried the present to Andrew and said, "Great-grandpa, I have a gift for you. I hope you like it."    

Andrew was delighted at Joe's thoughtful present and tussled his hair as he said, "Thank you! I like it very much."    

Joe didn't say anything but gave his great-grandpa a big, cute smile.    Jackson and Cherry laughed heartily.  

To everyone's surprise, Andrew announced, "Joe, I have a gift for you. Just wait one second."    

Joe hadn't expected a gift from his great-grandfather and was flabbergasted. Jackson and Cherry exchanged looks.    

Andrew walked to the desk in the corner of the room, took a bank card out of the drawer, and returned to the table. He grabbed Joe's hand and put the card in it.    

Joe looked confused as he stared down at the card.    

Andrew told Joe, "This is my gift to you, Joe. Take it. There is enough money for you to spend the rest of your life."  

Joe was stunned. It must be a large amount of money. How could he accept it? He turned to ask his parents for guidance.    

"Grandpa, there is no need to give him money." Jackson told he grandfather, "I have enough to give Joe and Cherry an affluent life." He was sure there must be an enormous amount of money on the card.    

Andrew looked at Jackson and informed him in a happy tone, "I have been preparing this to present to my great-grandson since the day you and Cherry were married."    

Still unclear as to whether or not he should accept, Jackson turned to Cherry, who seemed torn about as well.  

Cherry weighed her words, wanting to be as polite as possible while refusing the generous gift. She gently said, "Grandpa. Please, keep it for yourself. There is no need, really, I mean it. Joe doesn't need money."    

"It'll be yours anyway, " Andrew told her, then he looked at Joe, "Joe, take it. This is something I can do for you."    

Joe looked at his parents, his father nodded yes, so he finally accepted the card. He said to Andrew, "Great-grandpa, thank you."    

Andrew touched Joe's head and fondly said, "Joe, be a good boy and study hard."  

"Thanks, Great-grandpa!" Joe said before he sat down.    

"You must be hungry, let's eat now." Andrew stated while picking some roasted meat for Joe.    

"Thanks, Great-grandpa." Joe and started to eat.    

After lunch, the butler took Joe outside to play with other kids at the family residence. Andrew went to his bedroom to take a nap.    

Jackson and Cherry were in their bedroom, laying on the bed and staring at the ceiling in silence.    

"Honey, " Cherry called softly.  

"Yes?" Jackson answered as he turned to look at Cherry.    

"What do you think about the money? Should we take it?" Cherry asked. Taking the money from Andrew was making her feel kind of nervous.    

Jackson caressed her hair as he shared his thoughts, "Well, we can't refuse it if Grandpa insists. Don't read too much into it though; I'm sure he has taken care of himself."    
Cherry nodded continuing, "I think it's time to move Joe's household register back here. He was registered with Wilson's. We've been so busy, I haven't gotten around to changing it."  

Jackson hadn't considered that and was taken aback.    

He flipped Cherry onto her back, pinning her and stared down into her eyes, "I didn't know that my son was registered with someone else's residence."    

"Since you never asked, I haven't thought about it, but I saw a photo of our family in the living room today, and it reminded me." Cherry explained quickly, trying to calm him down.    

"Oh, yeah?" Jackson had a wicked tone that matched his mischievous look as he asked, "Everyone calls my son Joe Shen, and now you say he is registered with Wilson's. How do you propose to make this up to me?"  

Cherry realized he was right. Everyone called him Joe Shen, but he should have the family name, Chu.    

Cherry embarrassedly smiled while apologizing, "I'm sorry, Honey. I'll fix it as soon as possible. I was registered with Chu's residence, wasn't I?"    

"And you belong to the Chu family forever." Jackson kissed Cherry's lips passionately as he finished telling her.    

Cherry tried to push him away, reminding him, "Stop that, we are in your family residence. Watch your behavior."  

"Yes, we are in my grandpa's, but it's my home too." He murmured into her mouth as he deepened the kiss.




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