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Season 3

Episode 42

(Whose son(2)

Cherry hastily stopped Joe from blurting more out, "Joe, don't talk nonsense."    

Cherry was embarrassed that Joe was telling Andrew about their bedroom-affairs, while the butler was standing there listening too.    

"What? I told the truth. Daddy said not to disturb you two while you slept." Joe insisted. He felt wronged by his mother and looked at his great-grandpa, "Mommy and Daddy just couldn't get up."    

"You..." Cherry face reddened and she clamped her mouth shut, too embarrassed to continue.  

Jackson stood behind Cherry and had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. He put his hands on Cherry's shoulders and asked her to calm down.    

Andrew looked from Cherry back to Joe smiling, "Joe, your parents, were busy all week. You should let them sleep in and rest on weekends. Did you know that?" Andrew shared.    

"I know, but, I wanted to get here early." Joe pouted slightly. He looked upset now that three adults were scolding him.    

"Alright, it's okay, I got you wrong, Joe. Don't be upset. Look, I bought you lots of snacks. You can eat them all!" Andrew rambled hastily in an attempt to comfort Joe.  

"Yeah!" Shouted Joe, happy once again.    

Andrew held Joe's hand as they walked into the living room. The butler smiled amiably and said to Jackson and Cherry, "You have a cute son."    

Cherry gave him a big smile, "Yes, but Joe's naughty." she said.    Jackson remained formal, "How's my grandfather doing, butler?" Jackson inquired, his tone severe but indifferent.    

"Well, " the butler hadn't expected Jackson's question, "Not bad. He has quite an appetite for an old man."  

Cherry didn't see Jackson's facial expression, and said amiably, "Butler, Jackson and I are always busy at work. We know we can count on you to take good care of grandpa. If grandpa needs any help, don't hesitate to call us."    

"Cherry, you flatter me. Andrew saved me life, so I will always take good care of him. Besides, I have been here a long long time, and I know my job." the butler said smiling at her.    

Cherry nodded and didn't say anything else.    

Jackson gazed down at Cherry fondly and in a tender tone said, "Let's go inside."  

"Alright." Cherry agreed, following Jackson into the living room.    

Watching the happy family disappear into the house, the butler glowered. He went around the corner, took out his mobile phone and made a call.    

A moment later, a voice on the other end of the line was heard, "Hello?"    

"Jackson and Cherry have brought their son here to the military residential compound." The butler's voice was cold, and he seemed to be issuing an order, not merely informing someone.    

"Son? Whose son?" A woman's voice on the phone sounded surprised and confused. Apparently, she had difficulty understanding that Jackson had a son.  

"Jackson's son." He said. Then, he hung up with an impatient look on his face. 'What a stupid woman she is!' He thought, 'How could she be so clueless about the existence of Jackson's son? Does she think Jackson has brought someone else's child to visit his grandpa?'    

In the living room, Jackson and Cherry sat on the couch, watching Joe as he leaned against his great-grandfather laughing happily.    

"Great-grandpa? Have you seen my little friends? I want to play with them." Joe asked Andrew.  

"Yes, of course I saw them. You can go and look for them." Andrew told him. Then, he turned and looked at the butler standing nearby and asked, "Joe's little friends are at home, aren't they?"    

"Yes, they're supposed to stay home on the weekend." The butler respectfully but hastily replied.    

"Well, I'd like you to take Joe over to see them. Keep a close eye on Joe and don't put him in any dangerous circumstances." Andrew ordered the butler in an authoritative manner.    

"As you wish." The butler responded reverently.  

Having his great-grandpa's permission to play delighted Joe, "Daddy, Mommy, bye! I'm going to play with my friends now." Exclaimed Joe.    

Cherry watched as Joe left with the butler, "Be careful, and don't run around in the streets." She called after them.    

"I know!" Joe joyfully replied over his shoulder, not looking back.    Andrew, Jackson and Cherry were left in the living room.    

"Cherry, how's work going?" Andrew inquired in a friendly manner.  

"Selina told me you were promoted to the position as director of a department. Does the work tire you?"  

"It's fine grandpa. Selina has always taken good care of me. The deputy director handles the little affairs of the department. I follow Selina, discuss business with our clients and attend meetings. It's quite easy." Cherry answered politely.    "That's better than I thought." 

Andrew nodded in agreement, "I was afraid the work might tire you. You should stay at home, and take good care of your son and Jackson. 

After all, having a career can bring trouble to a mother and wife. You've lost weight, seeing you waste away makes me feel bad."  

Jackson's heart was touched at his grandfather's sentiment. How could he allow his beloved wife to be so tired working full-time? If she hadn't insisted on working, he mustn't let this continue.

Cherry shook her head, smiling and answered, "Grandpa, don't worry about me. My work is easy. Besides, Selina wouldn't work me to exhaustion; she really does look after me."




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